Thomas Jefferson Papers
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Memorandum Books, 1796


Jan. 1. Gave my bond to Lucy Wood for £16. payable this day twelve month for the hire of James.
Gave do. to Mrs. Wood guardian of Jane Wood for £15. for the hire of Dick.
4. Gave do. to Wm. Wood for 45.£ for Reuben, Bob & Patrick. Note these 3. bonds are to bear int. from the date if not paid at the day.
5. Mr. Buck begins to work.42
11. Paid small exp. 2.8.
12. Do. 2.D.—do. .625.
15. Do. .25.
19. Do. .25—gave Essex on his departure 1.
21. Paid small exp. .5.
22. Paid D. Watson on acct. 3.D.
Drew on J. Barnes in favor of Jackson43 for Dr. Wardlaw for 100.D. which credit Mr. Short.
Gave Petit order to recieve the 100.D. & pay to Mrs. Wood for 40. Bar. corn.
23. Pd. small exp. .5.
24. Drew on J. Barnes in favor Isaac Miller 86.285 D. which credit to Mr. Short.
Pd. Isaac Miller  my quarter’s postage     18.965
for TMRandolph 30.
Recd. balance in cash 37.32  86.285
25. Sent by Tom to Mrs. Gilmer’s mill for 3. Bar. corn.
27. Pd. Silknitter on acct. 1.D.
30. Debit Buck 54/8 goods this day from F. & Mclan.44 on my order.
31. Pd. small exp. 1/.
Desired Colo. Bell to pay £29–0–6 for me to John Clarke cabinet maker, in full principal & interest for a debt due him ever since 1781.
Feb. 1. Sent Willet for 22½ ℔ butter 22/7½.
3. Small exp. 3/3.
4. Pd. David Barnet in full for sawing 3/.
5. Haden’s two men come into my service this day. I gave my note for £36. payable in hire at the end of the year to be counted from the day they come.
Pd. Silknitter on acct. 7.D. and gave him an order on Colo. Bell for goods.
7. Sm. Exp. 2.D.
8. Do. 2.D.—do. 2/.
12. Sent Willet for butter 12/.
15. Gave TMR’s Billy & Nat for bringing up wine 2.D.
22. Pd. Willis for butter 13/ which is 2/ over.
25. Small exp. 18/3.
26. Gave James Hemings on his emancipation45 to bear exp. to Philada. 30.D.
Gave D. Watson order on Flem. & Mclanahan for hat & overalls.
28. Small exp. 10/6.
31. 46 Inclosed to Dr. Turpin order on C. Johnston & co. for £15. for a debt & interest due him for attending my people at Elk hill after the departure of the British army.
Mar. 3. Settled with D. Watson. His year (makg. up lost time) ends on the 5th. inst.
Balance due him £5–1–9¾ but there is an article in the acct. (Feb. 26. ante) not carried out, and so to be taken into our next year’s acct.
6. Small exp. 1.5.
7. Pd. Mr. Bailey on acct. 7.D.
Pd. Watson .5.
Purchased of F. Walker47 all the corn he has to spare. He is to fix the price from 20/ to 24/. He is to waggon it and to charge for that 15/ per load.
8. Recd. from Flem. & Mclanahan 20.D. nail money.
Recd. from Reeves an order on James Brown for £215. payable Apr. 1. money paid by Carter & Catlett towards the price of Colle.48 Credit this to Mazzei.
Inclosed the sd. order to J. Wickham towards satisfying my portion of the decree of Bevins’s represent. agt. Mr. Wayles’s represent. as securities for R. Randolph.49 (Note this was inclosed on the 13th.)
10. Bought of Mrs. Key 50. Bar. corn @ 22/.
Sm. exp. 1.D.
11. Do. 3.D.
12. Pd. Mr. Buck 4.D.
18. Do. 3/.
19. Do. 9d—Millar’s waggon 3. days @ 18/.
22. Gave T. Kindred ord. on Flem. & Mclan. for 35/ out of my nail money for bringing up a hhd. molasses wt. 14. C @ 2/6.
23. Gilliam agrees to give me the refusal of what corn he can spare at the price then to be current.
26. Pd. D. Watson 2.D.
27. Pd. Phill for Silknitter 3.D.
Debit TMRandolph 300. ℔ my tobo. put into his hhd. in Bedford.
Drew on Barnes for 400.D. in favor of Charles Johnston & co. which debit them & credit to W. Short.
Pd. small exp. 3/6.
28. Pd. Silknitter 2.D.
29. Gave G. Divers ord. on Flem. & Mclanahan butcher’s acct. 57/9.
30. Pd. Rob. Sharpe 4.D. in full for his claim of land on the N. side the 3. notchd. road adjoing. my limestone land.50
Apr. 4. Gave Geo. Divers order on Chas. Johnston for 120.D. on TMR’s acct. which debit to TMR.
Recd. nail money from Flem. & Mclanahan £13–6–1.
5. Pd. Wilson Nicholas51 2½ b. clover seed £7–15 which was 20/ over.
8. Pd. Mrs. Willis for butter 15/ which was 1/6 over.
Recd. of Flem. & Mclan. 25/4.
9. Pd. Silknitter 52/9.
10. Pd. small exp. 1/6.
Pd. do. 2.11.
11. Pd. Do. 2.D.
14. Charge Watson ord. on Flem. & Mclan. a bed tick &c. £1–16–7.
18. Recd. of Arch. Stuart in full for books 70.75. Note he has paid 7/6 for the taxes of my lands at Natural bridge for the years 1792.3.4.
Apr. 18. Pd. Wm. Chapman in full 9.5.
Gave Watson an order on Snelson for 2.D. to Peter.
19. Repaid George Faris toll he had paid on nailrod 17/8.
20. Charge D. Watson my ord. on Flem. & Mclan. to Isabel52 52/ also cash to her now paid 3/.
Gave D. Watson ord. on Flem. & Mclan. for 2.D.
Pd. dinner at Price’s 4/6.
21. Pd. Richd. Johnson on acct. 16.15.
Gave Charles Jouett ord. on Charles Johnson & co. for 20.17.D. for TMR’s taxes which debit to him.
Small exp. 3/.
22. Gave Thomas Walker an order in favor of Rob. Barclay on J. Barnes for 27.31 due him from TMR. & took in TMR’s note. Debit him, and credit W. Short.
Pd. to Fleming & Mclanahan £4–16–5 for Bybee for bringing bacon &c. from Columbia 120. hams, 120. shoulders. 120. midlings.
23. Gave Page to buy hemp seed 3.D.
Pd. Buck 10.D.
30. Pd. for fish 1.6.
May 2. Recd. back from Wm. Page 2/6.
3. Pd. Mr. Bailey for expences to Staunton 6.D.
Pd. Liptrap for bringing 10. C nailrod from Gamble & Temple 45/.
4. Pd. for a carp 1/6.
5. Pd. small exp. 3d.
Recd. from Samuel Clarke53 for nails £26–8–7.
Recd. back from Mr. Bailey of the money for expences 16/2.
6. Pd. for 3. ℔ cotton 7/.
7. Pd. sm. exp. 1/6.
8. Pd. Wm. Hog for 2. Bar. corn 50/.
9. Sent Richd. Johnson on acct. 15.D.
11. Gave Mrs. Nowland in charity 2.D.
Sm. exp. 6/9.
12. Do. 2/10—13. Pd. Mrs. Willis for butter 6/.
14. Sm. exp. 3/—15. Do. 2/—gave Millar’s waggoners 6/.
16. Sm. exp. 6/.
18. Sm. exp. 13/6.
19. Do. 10/6.
20. Do. 1/6—debit F. Walker 112 ℔ of the Xd nails sent T. Walker.
Gave F. Walker order on Charles Johnston for £55. to buy 50. barrels corn for me of Terril in Madison county.
21. My first pipe of Termo is out. Begun upon soon after I came home to live from Philadelphia.
22. Sm. exp. 1.D.
There will be due to John Dobson on the 1st. day of June
 on my bond for £353–19–6 to Far. & J. assd. him £49–13–0
 on my old excha. on do. in favr. Faulcon for £300 44– 5–7
Gave therefore order to R. Dobson on Chas. Johnston for    93–18–7
Gave Gamble & Temple ord. for £64–10–6 on Charles Johnston to pay for groceries & nail rod.
Inclosed to Saml. Howell junr. & co. of Phila. order on J. Barnes for 100 D. on acct. for iron54 which credit to W. Short.
May 23. Sm. exp. 1.2.
Paid Will Beck on acct. 4.D.
Charge David Watson order on his acct. to Flem. & Mclan. for 8/ in favor Billy chicken.
24. Pd. John Buck on acct. 2.D.
26. F. Walker returns to me the ord. of the 20th. inst. on Chas. Johnston for £55.
27. Gave John Watson an order for £55. on Chas. Johnston and recd. that sum in cash from him.
Sent the sd. sum of £55. by Wm. Page to F. Walker to procure the corn before proposed.
I had assumed the last year to pay a debt of Pet. Derieux to John Watson, Derieux agreeing to let me have his land on Buck island (307. as.) at an indemnification. I allowed him £75. for it. I now transfer my claim to the land to John Watson in discharge of Derieux’ debt which settled to this day is £71–12–6 and Derieux is to make the deed55 to him so that I am cleared with the loss of £3–7–6 only.
30. John Steele56 begins to work @ 9/ per day.
Gave Phill for exp. to Rockfish gap57 2/9.
June 2. Pd. Will Beck on acct. 3.D.
4. Pd. Willis’s son for 6½ ℔ butter 6/.
Sent Bushrod Washington order on Chas. Johnston for £5. fee in defending Rand. Jefferson’s land.
Sent do. order on do. 31.D. for right money for same lands.
5. Small exp. 1/6.
6. Do. 1/9.
Received from Colo. Coles on acct. of nails £4–11.
Settled with Robert Garland atty. for
  Thos. Cobbs58 judgmt.          22– 16– 6
costs 6– 4– 10
 gave him order on Chas. Johnston for amount 29– 1– 4
Recd. of Nathanl. Anderson 40.D. in part of his bill on Wm. Anderson remitted by me to V. Staph. & Hub. of Amsterdam for Mazzei & returned under protest.
Paid  Slaughter the surveyor for R. Jefferson for copy works 1/6.
Exp. at Charlvlle. 7½d.
7. Pd. Petit in part of last year’s wages 50.D.
Sm. exp. 1.D.
Gave Francis Walker an order on Chas. Johnston & co. for 200.D. in part pay for corn.
10. Gave T. Carr draught on Chas. Johnston for 80.D. and recd. cash for it.
Recd. from J. W. Eppes a horse (Darlington)59 for which I am to credit Mr. Wayles’s estate £65. he having recd. that much of the estate’s money on my acct. The horse is 7. y. old.
11. Sent Richd. Johnson D.7.35 in full for waggonage reserving right to resettle our antient acct.
Pd. Wm. Hunt  for David Watson cash 0– 12– 7
ord. on T. Carr for nails   2– 1– 5
2– 14–
Gave Buck order on Hunt for a pair of shoes.
13. Paid Benj. Coopwood for Anne Key £9–7 towds. corn I bot. of her.
Recd. from Saml. Clarke (by Colo. Bell) £59–5–1½.
14. Pd. Bourne Price 3/ for a dinner of some time ago.
Small exp. 3.D.
15. Do. 1.D.
Pd. W. Beck in full for burng. lime &c. £3–16–9.
16. Recd. back from D. Carr stocking money 1.5 ante Mar. 2. 1795.
Accepted Fleming & Mclanahan’s order on me in favor of TMRandolph for £100. and paid it to TMR as follows.
Order on Dr. Johnston of Staunton       19– 3–5
Order on Chas. Johnston & co. 50– 0–0
Cash now paid him 30– 16–7
100– 0–0
Pd. Wm. Page £7–10 boot in exchange of a horse for a mare.
Pd. Mr. Wirt60 5.D. fee in Cobbs’s suit agt. me.
18. Pd. small exp. 1.6.
Pd. Mr. Buck on acct. 4.D.
Pd. Mr. Bailey on acct. 15.D. pd. sm. exp. 1.75.
Sent John Barnes power of Atty. to recieve Mr. Short’s interest due July 1. and inclosed to Saml. Howell junr. a draught on Barnes for 300.D. paiable July 2. for iron.
20. Pd. Slaughter, surveyor, for R. Jefferson 1.D.
22. Pd. sm. exp. 1.D.—gave Davy for exp. going with Volney61 2.D.
23. Gave a servt. of W. C. Nicholas for bringg. up Darlington 1.D.
24. Small exp. 3.85.
27. Pd. John Faris for Henry Massie for transportn. £3–3–9.
28. Small exp. 3/.
July 2. Pd. Joseph Moran for Wm. Holman witness in suit v. Lewis62 4.5.
3. Small exp. 3/9.
4. Pd. acct. for postage 22.02.
Pd. do. for TMRandolph 1.63.
Pd. Micajah Chiles for 17 ℔ mutton @ 4½d 6/3.
Pd. Mr. Jouett for 14. ℔ veal @ 5d 6/.
Expences at Charlottesville 1/6.
5. Gave Hopkins Mr. Millar’s waggoner 1.1.
7. Sm. exp. .56.
9. Paid J. Steele 7.D. & gave him ord. on Nat Anderson for 30.D. which if paid, as also 58/ he assumed for N. Anderson is to be credited to N. Anderson as part paimt. of his bill in favr. of Mazzei protested, and I must debit myself to Mazzei.
10. Pd. Mr. Giles for having had Patsy’s watch mended 4.D.
11. Wapping, Joe & Jame three negro men from TMR. begin to work.
13. Sm. exp. 4/6—14. Do. 3/—15. Do. 4/6—16. Do. 4/6.
17. Desired Charles Johnston to remit 42.06 to George Howell junr. & co. on my acct. which pays him in full for iron.
July 19. Settled with Flem. & Mclanahan down to Apr. 1.
the Amount of debits was £448– 13
      of Credits 314– 1– 9
balance due them 134– 11– 3
of this I had paid ante June 16. to TMR on their order 100– 0–
and now gave them order on my nail fund in their hands for 34– 11– 3
which liquidates & pays to the 1st. of April. 134– 11– 3
Colo. Bell’s acct. brought down to May. 1. is
Amt. of Debits   £96– 11– 0 ½
   of Credits   73– 16– 8
balance due to him 22– 14– 5
for which sum I gave him an order on Thos. Carr to be paid out of my nail money in his hands.
20. Small exp. 1/6.
23. Borrowed of Flem. & Mclanahan 16.43 D.
Pd. Isaac Millar (by his waggoner) 20.D.
Sm. exp. 1/6.
25. Drew on Charles Johnston & co. in favor of Darmsdadt for £27. to pay for 12. barrels of herrings.
31. Sm. exp. 1/6.
I recieve notice from Charles Johnston & co. that Patrick White has paid up the balance due to me from J. Bannister’s estate, which closes that matter. The balance was £63–3–8.
Drew on Chas. Johnston & co. for £50. in favor of Gamble and Temple, which discharges my balance to them fully.
Aug. 1. Gave Rob. Bailey order on Flem. & Mclan. for 30/.
Recd. of Nat. Anderson for Mazzei on his protd. excha. 40.D.
Paid Micajah Chiles for 51½ ℔ mutton @ 4½d 19/4.
Repd. Flem. and Mclan. the 16.43 borrowed ante July 23.
John Watson assumes £6. rent due from Lively to Mr. Short.63 Credit Mr. Short’s acct. accordingly & debit J. Watson’s.
Pd. Buck 5.D.
2. Gave D. Watson order on J. Watson for goods. See bill 41/4.
Pd. Dabney Carr for soap 3/.
3. Small exp. 9/.
Small exp. 15/.
4. Do. 9/.
5. Small exp. 1/6.
6. Pd. D. Watson 4.D.
14. Small exp. 6/.
15. Drew order on Saml. Clarke in favr. of Silknitter for £10–8–9 in full.
Aug. 20. Small exp. 1.D.
28. Drew order on Chas. Johnston in favr. of Rob. Pleasants for an old balance due T. Pleasants of 4. mi. cr. for £3–2–10½.
Small exp. 1.D.
29. Adams (brickmaker) begins @ £5. a month.
30. Small exp. 1.D.
31. Borrowed of Flem. & Mclanahan 35.D.
Pd. Clarkson for a horse 9. years old 35.D.
Bought a white horse of Joshua Burras for £11. paiable at Christmas.
Furnished Stephen Willis a pr. shoes 12/6. 11¼ yds. oznabrigs @ 1/10.
Sep. 1. Gave Maria 1.D.
3. Bot. of Lively a beef weighg. 113. ℔ @ 3d. which with the 5th. quarter will be 35/4.
Recd. from Rand. Jefferson a negro boy Ben,64 Peter’s son who is to be valued by John Coles & James Cocke, and I am to pay the valuation to Donald & co. in discharge of their acct. agt. him.
5. Recd. from Kinsolving 40.D. to be credited on his bond, which being one of those destined to Jas. Lyle, forward the money to him.
Pd. Flem. & Mclanahan the 35.D. borrowed ante Aug. 31.
Agreed with Robert Chuning to serve me as overseer at Monticello for £35. and 600. ℔ pork. He is to come Dec. 1.65
7. Small exp. 3/ do. 1.D.
8. Small exp. 3.D.
10. Delivd. Saml. Carr 50. bush. wheat. He is to allow me what I sell the rest of my crop for & to pay me in corn.
15. Credit Nat. Anderson 47/ for Wm. Jones who furnished me that value in meat, on acct. of his protestd. bill to P. Mazzei.
Recd. from Nat. Anderson cash in full for the bill £27–13–2 on acct. of P. Mazzei. (This was by mistake an overpaimt. of 18/5 to be repaid him.)
Pd. Richard Richardson66 3/.
16. Pd. T. Garth’s son for 162. ℔ beef @ 4d. 56/, which is 2/ over.
W. C. Nicholas lodges with Kelly for me   £60. to be credited Kinsolving.
 also balce. of my nail acct. agt. him £15–15–7          
17. Gave Flem. and Mclanahan order on Kelly for £26. This was to pay for 2. horses bought for me by Page of Capt. Grissum.
Pd.  Faris for George Faris £5. for 5. M ℔ brot. up before Jan. 1.
18. Drew on Van Staphorsts & Hubbard for 1000.D. in favor of Harrison and Sterrett of Philadelphia. See V.S. & H.’s lre.67
Drew on Harrison & Sterrett in favr. Peter Lott for 200. Dol.
Drew on Kelly in favr. Francis Taliaferro £15. This was to pay a debt of Hugh Petit.
22. Small exp. 1.D.
23. Pd. T. Garth for beef @ 4d. £2–13–9½.
24. Pd. W. Beck for raising limestone in full 31/6.
25. Small exp. 2/.
26. Drew on Harrison & Sterett in favr. Chas. Johnston & co. for 500.D.
28. Recd. of Kelly 10.D.
Sep. 29. Gave Isaac Miller order on Kelly for 40.D.
30. Small exp. 1.25.
Oct. 1. Pd. Usher for David Watson 9 ℔ Xd nails @ 1/.
Pd. Barnet 3 days waggoning 5.2 D.
2. 68 Pd. Stephen Willis 9.D.
Drew on Harrison & Sterett in favr. John Barnes for 300.D.
Drew on Barnes in favr. Jos. Donath for 199.12 for glass.69
Drew on Chas. Johnston & co. in favr. of T. Gordon for £47–10–5 in full of an antient bond of mine to John Mclanahan.
Drew on do. in favr. John Watson for £18–16. which discharges the balance of the last acct. rendered me for Mclure Brydie & co.
3. Small exp. 3/.
4. Do. 4/6.
Pd. Buck to bear exp. to Goochld.70 10/6.
5. Gave Frank Taliaferro depy. sher. order on C. Johnston & co. for 32.14 for dues in Fredericksville for 95. payable 96.
6. Gave Alex. Garrett71 order on Peter Lott for
     myself 18.005
TMRandolph    3.27
8. Gave John Kelly order on Peter Lott for £12–8–10 in full.
Pd. Richd. Richardson 2.D.
9. Sent Bushrod Washington ord. on C. Johnston & co. for £5. a fee for Hastings Marks ads. Dickerson, which charge to Marks.
10. Small exp. 1/6.
12. Settled with Bowling Clarke and recd. the balance of £7–15–2½ due me on the settlemt.
Recd. of Saml. Clarke  £21–16–6 .
Repd.  Colo. Bell   £2– 6–4
T. Carr 2–19–2
5– 5–6 pd. by them for me to Frederic for meat furnished.
Gave Frederic order on Lott for £8. for meat.
Small ex. 7/6.
13. Do. 16/6.
16. Do. 7/6.
17. Gave Isaac Millar ord. on Lott for 60.D.
18. Small exp. 9/.
21. Pd. TMRandolph 20.D.
Sm. exp. 10/6.
22. Gave Wm. Wood by authority from James Lewis his guardian ord. on C. Johnston for £30. towards hire of Patrick, Bob & Reuben.
23. Sm. exp. 2/6.
24. Gave Shell ord. on Flem. & Mclan. £5.
Gave Frederic Gauder ord. on Lott for £9. for meat.
Drew on V. Staphorsts & Hubbard in favr. Harrison & Sterett 1000.D.
26. Sm. exp. 3/—27. Do. 3/.
Oct. 30. Small exp. 1.5.
31. Paid Mrs. Key in full for corn of last year £25–3–10.
Engaged of John Key 50. Bar. corn @ 11/ to be taken before Xmas.
Nov. 2. Recd. back of TMR the 20.D. ante Oct. 21.
3. Small exp. 16/.
4. Do. 8/.
6. Inclosed to E. Randolph ord. on Charles Johnston for £5. a fee for Rand. Jefferson for his land.
Pd. G. Divers’s Will for 18. qts. of greensword seed @ 1/3 22/6.
Pd. Ursula for D. Watson 6/. pd. Watson cash 18/.
7. Engaged Wm. Cornelius’s corn @ 11/.
Pd. Mr. Thomas for J. Steele 40/.
8. Pd. Wm. Reynolds for game 3/.
9. Sm. exp. 6/.
Charge Steph. Willis a pr. shoes for Ned 8/6.
Gave Richd. Johnson ord. on Chas. Johnston for 33.D. which leaves him in my debt for shoeing his horses.
Agreed to hire his waggon @ 15/ per day. If corn should rise
above 12/ so that he should think it necessary to raise the hire he is to give me previous notice.

Drew on Harrison & Sterett  in favr. of Chas. Johnston    200.
Drew on do. in favr. of Peter Lott 200.
Settled with Mr. Bailey for the year 1795. balance due him £9–13–9.
Gave him ord. on Lott for £4. and on stores for goods.
Gave D. Watson ord. on stores for goods. (£4–3–9. post)
13. Drew on Harrison & Sterett in favr. Saml. Howell junr. & co. 416 D. in full for 3. tons of nail rod.
Drew on Chas. Johnston in favr. of Tarlton Woodson sheriff for 71.04 D. in full for my dues of St. Anne’s for last year payable this year.
Drew on Chas. Johnston in favr. of Tarlton Woodson on the order of John Key for 91.67 D. = £27–10 for the 50. Bar. corn ante Oct. 31.
14. D. Watson has got goods £4–3–9 from Mclure, Brydie & co. on my order of the 12th.
Small exp. 1.D.
15. Recd. from Colo. Coles 25. galls. peach brandy.
Recd. from Lott 9.D.
Bought 15. barrels of corn more from Cornelius @ 12/.
16. Gave Hugh Petit ord. on Lott for 8.D.
17. Pd. Garner mending watch 3/.
Recd. of Lott 20.D.
Pd. Steph. Willis for John Steele 2.D.
Repd. J. W. Eppes patent fees for 2. tracts land72 in Bedford 4.36.
18. Pd. D. Watson 1.D.
Pd. Isabel for do. 3.D. £  
Gave Isaac Millar ord. on Clarke for Backstow  2– 11– 3
Paid him cash 7– 10 –½
Balance still due him 35– 0 
37– 19– 1 –½
Nov. 19. Paid Mrs. Sneed in full for Tamar, Ned’s Jenny, Iris & Mary 12 D.
26. Gave D. Watson ord. on Snelson for a rug &c. £1–9.
30. Pd. Richd. Richardson 3/.
Settled with Stephen Willis as follows     £
 Amount of debets      95–8
 Sundry credits 11– 9– 9½
 gave him ord. on Lott 15–
 do. on C. Johnston 10–10
 assumd. to John Shell 14– 7– 4
 balce. still due St. Willis 44– 0–10½ 95–8
Note the above includes the Work of St. Willis, Ned, & Shell.
 gave Shell order on Lott for   £8–
 balance still due him  6–7–4
Dec. 1.
Settled with Adams bricklayer. There is due to him for his own work   14–16–3
 I am to pay him for Richd. Richardson    4–18–9
 gave him order therefore on Lott for 19–15–
2. Pd. small exp. 2/3—do. 4/3—Mary & Nanny 3/.

Settled with Dr. Wardlaw. I owe him  £14– 14–11
Drew on John Barnes in his favor for 21–
 which overpays him 6–  5– 1
Drew on Harrison & Sterett in favor of Barnes for the balance in their hands to wit 184.D.
Desired Barnes to pay Donath balance of glass 20.25 D. also to pay Mussi for 2. boxes of oil.
Recd. of Dr. Wardlaw in cash £4–1 
Allowed him for my sister Bolling 2–4 
 which settles the balance abovementd. of   6–5.
Recd. from Samuel Clarke £40–13–7 for nails sold.
Pd. Frederic Gauder £40–19–7 in full to this day for meats furnished.
6. Small exp. 16/6.
Richardson has worked  114. days @ 6/ }  £39–14
 Chisolm73  44. do. @ 2/6

Accepted Isaac Millar’s ord. in favr. Flem. & Mclan.  for 15
Gave Millar an order on Flem. & Mclan. for 20
 which pays the balance due him of £35
Small ex. 14/.
11. Do. 10/.
Inclosed to John Barnes power of atty. to recieve Mr. Short’s interest due Oct. 1.
Directed him to place 100.D. of it to credit of Peter Lott.
Gave Richd. Richardson ord. on Lott for 18.D.
Dec. 13. Sm. exp. 3/.
15. Do. 3/.
16. Paid Buck for Petit 3.D.
17. Inclosed to John Barnes a power of atty. to recieve W. Short’s interest becoming due Jan. 1.
18. Drew on Barnes in favor of Chas. Johnston for 200.D.
Drew on Charles Johnston in favr. Stephen Willis for £20.
21. Thos. Garth & James Kerr value the difference in the exchange of the small portions of land between N. M. Lewis & myself at £16–15 boot in his favor.74
25. Gave Joshua Burras an order on Mr. Lott for £11. to pay for the horse bought ante Aug. 31.
Gave Wm. Page an order on Mr. Lott for £13. to pay Thos. Massie for a horse.
Gave Elijah Hog an order on Mr. Lott for 48/9 to pay Saml. Hogg in full for waggoning.
Small exp. 2/3.
Drew on John Barnes in favr. of Charles Johnston for 300.D. to be applied to pay the requisitions on Mr. Short’s James river canal shares.
26. Pd. Mr. Bailey 2.D.
27. Gave J. H. Buck ord. on T. Carr for 2.D. which with 3.D. pd. him <some days ago and omitted to be entered> ante Dec. 16. discharges an order of Petit’s on me in his favor for 5.D.
31. Jordan Harris produces to me my bonds to Lucy Wood for £16. (hire of James) & to Mrs. Wood for £15. (hire of Dick) assigned to David Clapton coachmaker in Richmond, & delivd. to Harris to whom I am to pay.
Charge D. Watson 15/9 furnished him by J. Watson on my acct. viz. for rum & mitts.

42 John H. Buck, a resident workman at Monticello in 1796, made TJ’s threshing machines. He completed the first one in August. Based on the model of the Scottish thresher TJ had received in 1793, it was driven by horses and mounted on four wheels so as to be portable (MB 12 Dec. 1793; TJ to Edward Rutledge, 27 Dec. 1796; Farm Book, p. 54 description begins Thomas Jefferson’s “Farm Book,” 1774-1826. Reproduced in facsimile in Betts, Farm Book. MHi description ends ).

43Dr. David Jackson (c. 1730-1801) was a physician and apothecary at 47 North Third Street, Philadelphia (Directory Congress, p. 1176 description begins Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1971, Washington, D.C., 1971 description ends ; Philadelphia Aurora, 3 Nov. 1798).

44 Fleming & McClenahan.

45The deed of manumission of James Hemings, the second slave freed by TJ, is dated 5 Feb. 1796 and is printed in Betts, Farm Book, p. 15-16 description begins Thomas Jefferson’s Farm Book, ed. Edwin M. Betts, Princeton, N.J., 1953 description ends .

46Thus in MS; TJ’s “Summary Journal of Letters” (DLC) gives the date of his letter to his cousin Dr. Philip Turpin as 29 Feb. Turpin had arrived in Virginia shortly after the British invasion, was unable to obtain a pass to cross to the American side, and served in the British hospital department until the surrender at Yorktown (TJ to Turpin, 29 July 1783; MB 25 Nov. 1781). Richmond merchant Charles Johnston (1769-1833) acted as TJ’s commission agent until TJ gave his business to George Jefferson at the end of 1797. About 1809 Johnston moved to Campbell County and had further mercantile dealings with TJ (Norfleet, Saint-Mémin, p. 177-8 description begins Fillmore Norfleet, Saint-Mémin in Virginia: Portraits and Biographies, Richmond, Va., 1942 description ends ).

47 Francis Walker (1764-1806), son of Dr. Thomas Walker, lived at Castle Hill, about fourteen miles northeast of Monticello, until his death (Woods, Albemarle, p. 336 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ).

48Acting for Philip Mazzei, TJ had in 1791 sold the 193-acre Colle tract and 281 adjoining acres to John Thomas for £250. When Thomas failed to pay, TJ sued and received a judgment against Thomas in 1795. By this time Thomas had resold to Kemp Catlett, so that the deed, dated 4 Apr. 1796, records the transaction as a sale directly from Mazzei to Catlett for the original price of £250. Catlett defaulted on the remainder of the purchase money and TJ again had to bring suit on Mazzei’s behalf (AlCDB, xii, 59 description begins Albemarle County Deed Books, Albemarle County Courthouse, Charlottesville, Va. description ends ; Merrill, Jefferson’s Nephews, p. 348-50 description begins Boynton Merrill, Jr., Jefferson’s Nephews: A Frontier Tragedy, Princeton, N.J., 1976 description ends ; MB 3 Dec. 1773, cash accounts, 11 Aug. 1805).

49In 1772 Captain James Bivins, master of the slave ship Prince of Wales, had lent £740 to Richard Randolph. As John Wayles had been security for Randolph’s bond for the loan, prominent Richmond attorney John Wickham (1763-1839), acting for Bivins’ executors, had in 1791 brought suit against Wayles’ executors. In Nov. 1794 the plaintiffs received a judgment for the full amount of the bond, plus interest from 1773. TJ estimated his one-third share of this new obligation at between £700 and £800 (Vi:USCC; Papers, xv, 655; TJ to Francis Eppes, 5 Oct. 1791; TJ to John Harvie, 22 Feb. 1796).

50There is no record that TJ ever acquired land in addition to the four acres on Limestone Creek he purchased from Robert Sharpe in 1773 (see MB 29 Mch. 1771, cash accounts).

51 Wilson Cary Nicholas (1761-1820), son of Robert Carter Nicholas, lived on the James River at Warren, about five miles southwest of present Scottsville in southern Albemarle County. A lifetime TJ friend and political supporter, he was serving at this time in the Virginia General Assembly and was later a United States senator and congressman. Nicholas was governor of Virginia in 1815, when his daughter Jane married TJ’s grandson TJR. A few years later Nicholas hastened TJ’s economic ruin by defaulting on a $20,000 promissory note which TJ had endorsed. Nicholas died at Tufton and is buried at Monticello (Monticello Association Papers, p. 77-9 description begins Collected Papers to Commemorate Fifty Years of the Monticello Association of Descendants of Thomas Jefferson, ed. George Green Shackelford, Princeton, N.J., 1965 description ends ).

52 Isabel (1758-1819) was a slave nurse at Monticello. She was married to Davy and had twelve children (TJ to Francis Eppes, 30 Aug. 1785).

53Faced by sudden competition from an influx of imported nails in the stores of British merchants at Milton, TJ decided to establish depots for the sale of his nails. Fleming & McClenahan at Milton, Thomas Carr at Charlottesville, and Samuel Clarke at Staunton were made the sole distributors of Monticello nails and received a five percent commission on sales. Clarke went out of business in 1798 owing TJ almost £100, which was not recovered until 1807 (TJ to Archibald Stuart, 3 Jan. 1796, 13 Feb. 1799; TJ account with Clarke, 29 Feb. 1796-19 Mch. 1798, MHi; MB 24 Sep. 1807).

54TJ’s first shipment of nailrod from his new Philadelphia supplier, Samuel Howell, Jr., included one-half ton of hoop-iron for the manufacture of fourpenny nails with the nailcutting machine received earlier in the year (Nailery accounts, 13 May 1796, in Ledger 1767-1770; TJ to Archibald Stuart, 22 Feb. 1796).

55No such deed is recorded in AlCDB.

56The stonemason John Steele laid the foundations of the enlarged and remodeled Monticello house.

57Present U.S. Route 250 crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains twenty-three miles west of Charlottesville at Rockfish Gap.

58 Thomas Cobbs, who apparently had been one of TJ’s overseers during his absence in France, had brought suit to recover the value of two hogsheads of tobacco carried down to Richmond in 1786 by TJ’s slave Phill and never heard of again (TJ to Nicholas Lewis, 11 Oct. 1791; TJ to TMR, 7 Feb., 11 Apr. 1796).

59Darlington, an elegant riding horse, was sold to TJ’s workman Richard Richardson in 1799 (TMR to TJ, 29 Apr. 1798; MB 26 May 1799).

60Future United States Attorney General William Wirt (1772-1834) was practicing law in Albemarle County at this time. He lived until 1799 on the Pen Park estate of Dr. George Gilmer, whose daughter Mildred he had married in 1795 (Woods, Albemarle, p. 207 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ).

61Two celebrated French travellers, both of whom TJ had known in Paris, visited Monticello in June. This date saw the departure of Constantin François Chasseboeuf, Comte de Volney (1757-1820), after a stay of almost three weeks, and the arrival of François Alexandre Frédéric, Duc de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt (1747-1827), who stayed for a week and published a lengthy account of Monticello and his host (Volney to TJ, 28 Mch. 1796; TJ to Volney, 10 Apr. 1796; Gilbert Chinard, Volney et l’Amerique [Baltimore, 1923], p. 37-40; La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, Travels, iii, 136-65 description begins Duc de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, Travels through the United States . . . in the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797, London, 1799, 4 vols. description ends ).

62In 1791 TJ had employed attorney Nathaniel Pope in a suit against Robert Lewis, Jr., of The Byrd, Goochland County, seeking payment for the rental of Elk Hill from 1788 to 1792. He recovered £110–0–7 in 1797 (TJ to James Monroe, 12 Mch. 1793; GoCCOB, 1791-94, 552-4 description begins Goochland County Court Order Books, Goochland County Courthouse, Goochland, Va. description ends ; MB 2 May 1797).

63TJ had recently purchased on William Short’s account the Indian Camp (now Morven), a 1,334-acre tract four miles south of Monticello, at a cost of £1,567–9. As Short never lived there, TJ collected rents for him and kept an eye on the property until David Higginbotham bought it in 1813 (AlCDB, xviii, 267-8 description begins Albemarle County Deed Books, Albemarle County Courthouse, Charlottesville, Va. description ends ; TJ to Short, 25 May, 3 and 4 June 1795, 21 Nov. 1799).

64 Ben (b. 1785), also known as Snowden Ben, worked in the Monticello nailery and was later a farm laborer at Tufton (see MB 20 Sep. 1797).

65 Robert Chuning never came to work at Monticello. TJ’s slave Great George was the Monticello overseer in 1797, 1798, and 1799.

66 Richard Richardson (b. c. 1775) was a brickmason and plasterer at Monticello from the summer of 1796 until 1801, when he left for Jamaica to collect an inheritance. In 1798, at TJ’s urging, he went to Philadelphia to learn stonecutting and plastering. In his last years of employment at Monticello he acted as overseer of labor (TJ character reference, 1 June 1801, MHi; TJ to TMR, 19 Apr. 1798; TJ instructions to Richardson, 1799, in W. J. Holland, “Thomas Jefferson, Housekeeper,” New York Times, 15 Apr. 1923).

67TJ, who had requested a loan of $2,000 from his Dutch bankers Van Staphorsts & Hubbard in February, had just received their letter of authorization. He secured this debt by deeding to them his equity of redemption on 150 of his already mortgaged slaves. In twenty years he made only two small interest payments on this debt, which, when renegotiated in 1817, had more than doubled. By 1796 TJ already owed Van Staphorsts & Hubbard 2,800 florins on his regular account with them, so that in 1817 his total debt was over $6,000. At his death $1,120 remained unpaid (TJ to Van Staphorsts, 28 Feb. 1796, 27 Mch. 1797; Van Staphorsts to TJ, 21 May 1796; Deed of equity, 21 Nov. 1796, DLC: TJ Papers, 17247; Van Staphorsts account with TJ, 31 Dec. 1815, DLC: TJ Papers, 36573; MB 26 Mch. 1797, 7 Feb. 1799, 24 May 1817, 12 Sep. 1824; Malone, Jefferson, vi, 511 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends ).

68TJ’s granddaughter Ellen Wayles Randolph (1796-1876) was born at Monticello on 2 Oct. 1796 (Monticello Association Papers, p. 89-99 description begins Collected Papers to Commemorate Fifty Years of the Monticello Association of Descendants of Thomas Jefferson, ed. George Green Shackelford, Princeton, N.J., 1965 description ends ).

69Window glass for Monticello (TJ to Joseph Donath, 2 Oct. 1796).

70 John H. Buck went to Goochland County to examine a threshing machine made by William Booker, who had substituted whirls and bands for the gears of the Scottish machine. By the end of 1796 Buck had completed TJ’s second threshing machine, using Booker’s improvements (TJ to Booker, 4 Oct. 1796; Booker to TJ, 7 Oct. 1796; TJ to TMR, 28 Nov. 1796; TJ to Edward Rutledge, 27 Dec. 1796).

71This payment was for postage. Alexander Garrett (1778-1860), son of Henry Garrett of Louisa County, had come to Albemarle County about 1794. He was deputy clerk of the Albemarle County court for nine years before succeeding John Nicholas as principal clerk in 1815. Active in founding the University of Virginia, he became its first bursar. In 1808 he married Evelina Bolling, daughter of TJ’s nephew John Bolling, and in 1826 was named an executor of TJ’s estate. He lived most of his life in Charlottesville and is buried in the Monticello graveyard (Woods, Albemarle, p. 201-2; Monticello Association Papers, p. 261 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ).

72Two tracts of land, part of TJ’s Bedford County inheritance from John Wayles, had never been properly patented. TJ received patents, dated 22 and 23 May 1797, for 100 acres in Campbell County, the so-called Stith tract sold in 1810, and for 800 acres on a branch of Buffalo Creek in Bedford and Campbell counties, part of the Poplar Forest tract (LPB, xxxix, 303-4, 312-13 description begins Land Patent Books. Vi description ends ; MB 7 Apr. 1810). At this time TJ also patented 8½ acres on Elk Creek in Bedford County and added it to the 1,000 acres on the western end of the Poplar Forest tract which he had given to MJR and TMR on their marriage in 1790 (LPB, xxvi, 413 description begins Land Patent Books. Vi description ends ; Farm Book, p. 32, 127 description begins Thomas Jefferson’s “Farm Book,” 1774-1826. Reproduced in facsimile in Betts, Farm Book. MHi description ends ).

73 Hugh Chisholm, “a very good humored man,” worked for TJ as a brickmason and plasterer in 1796 and 1797 and from 1801 to 1814. He laid bricks at both Monticello and Poplar Forest and built the Monticello cisterns and garden pavilion (TJ to James Madison, 5 Sep. 1808; Chisholm account with TJ, 1810-1820, MHi).

74In exchange for a 12½ acre parcel on Montalto, TJ acquired from Nicholas M. Lewis, son of Nicholas Lewis of The Farm, 27½ acres on Monticello’s western boundary (AlCDB, xiii, 130; TJ plat, Nichols, No. 517 description begins Albemarle County Deed Books, Albemarle County Courthouse, Charlottesville, Va. description ends ).

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