Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum Books, 1817


Jan. 1. Inclosed to Nichs. G. Dufief 50.D. to pay the 31.D. ante June 8. which Mr. Gibson did not remit and to pay for books lately ordered.
6. Deliverd. E. Bacon 65.D. to pay Isaac Hardin for 65. bush. of rye.
Borrowed of E. Bacon 145.D.
11. Paid Rowland Goodman 55.D. on account.
14. Assumed to pay in Apr. or May to O. Callis’s estate 144.90 D. due to them from Mrs. Marks: also the taxes on her land.
15. Recd. from Th:J. Randolph 555.D.
Delivered 555.D. to E. Bacon to pay D. F. Carr for 111. barrels of corn.
19. Inclosed to P. Gibson a renewal of my note in bank for 2000.D. dated Jan. 24. See ante Oct. 16.
Pd.  Davis for mending gun lock 1.D.
Madeiras pr. shoes for J. Lilburne Jefferson 2.75.
21. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
26. Inclosed to Joseph Milligan 20.D. on account.
Inclosed to Wm. Duane 70.D. towit 60. for transln. of Tracy’s work ante Mar. 18. and 10.D. for Aurora to May 1. 1817.
Feb. 7. Recd. of Craven Peyton an order on David & E. Anderson for 1500.D. as a loan for which I gave him my note for the same sum & interest payable on demand. Note the order was made payable to Thos. J. Randolph and I delivered it to him to replace 766.80 awarded agt. me for rent to the Hendersons, which he paid.45
10. Th:J. Randolph has paid for me my direct tax of the US. for 1816. in Albem. 141.20. 14. Hhd. xp. 1.
15. Recd. of Th:J. Randolph 40.D.
Pd.  Logan for work on the clocks, to wit kitchen clock 4.D. black marble do.46 4.D. white marble do. 5.D. great do. 19 D. = 32 D.
21. Hhd. exp. 1.D. 23. Do. 2.5.
Mar. 2. Hhd. exp. 5.D.
3. Recd. of Th:J. Randolph 100.D.
Pd. John Wynn for Charles Massie for cyder 37.67.
Pd. E. Bacon for Wm. Hogg for 8. muttons & 2000 ℔ hay 44.D.
Pd. do. for Monroe’s people for 1400. ℔ fodder 14.D.
Pd. James Leitch for 18½ ℔ butter 6.16.
4. Pd. for carding wool at W. Meriwether’s 1.67.
6. Inclosed 12.50 to M. Fernagus de Gelone, N. Y. for books.47
7. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
12. Davy now finishes a kiln of coal measuring 10½ × 10½ × 12½ = 1378 cub. f. = 1034 bush. whic is 34. b. to the cord which at 5. cents pr. bush. to the cord is 1.72. See ante Aug. 23.
11. Inclosed 5.D. to Capt. Jos. Millar to buy corks.
16. Recd. of Th:J. Randolph 30.D.
18. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
20. Pd. Roland Goodman 8.D.
Pd. Davy for the coal kiln ante Mar. 12. 1.75. Still owe him .05.
Mar. 27. Hhd. xp. 1.D. 30. Do. 1.25 sewers 1.D.
31. Inclosed to J. Louis Fernagus de Gelone of New York 13.D. for books.
Apr. 1. Fr. Eppes for expences 5.D. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
Renewed my note in bank for the 4th. Apr. See ante Jan. 19.
4. Pd. E. Bacon (some time ago) for leather 5.D. 6 turkies 3.D.
Recd. from Wormly .50.
7. Hhd. xp. .62½.
Recd. of Valentine Wood Southall48 250.D.
Pd. E. Bacon  for Davd. Carr 200. b. oats @ 3/7½ 120.84
for Benj. Gilloch boot for a horse  40.
for J. A. Wilson49 by ord. Rol. Goodman   24.
8. Pd. Elias Wells for meats & fish 2.84.
13. Hhd. xp. .75.
15. Drew on Gibson & Jeff. in favor of V. W. Southall for 250. D.
16. Enniscorthy. servt. .50 guide to Mr. Rives’s50 .50.
17. Rives’s vales 1.D. Powell’s51 horses 1.D. Lynchbg. pontage .90.
19. Cheese from Lynchbg. 1.D.
24. Settled with Nimrod Darnell, balance due him 130.96 for which gave him an ord. on Arch. Robertson.
25. Settled with Joel Yancey his compensation to wit.
1815. June  1. to Dec. 31. 150 D.  }  and gave him my note
1816. Jan. 1. to Dec. 31. 400 D.
 accdly. for 550.D. with interest on each sum from the day it became due until paid.
26. Drew on Arch. Robertson in favr. Wm. Miller for 50.D. and of Robert Miller for 50.D. on acct. of their wages.52
Inclosed to Archibald Robertson an order on Gibson and Jefferson for 230.96 to reimburse the orders on him in favr. of Darnell, Wm. & Rob. Miller.
Burwell gratuity 10.D. debts & vales Pop. For. 4.25.
27. Chilton’s lodging 2.25 Hunter’s brkft. 2.75. Flood’s oats 1.12½.
28. Buckingham C. H. lodging 7.12½.
Warren.  ferrge. old and new 4.25 watermen .25.
Brown’s brkft. 2.5 (due yet Wormly’s lodgg.) = 24.50.
Cash on hand 27.10. 29. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
May 1. Inclosed to J. W. Eppes an order on Gibson & Jefferson for 26.D. to pay for a barrel of Scuppernon wine bot. for me by Mr. Burton of Halifax N. C.53
6. Houshold xp. 1.D.
Wrote to Joseph Darmsdat for 12. bar. herrings & 1. of shad and desired him to call on Mr. Gibson for the amount of these & of the last year’s like supply, not paid for.
8. Drew on Valentine W. Southall in favor of Drury Wood for 515.D. to wit 50. B. corn @ 6.D. 300.D. 258. b. oats 215.D.
9. Paid blacksmith in Charlottesville for mending an exchanged wheel 1.25.
10. Drew on V. W. Southall in favr. of Jer. A. Goodman for 50.D.
Pd. for spun cotton 2.D.
12. Hhd. xp. .25.
13. Gave Charles Vest ord. on Gibson & Jefferson for 39.95. leather goods & portage.
May 15. Of the 145.D. borrowed of E. Bacon ante Jan. 6. his own part was 49.52. The residue 95.48 belonged to his mother Mary Bacon, of which he has paid her 20.D. recd. from Wm. Fitz on my account, and I now draw on Mr. Southall for 25.D. further on her account.
16. Pd. Isaacs for hops 4.D. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
17. Pd. Roland Goodman on acct. 10.D. (his son).
Drew on Gibson & Jeff. in favor of T. J. Randolph for 500.D.
21. Hhd. exp. 1.D.—Do. 1 D. borrowed of James Leitch 25.D.
22. Pd. Colclaser on exchange of cows 8.D.
24. Hhd. xp. 1.D.
Renewed my standing note at the bank of Virginia for 2000.D. (ante Apr. 1.) payable June 6.
Note Mr. Gibson has obtained for me from the same bank an additional note of 2000.D. which sum he has remitted for me to Leroy & Bayard, of N. Y. agents of Van Staphorsts & Hubbard in discharge of the 1st. of 3. instalments for an antient debt,
to wit 1817. May 7. 2083.20  }
18. May 7. 2083.20   with int. @ 6. p.c. from Jan. 1. 1816 till paid.
19. May 7. 2083.20 
25. Desired Mr. Gibson to remit the deficiency of principal, to wit 83.20 & the int. which together will be about 260.D.
Hhd. exp. 6.D.
27. Pd. David Isaacs .17 balance for hops ante May 16.
Pd. Nace cleaning sewers 1.D.
June 2. <Gave  York overseer of Jas. Monroe order on V. W. Southall for 120.D. price of 2. mules bot. last year.> Not pd. to York.
Gave Dr. Frank Carr ord. on Gibson & Jeff. for 164.D. amount of his medical account.
Witheld Gave John Rogers ord. on Gibson & Jeff. for 84.D. for 96. b. oats @ 5/3. Hhd. exp. 1.D.

 D c
Drew on Gibson & Jefferson for  160.08  in favor of Lancelot
Minor to pay a debt of Hastings Marks to Colo. Callis’s estate.
Bought a horse (Traveller) of E. Bacon, a light bay, with a star in the forehead and small snip on the nose, right hindfoot white. Got by a Medly & Fitzpartner horse out of a Traveller mare. 3. y. old last spring. Price 120.D. with interest from the 1st. day of this month.
8. E. Bacon recd. the 120.D. ante June 2. from Southall & York. Not thinking himself authorized to recieve it, E. Bacon withheld the ord. in favr. of Rogers & pd. him 84.D. of the money recd. from Southall, and I now direct him to pay the 32.D. remaining to Mary Bacon (ante May 15) after which there remains due to her 16.97. Monroe still unpaid.
9. Borrowed of James Leitch 25.D. and lent them to J. Barnes.
10. Desired Mr. Barnes to pay it to National Intelligencer which I believe is unpaid from Oct. 31. 13.
Inclosed to J. H. Craven for butter 1.D. Hhd. exp. 5.D.
June 10. P. Gibson has remitted to J. Vaughan for me 400.D. of which I desired J. Vaughan to remit 135.D. to Debures freres booksellers of Paris and 265.D. to Cathalan of Marseilles of which last sum 65.D. is for Th:J. Randolph.54
16. Recd. of V. W. Southall 100.D.
Pd. James Leitch the 50.D. ante May 21. & June 9.
Pd. Alexr. Garrett for a deer bell .50.
Pd. Ed. Bacon  for Mary Bacon the 16.97  ante June 8. and
for Branham & Jones 5.25
Pd. Roland Goodman 10.D.
Inclosed to L. H. Girardin for books 14.D. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
18. Recd. from V. W. Southall 100.D.—hhd. xp. 3.D.
19. Inclosed to Genl. Wm. Duane 5.D. which pays his Aurora account up to May 1. 18.
Inclosed to Joseph Gale of Raleigh 24.D. claimed as 8. years arrearages of Raleigh Register, for which I had not considered myself as a subscriber since Feb. 9. 1809. ante.
Inclosed to Fernagus de Gelone of N. Y. 15.D. for books.
22. Nace sewers 1.D. 25. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
27. Recd. of V. W. Southall 80.D. and gave him an order on Gibson & Jefferson for 990.D. to wit, ante May 8. 515 + 10. 50. + 15. 25. + June 2. 120. + 16. 100 + 18. 100 + 27. 80. = 990.
28. Inclosed to John Vaughan 70.D. to replace what he had pd. to Stephen Girard for advances by his correspdt. in Paris beyond the sum pd. for his bills ante 1815. July 5.—29. Hhd. exp. 5.D.
Warren. Brown’s oats 1.54 ferrge. 1.D. } 10.04
N. Flood’s lodgg. and arrears 4.D. Hunter’s brfast. 3.5.
July 1.
2. Renewed my standing note of 2000.D. at bk. of Virginia for Aug. 8. See May 24.
Signed a note for 3000.D. to bank of US. in Richmd. to take up my addnal. note of 2000.D. given to bk. Virga. ante May 24. and for current purposes (discounted July 9.).
5. Lynchbg. Towles’s55 breakft. 1.50.
13. Nace & Philip for pontage at Lynchbg. .12½.
Poplar forest debts & vales 8.D.

Hunter’s oats 1.D. Henry Flood’s loging &c. 3.40. }  10.15
Warren ferrge. 1. Brown’s oats &c. & arrears 3.75. 
Enniscorthy vales 1.D.
Monticello. pd. a midwife attending Fanny 2.D.
18. Pd. Martin Baker for wine (Albaflores) furnished some years ago 20.D.
19. Hhd. xp. .75—Do. 1.
Recd. of Martin Dawson cash 1657. 44 }
Left  in  his  hands  for store acct. due him  50. 56
for Eli Alexander 500.  being the price of the lands56 I sold him below Milton.
for Th:J. Randolph 92 
Note the 500.D. to Alexander is towards the difference of value of the lands57 I exchanged with him.
Nace sewers 1.D.
21. Pd. James Leitch on acct. 1000.D. pd. Saml. Leitch store acct. 9.90 D.
Pd.  Austin for an Umbrella 8.D.
Pd. (thro’ E. Bacon) Dr. Ragland’s58 acct. 8.D. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
July 26. Pd. James Lindsay 93.58 for Brand’s estate for hay furnished last year.
28. Montpelier vales 1.50.59
29. Colo. Lindsay’s do. 1.
31. Charity 2.D.—Defoe 3. geese 1.D.
Aug. 1. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
2. Inclosed to John Vaughan 400.D. to procure a bill for that sum and remit it to Thomas Appleton with a letter desiring him to pay 380.52 to the representatives of Philip Mazzei, being one year’s interest on 6432.D.60 for which his lot in Richmd. was sold by Gibson & Jefferson, and the money placed to my credit July 14. 1813.
Pd. Wilson Madeiras for a pr. of shoes 3.D.
3. Settled this day with Wm. Johnson, balance due me 30.63.
4. Horseler Charlottesville .12½ hhd. xp. 7.D.
6. Inclosed to Harrison Hall 21.D. to wit 6.D. for Portfolio & to be discontind. 10.D. for 5th. & 6th. vols. Law journal & 5.D. in advance for the 7th.61
7. Pd. Roland Goodman 30.D. on account.
Drew on Gibson & Jefferson for 208.D. in favr. Sam. Carr for 29 B.–3 b. corn @ 7.D.
Sent Mr. Bacon 17.75 to wit for tallow 5.D. Pollock leather 12.75.
Cash left on hand 55.75.
9. 62
Warren. vales 1.50 ferriage 1.62½.  }  9.66½
H. Flood’s lodging &c. 3.50.
Hunter’s brkfast. &c. 3.04.

11. Cate for 3. turkey polts 1.
13. Recd. from Joel Yancey 18.25 in part proceeds of a hhd. tobo. of mine he has sold at Lynchbg. @ 8½ D. pr. Cwt.
14. Gave E. W. Randolph at Greenlee’s 2.D.
Natural bridge. pd. to Patrick Henry63 5.D. to be pd. to the Sher. of Rockbridge for taxes past & to come.—gave him 1.D.
Greenlee’s entertt. 5.25.
15. Wright’s brkft. &c. 4.
19. Renewed my note of 3000.D. in bk. US. for Sep. 5. See ante July 2.
20. Inclosed to Louis Fernagus de Gelone 8.50 for books last sent.
21. Johnny64 (Cretia’s) for Shaw repairing cart on the road 1.75.
23. Inclosed to Henry Niles 5.D. for Weekly register to Sep. 1718.65
30. Pd.  Antrim66 36. yds. plaistering 12.D.
Sep. 1. Cate for chickens 1.D.
16. Recd. of Joel Yancey 59.D. on acct. of hhd. of tobo. sold ante 13th.
17. Lynchbg. watchmaker 3.D. pr. shoes 2.75 whip .12½ horses .95 = 6.82½.
Burwell gratuity 10.D. John Hemings do. 20.D.
18. Gave  Eubanks sher. Bedford ord. on Gibson & Jeff. for 133.80 D. for taxes now due.
19. Debts & vales at Poplar Forest 12.05 Ellen 2.D.

Hunter’s oats 1.20. }  15.35
H. Flood’s lodging &c. 5.40 N. Flood’s brkft. 2.50 Warren ferrge. 2.75. 
Enniscorthy vales 1.50.
Cash on hand 13.50.
Sep. 23. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
26. Gave  Hardin ord. on Jas. Leitch for 11.D. for 33 ℔ hops.
27. Drew on Gibson & Jefferson in favr. Clifton Harris sher. Albemarle for taxes & tickets 156.07 payable Oct. 25. <of which 18.02 Mrs. Lewis>.
28. Nace sewers 2.D.
29. Recd. of V. W. Southall 150.D.
Oct. 1. Inclosed to Absalom Townsend assee. of H. G. Spafford 3.D. for a year of the monthly magazine67 & withdrew my subscription.
Gill expences in carrying letters to Coleman et al. viewers of road 1.D.68
3. Houshd. exp. 1.D.
Pd. Colo. Monroe for 2. mules bot. some time ago 120.D.
12. Hhd. exp. 5.50 Lietch the 11.D. ante Sep. 26.
13. Pd. Kinsolving dinners of the Viewers of the road 2.D.
15. Hhd. exp. 1.D. 18. Boatage of a box from Richmd. .25.
19. Jerry 11. Muscovy ducks 2.75—Nace sewers 1.D.—Hhd. exp. 1.
20. Hhd. exp. 2.D.
21. Settled with Roland Goodman, balance due him 1.77 which I pd. him.
Paid him also 1.D. for cabbages &c.
23. Gave Francis Eppes 3.D.
24. Gave do. 10.D. recd. of V. W. Southall 40.D.
Pd. Hague for pr. of shoes 3.25. pd. seeing lions .25.
25. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
26. Drew on Gibson & Jeff. in favor of V. W. Southall for 190. D. recd. as before Sep. 29. & Oct. 24.
30. Renewed my note in bk. US. for Nov. 5. See Aug. 19.
Inclosed to Joseph Delaplaine 12.D. for the 1st. & 2d. Nos. of the Repository69 & for the 3d. not yet published.
Nov. 1. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
Nov. 2. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
3. Drew on Gibson & Jeff. in favr. Saml. Carr for 199.68.D. for corn & hay.
Drew on do. in favr. Th:J. Randolph for 157.56 D. in full of Thomson Gooch’s70 wages of last year.
8. Hhd. exp. 2.50. 12. Charity. Carroll 1.D.
12. On settlemt. of accts. with E. Bacon I owed him on the 22d. Sep. last (when the year’s wages became due 1102.09 D. principal & calculated all the interest to Dec. 31. next when it will be 145.18 D. making in all 1247.27.
13. Borrowed of Jas. Leitch 50.D.
14. Hhd. xp. 2.D.

Drew on Gibson & Jeff. in favr.  Eleanor W. Randolph  100
Do. Cornelia Randolph 100
<Drew on do. in favr. of Edmd. Bacon payable Dec. 31. 145.18 D. being the interest above stated.> taken back Dec. 28.
16. Nace sewers 1.D.
Warren.  servt. 1.D.
Brown servts. & horses 8.D. ferrge. 1.D. H. Flood’s lodging 4.58.
19. Hunter’s brkfast. 2.62½ = 17.20½.
22. Gave Wm. Miller ord. on Gibson & Jefferson for 116.61 balance due for his services of 1816. by settlemt. with Mr. Yancey.
Gave Robt. Miller ord. on Gibson & Jefferson for 138.43 balance due for his services of 1816. & for a mare bought, as pr. settlemt. with J. Yancey.
Nov. 23. Cate to pay for 5. turkies 4.50.
29. Pd. John Organ for running land lines of Pop. For. 8.D.71
Dec. 3. Lynchbg. Dr. Humphries72 paint & oil 9.05. Wells’s oats .50.
18. Recd. of Arch. Robertson 40.D.
Drew in favr. of do. on Gibson & Jeff. for 40.
Pd. feeding horses at Wells’s Lynchbg. .75.
20. Poplar Forest debts & vales 9.D.
Lodging &c. at Flood’s 5.D. }  10.25
Warren  ferriage & ferry men 2.75 + 2.25 overpd. 
vales .25.

Renewed my notes  in bank Virga.  2000.D. for Feb. 18.
in bank US. 3000.D. for Jan. 9.
25. Houshold exp. 1.25.
Pd. E. Bacon for Higginbotham’s people for 9 B.–3 b. corn 19.21 Hhd. exp. 1.D.
26. Recd. (by J. Hemings) 2.D. of the overplus ferriage ante Dec. 22.
Nace sewers 1.D. 27. Hhd. exp. 2.D.
28. Agreed with E. Bacon that his future wages shall be 50.£.
29. Repd. Kelly & Norris transportn. of a keg of butter 1.50.

45Three of Bennett Henderson’s heirs, who had not been of age when Craven Peyton first bought up their shares of the estate for TJ, had declared the original deeds invalid and appointed William D. Meriwether to act for them to obtain restitution. Arbiters Dabney and Peter Minor awarded these minor heirs $766.80 in back rent for TJ’s fifteen-year occupation of their lands, which TJ then had to buy back at an additional cost of $1,500 (MB 14 July 1801, 20 July 1817; Award, 25 Jan. 1817, ViU).

46This is the obelisk clock acquired in 1791. The white marble clock may be the French columnar mantel clock now at Monticello (MB 31 Oct. 1791).

47Here and at 31 Mch. TJ paid New York bookseller J. Louis Fernagus de Gelone for a French description of the reflecting circle of Borda, French editions of the tragedies of Euripides and the works of Archimedes and Hippocrates, and Antonio de Solis, Historia de la Conquista de Mexico (TJ to Fernagus, 17 Feb., 6, 7, and 31 Mch. 1817; Fernagus to TJ, 25 Feb., 15 Mch. 1817; Library Catalogue, 1829, Nos. 116, 181, 379, 411, 757 description begins Catalogue: President Jefferson’s Library, Washington, D.C., 1829 description ends ). For subsequent purchases see TJ-Fernagus de Gelone correspondence.

48TJR’s former schoolmate Valentine Wood Southall (d. 1861), an attorney and later very prominent citizen of Charlottesville, was TJ’s source of cash for the rest of the year (Woods, Albemarle, p. 317-18; Bear, Jefferson at Monticello, p. 87-8 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ).

49 John A. Wilson was overseer at Tufton in 1817.

50TJ visited Robert Rives at Oak Ridge, about two miles beyond present Shipman in Nelson County.

51Richard Powell kept an Amherst County ordinary (Amherst County Personal Property List, 1816, 1817, Vi).

52The Millers were overseers under Joel Yancey at Poplar Forest, William Miller at the Tomahawk plantation in 1816 and 1817, and Robert Miller at Bear Creek from 1816 through 1821. Both received an annual wage of £50.

53Colonel G. Hutchins Burton of Halifax, N.C., had sent TJ this cask of two-year-old Scuppernong. TJ had ordered this American wine, made from a white variety of the native Muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia), after tasting it at JWE’s table at Millbrook in December. He thought it “exquisite,” as long as it was preserved from the “barbarous practice” of adulteration with brandy, and continued to purchase it regularly (JWE to TJ, 28 Apr. 1817; TJ to William Johnson, 10 May 1817; TJ to Thomas Coxe, 3 June 1823).

54TJ sent a new catalogue of desired books to Parisian booksellers De Bures frères, who had supplied a portion of the catalogue sent to George Ticknor in 1815 (MB 5 July 1815; TJ to De Bures frères, 6 June 1817; future shipments from De Bures frères are identified in correspondence and De Bures invoices in MHi). TJ ordered from Stephen Cathalan assorted Mediterranean foodstuffs, one hundred gallons of Roussillon de Rivesalte, two hundred bottles of Bellet, and one hundred bottles of Ledanon, a port-like wine from near the Pont du Gard which TJ had enjoyed at Cathalan’s house in 1787 (TJ to Cathalan, 6 June 1817; Cathalan to TJ, 4 June 1816; TJ to James Monroe, 8 Apr. 1817; MB 1 Mch. 1818).

55Major Oliver Towles, Jr., kept a tavern at the corner of present Main and Twelfth streets, Lynchburg (Chambers, Lynchburg, p. 517 description begins S. Allen Chambers, Jr., Lynchburg: An Architectural History, Charlottesville, Va., 1981 description ends ; Cabell, Sketches of Lynchburg, p. 312-15 description begins Margaret C. Cabell, Sketches and Recollections of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, Va., 1854 description ends ; Lynchburg Press, 27 Apr. 1821).

56For $2,300 Martin Dawson purchased 256 acres in the southern part of the 1162½-acre tract TJ had bought from the heirs of Bennett Henderson (MB 14 July 1801; AlCDB, xxi, 146-7 description begins Albemarle County Deed Books, Albemarle County Courthouse, Charlottesville, Va. description ends ).

57 Eli Alexander had bought up the shares, totalling 340 acres, of three of Bennett Henderson’s heirs to the lands around the town of Milton. In exchange for $1,500 and 25¼ acres in the southern part of his Henderson tract, TJ received from Alexander 278¼ acres of these shares, including important lots on the Rivanna River. This transaction, which was in effect a second purchase of land TJ had already paid for twelve years earlier, marked the final consolidation of TJ’s title to his Milton land acquisitions, always excepting the disputed mill site lot (MB 14 July 1801, 7 Feb. 1817; AlCDB, xxi, 166-7).

58Dr. John C. Ragland was a Charlottesville physician (Woods, Albemarle, p. 242-3 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ).

59TJ made his annual visit to James Madison at Montpelier the occasion of a meeting of the Board of Visitors of Central College (TJ to Madison, 23 July 1817).

60Actually $6,342.21. Because of the war TJ had been unable to remit to Italy the proceeds of the sale of Philip Mazzei’s lot in Richmond in 1813. Considering investment in banks or government loans undesirable, he lent the money to himself at the six percent legal rate of interest. This is TJ’s first interest payment to Mazzei’s heirs, Andrea and Elisabetta Pini, and for the rest of his life he annually remitted $444, six percent interest on the adjusted principal of $7,400. It was only in 1840 that TJR settled this debt, on which TJ was never able to make a payment of principal (TJ to Mazzei, 29 Dec. 1813; Malone, Jefferson, vi, 509-10 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends ).

61TJ had apparently been subscribing to the Port Folio, the preeminent American literary periodical of the early nineteenth century, only since 1814, long after the reign of its founder and anti-Jeffersonian editor Joseph Dennie. John Elihu Hall was at this time editor of this Philadelphia monthly, as well as of the American Law Journal, which appeared irregularly as a quarterly from 1810 to 1817 and resurfaced briefly in 1821 as the Journal of Jurisprudence (TJ to Peter Cottom, 7 May 1816; Harrison Hall to TJ, 17 July 1817; TJ to Hall, 6 Aug. 1817; Mott, American Magazines, i, 154, 223-46 description begins Frank L. Mott, A History of American Magazines, 1741-1850, New York, 1930, 2 vols. description ends ; Edgar, American Magazines, p. 95-6, 217-20 description begins Neal L. Edgar, A History and Bibliography of American Magazines 1810-1820, Metuchen, N.J., 1975 description ends ; Library Catalogue, 1829, Nos. 591, 921 description begins Catalogue: President Jefferson’s Library, Washington, D.C., 1829 description ends ).

62This date, and those through 23 Aug., are TJ’s corrections of his original entries, 8 through 22 Aug. He thus was a day behind for most of the month. This error is also reflected in TJ’s “Summary Journal of Letters” (DLC).

63 Patrick Henry was a free Negro who, in return for keeping off trespassers, was allowed to live on and cultivate the Natural Bridge tract (TJ to William Caruthers, 11 June 1817).

64 John (b. 1800), son of Foreman James and Cretia, lived at Monticello with his family until 1819, when TJ gave him to TJR. He was a carter and a carder in the textile factory.

65Thus in MS.

66 Joseph Antrim, whom TJ thought the finest plasterer in Virginia, later was responsible for the plastering at the University of Virginia (TJ to Hugh Chisholm, 31 Aug. 1817; TJ letter of recommendation for Antrim, 25 Sep. 1824).

67The American Magazine, a Monthly Miscellany, appeared in Albany, N.Y., from June 1815 to May 1816. Horatio Gates Spafford edited this aptly subtitled periodical (Edgar, American Magazines, p. 96-7 description begins Neal L. Edgar, A History and Bibliography of American Magazines 1810-1820, Metuchen, N.J., 1975 description ends ).

68In April Joseph Coleman and six other Albemarle County citizens had been named “viewers of the road” in connection with TJ and TJR’s petition to change the route of the Three Notched Road east from Charlottesville. TJ, who hoped for a decision at the November court, wrote the viewers requesting that they assemble in time to make their report by 6 Oct. They favored the new route and in Sep. 1818 the old route from Charlottesville to Lewis’ ferry and Moore’s ford (near present Route 250 crossing of Rivanna River) and through Pantops, Lego, and Shadwell, was officially discontinued. The new public road, which TJ and TMR had recently completed, went from Charlottesville to Secretary’s ford, then along the north bank of the Rivanna, past the Shadwell mills, to the mouth of Chapel (now Barn) Branch just above Milton (TJ to Coleman et al., 1 Oct. 1817; MB 1772, miscellaneous memoranda, note 44, 2 Apr. 1813; AlCCOB, 1816-1817, p. 238-9, 411, 447 description begins Albemarle County Court Order Books, Albemarle County Courthouse, Charlottesville, Va. description ends ; 1818-1819, p. 150; Copy court order and related TJ memoranda, 8 Apr. 1817, ViU; Manuscript map of proposed changes, c. 1817, and TJ map of Charlottesville and Milton, c. 1817, ViU:EHR).

69 Joseph Delaplaine, Repository of the Lives and Portraits of Distinguished American Characters (Philadelphia, 1815-1816; Library Catalogue, 1829, No. 139 description begins Catalogue: President Jefferson’s Library, Washington, D.C., 1829 description ends ). The many letters on the subject of this work between TJ, who was treated in the first number, and Philadelphia author and publisher Delaplaine (1777-1824) are in DLC.

70 Thompson Gooch was overseer at Lego in 1816 and 1817.

71While at Poplar Forest TJ was engaged “from sunrise to sunset with a surveyor in running round my lines, which have never before been run round” (TJ to MJR, 29 Nov. 1817).

72Prominent Lynchburg physician Dr. Thomas Humphreys sold medicine, paints, and groceries at his store in “Tate’s Brick Row” near the center of town (Cabell, Sketches of Lynchburg, p. 298-301 description begins Margaret C. Cabell, Sketches and Recollections of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, Va., 1854 description ends ; Lynchburg Press, 4 Apr. 1817).

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