Thomas Jefferson Papers
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Memorandum Books, 1818


Jan 2. Gave Wm. Johnson ord. on Gibson & Jefferson for 43.D. on account of boatage.
Recd. of Jas. Leitch 15.D.
3. Inclosed to Wells & Lilly of Boston 10.D. for books.73
7. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
11. Recd. of D. Higginbotham 100.D. & gave him an ord. on Gibson & Jefferson for 100.D.
15. Repd. Jas. Leitch the 15.D. ante Jan. 2.
Inclosd. to Matthew Cary for books 15.D.
18. Hhd. xp. .52½.
19. Recd. of V. W. Southall 150.D. Hhd. exp. 5.D.
Pd. E. Bacon for  James Bacon 15. turkies  @ 3/6 8. 75
John Watson  18. do. @ 3/9 11. 25
Mrs. Bacon  5½  do. @ 3/7½     3. 33
for a mule bought 40.
63. 33
Pd. Bagwell for hay & timothy seed 3.D.
Pd. do.74 for 36 B.–2⅜ b. corn @ 2.D. bought at Bleinheim  72.95
24. Put into the hands of Jas. Leitch 10.D. as a contribn. towards C. Stewart’s learning the trade of a stocking weaver.75
26. Pd. Ewen Carden on account 50.D. 27. Houshold exp. 1.D.
Feb. 9. Houshd. exp. 1.D.—17. Do. 1.D. 18. Desired P. Gibson to pay Jos. Milligan 100.D.
26. A Chickasaw Indian in charity 5.D. hhd. exp. 3.D.
28. Borrowed of Jas. Leitch 60.D.
Mar. 1. Inclosed to Chas. Simms Collector of Alexa. 22.D. for duties & office fees on 2. boxes 100. bottles Ledanon wine.
Inclosed to Matthew Cary 25.D. on acct. for books.
Nace sewers 2.D. charity 1.D.
2. Borrowed of Jas. Leitch thro’ E. Bacon 274.D.
Pd. through E. Bacon to J. Fagg for 99. B. corn @ 14/ 231.D.
Pd. through do. to J. A. Wilson for cattle 43.D.
4. Hhd. exp. 1.D.

Drew on Gibson & Jefferson in favr. Jas. Leitch  498.  to wit
 cash ante Feb. 28.              60
Mar.  2. 274
 draught I am to make on him in favr. Hogg 164
8. Gave Wm. Hogg ord. on Jas. Leitch for 164.D. for cattle.
9. Pd. Isaacs for a book76 1.D. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
10. Inclosed to Edward Graham of Lexington 5.D. for surveying my land at the Natural bridge.
12. Pd. Davy for a kiln of 1010. b. which is 33.7 b. to the cord 1.69. (He is to return in change .31 ovepd.)
Renewed my notes, to wit  in bk.  US. 3000.D. Mar. 13 & May.
in bk. Virga. 2000.D. Apr. 12.
16. Houshd. exp. 1.D.
20. Credit E. Bacon 16.D. for 8. sheep delivd. about a month ago.
Mar. 25. Borrowed of Jas. Leitch 20.D.
28. Drew on Gibson & Jeff. for 720.D. in favor of Eli Alexander which compleats the payment of the portions of Hendersons’ land which I purchased of him.
Apr. 1. Gave to Charles Vest ord. on Martin Dawson for 87.43 the balance due from him to me for 256. as. of Henderson’s tract of land sold him.
Gave to C. Vest also an ord. on James Leitch 30.57.
These are to pay Vest’s acct. against me  19.D.
 & Richd. Robey’s ord. on me for cattle bought   99.
Inclosed to Wells & Lilly of Boston 5.D. for books.
Nace sewers for March & Apr. 2.D. Hhd. exp. 2.D.
5. Gave Barnaby ord. for barrels delivd. to Feb. 7. 23431 = 8.
Inclosed a note for 3000.D. to be negociated at bk. US.
6. Jas. Leitch makes the following payments for me
Wm. Johnson  4.D.  on acct. for boating.
William Watson (sadler)  50. on acct. for sadlery.
Wm. Gambel 56 for a waterweel 14.f. diam.77
8. See Oct. 4. entry omitted.
10. Jerry going to Bedford .25.
11. Pd. Branham & Jones for Jer. A. Goodman the balance of 400.D. on our settlemt. of Dec. 16. 1816. takg. credit for 50.D. pd. Southall ante May 10 & adding int. to Apr. 30. ensuing, amounting to 384.18 by an ord. of this day on P. Gibson.
Gave Alexr. Garrett ord. on P. Gibson for 300.D. to wit 250.D. my 1st. instalmt. to the College78 & 50.D. Joel Yancey’s do.
Gave V. W. Southall ord. on Gibson for 150.D. ante Jan. 19.
Recd. of James Leitch 50.17 D. and gave him an order on
Gibson for 325.D. to wit D 
for cash ante Mar. 25. 20.
3. b. clover seed @ 12.D. 36.
ord. in favr. C. Vest Apr. 1. 30. 57
paimt. to W. Johnson. Apr. 6. 4 
to Wm. Watson do. 50.
Wm. Gambel do. 56 
to pay to Pollock 60. 24
     Ira Garrett for Mrs. Lewis 18. 02
cash now recd. as above 50. 17
12. Warren. vales 1.D.—ferrges. 3.25. Ellen 2.5—Mrs. Gibson’s lodging 3.25.
13. N. Flood’s brkft. 2.D.—H. Flood’s smith .25 horseler .125—Hunter’s lodgg. 6.
14. Hunter’s vales .375 in all = 17.75.79
Note that on the 12th. inst. I omitted to enter my draught on James Leitch for 105.D. in favr. of Mr. Coffee80 a sculptor. This is to pay for the originals of 3. busts, to wit Mrs. Randolph’s Ellen’s & mine. I bespoke of him 12. copies of Mrs. R’s @ 5.D. each and one of Mr. Madison’s if he makes it.
Apr. 30. Gave Burwell gratuity 10.D. pd. smith on the road .12½.
Lynchbg.  pd. a tinman .50 pd. for books at Cottom’s81 2.75.
pd. at Wells’s for fish and feeding horses 2.D.
May 1. Endorsed for Wilson C. Nicholas 2. notes of 10,000 D. each to the bank of the US. at Richmd.82
2. The proceeds of    of tobo. sold lately for me at Lynchburg by Mr. Yancey were 887.34 purchased by Arch. Robertson.
Gave an order on A. Robertson in favor Joel Yancey for 117.34 being so much advanced by J. Y. for plantation purposes.
Gave to Joel Yancey my note also for 400.D. with interest from this date, as compensation for superintendance in 1817. This is a settlemt. of all accts. between us to this day. His cash acct. in the smith’s books I examd. and found a small balance only which will go into the subseqt. acct.
Desired A. Robertson to apply the remaining 770.D. to the credit of my general acct. after reimbursing himself some monies advanced for me for plantation purposes which J. Yancey supposes about 300.D.
3. Nace83 ferrges. to Monto. .25.
4. Pop. Forest debts & vales 8.D. Hunter’s feed 1.D.
H. Flood’s lodging &c. 5.02.
5. N. Flood’s brkfst. 2.D.
Warren ferrges. 1.70 Brown’s horse feed Apr. 12 .67.
6. Enniscorthy vales 1.50.
9. Nace expences back to Bedford 1.D. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
10. Gave order on P. Gibson in favor of James Rawlings 71.90 for Mutual assurance co. for insurance of Monticello house for 1814. 15. 16. 17. 18 @ 12.84 pr. ann.
Nace sewers 1.D.—hhd. expences 1.D.
11. Drew on P. Gibson in favor of James Leitch for 105.D. to replace the article entered ante Apr. 14.
James Leitch, on verbal order, gives for me 10.D. in charity.
13. Desired P. Gibson to remit to Leroy & Bayard 2083.20 with interest from Jan. 1. 1816. in discharge of my 2d. bond ante May 24. 1817.
17. Houshold expences 5.D.—Do. 1.
20. Borrowed of James Leitch 30.D.
21. Inclosed to Thos. Jordan for sbscrptn. to Cooper’s Emporium84 10.50.
23. Gave Larkin Powers85 ord. on Jas. Leitch for 30.D.
24. Hhd. exp. .56. 26. Do. 1.D.
28. Gill exp. to Staunton 1.D. 30. Hhd. xp. 5.D.
31. Recd. back from Gill .75.
June 11. Renewed my 3. notes of 2, 3, & 3,000 D. for their proper dates, to wit June 14. July 17. and ? June 29.
C. Vest stage portage of books 1.D. 17. Houshd. exp. 1.D.
20. Recd. of James Leitch 50.D.
21. Inclosed to Matthew Carey for books 50.D.
24. Gave James Lietch ord. on Gibson for 120.D. to replace ante May 11. 20. 23. June 20.
25. Nace sewers 1.D.
July 2. Borrowed of James Leitch 50.D.
3. Cornelia for travelling 2.5.
July 3.
Warren ferriages 1.62½. }  6.70
N. Flood’s lodging 1.50 Hunter’s breakft. 3.58. 
16. Pop. For. debts & vales 3.50.
17. Hunter’s lodging 4.75 H. Flood’s breakfast 2.50.
N. Flood’s 1.50 Mrs. Gibson. lodging &c. 3.25.
18. Warren ferriage 1.43. Brown’s 2.25 cash on hand 35.75.
19. Hhd. exp. 3. 22. Do. 1.D. 26. Do. .25 Nace sewers 1.D.
28. Gave E. Bacon ord. on T. E. Randolph for 272.82 the cash balce. due to me on our late settlement.
Gave him also my note for 327.18 payable in 60 days.
Recd. from Jas. Leitch 100.D.
29. Gave Patsy for midwife (Rachael) 4.D. for Cretia & Mary Mos’.
Pd. Hague for a pr. of boot tops 4.D.
30. Drew ord. on P. Gibson in favor of  Woods for 174.70 for 57.9 Bar. corn @ 3.D.
 D  c
Drew ord. on P. Gibson in favor of E. Bacon for  63.85.  This
is to pay  48.85  to   Maupin for 16⅕ Bar. corn @ 3.D.
and 15. to Stout for 2000. ℔ fodder wth. interest.
31. Farmington vales 1.5 Morrison’s oats .37½.
Aug. 4. Rockfish gap.86 entt. 18.33.
6. Staunton vales87 1.5 Hodge’s dinner 1.25 Cloverdale lodgg. 1.12.
8. Warmsprings.88 Burwell gratuity 5.D.
13. Falling spring.89 a guide .50 Hotspring. Dagge’s. brkft. dinnr. 2.12½.
14. Warmsprings. John Fry. a week’s board 20.D.
15. A servt. .50.
26. J. Fry 2. weeks board 40.D.
27. Do. balance 3.32 bath keeper 9.D. other vales 4.D.
30. Staunton. washing 1.D. vales .50.
Morrison’s. repd. Capt. Harris90 my moiety of exp. from the warm springs to this place 4.33.
31. Harding’s91 lodging &c. 2.29 in all = 116.63.
Instead of Cash on hand I have overgone my own 4.D. borrowed & to be returned.
Sep. 6. Hhd. exp. 1.12½. 8. Do. 4.81. 13. Do. 5.D.
16. Borrowed of Jas. Leitch 30.D.
Davy has burnt a kiln of 1060. bushels of coal which is 35⅓ b. to the cord, and comes to 1.76 from which deduct .31 overpaid ante Mar. 12. leaves him 1.45.
18. Charity 1.D. 20. Nace sewers 1.D.
30. Sent Defoe 6.D. for 16. geese @ 2/3.
Charge  Powers 76. ℔ beef @ 4d. 26/4.92
Charge Joseph Gilmer 75 ℔ 25/.
Oct. 4. Hhd. exp. 2.D.
Gave ord. on Jas. Leitch in favr. E. Bacon for Andrew Monroe93 for 4.50 for lime.
Oct. On the 8th. of Apr. last I omitted to enter an order on P. Gibson in favr. of John Vaughan for 1000.D. of which he was to remit 120.D. to De Bure freres of Paris, 420.D. to Cathalan,94 & 460.D. to T. Appleton for interest on my debt to Mazzei.
22. On settlement this day there is due to Wm. J. Miller 163.43 D. and to Robert Miller 169.61. Gave therefore an order in favr. of each on Archibald Robertson, and inclosed to A. Robertson an order in his favor on P. Gibson for the whole sum of 333.04 D.
Gave Ira Garrett depy. sher. alb. order on
P. Gibson for 120.26 to wit for
taxes 112.80
tickets  7.46
Drew on P. Gibson in favor of James Leitch for 400.D.
to wit. ante  July  2.  cash 50 
28.  do. 100 
Sep. 16.  do. 30 
Oct. 6.  ord. in favr. Bacon 4. 50
 in favor of the Marshal  4. 74  189.24
26.  pd. this day to Massie 35.
 to be pd. to Powers 50.  85.
 cash now recd. 125.76
Mrs. Randolph hhd. xp. 10.D.
27. Inclosed to Colo. Charles Simms Collector of Alexandria 50. (for 48.33) duties & charges on 9. boxes of claret95 & a package of Maccaroni from Marseilles recd. here Oct. 3.
Inclosed to John Steele Collector of Philadelphia 20.D. (for 18.58) duties & charges on 2. boxes (84 bottles) Montepulciano recieved here Oct. 3.
28. Gave Larkin Powers order on Jas. Leitch for 50.D.
Pd. Bagwell for hops 20.50 Mrs. Randolph had pd. him 2. of the 10. ante.
29. A servt. 1.D.
Nov. 8. Nace 3. months sewers 3.D.
11. Gave Martin Dawson assignee of my note of 327.18 to E. Bacon ante July 28. order on P. Gibson for 330.D. principal and int.
Pd. Charles Vest stage-portage 1.75.
15. Hhd. exp. 2.D. Do. 1.D.
16. Pd. Carden 3.D. for 12. Guinea fowls, hereafter to be 1/3 apiece.
17. Pd. Davy for the kiln ante Sep. 16. 1.50 which was .05 over.
22. Gave Dr. Carr ord. on Jas. Leitch for 20.D. my subscription to the Revd.96    for one year.
26. Hhd. xp. .75 a servt. shewing paving quarry at Suttle’s .25.
28. Gave Wm. Stewardson ord. on Jas. Leitch for 81.D. in full for stone work done at the mill.97
29. Hhd. exp. 1.25. 30. Do. 1.D.
Dec. 6. Hhd. exp. .75.
7. Gave Th:J. Randolph ord. on P. Gibson for 201.D. for so much pd. for me by him to Thomson Gooch his wages as overseer.
8. Hhd. exp. (to wit butter from Carlton) 9.D.
Drew on P. Gibson in favr. of Jas. Leitch for 280.D.
 to wit.  ante  Oct. 28.  ord. in favr.  Powers  50.D.
Nov.  22. Dr. Carr  20.
28. Stewardson   81.
cash now recd. from him 129
9. Inclosed to Louis de Belair 90.D. for books.98
Inclosed to Wm. Duane 5.D. which pays for the Aurora to May 18. 1819, after which I desire him to discontinue my subscription.
Inclosed to John Wood jr. N. York 5.D. which pays the N. York Sales report to the 23d. inst. after which I desire him to discontinue my subscription.
Inclosed to Henry Niles 5.D. which pays for the Weekly register to Sep. 18. 1819.
Inclosed to Charles Vest 6.D. to repay stage carriage of books.
10. Gave ord. on James Leitch for 12.D. in favor of A. Hawley for himself & Monroe for lime.
21. Inclosed to J. Barnes 7.D. for Gales & Seaton for the Natl. Intelligencer, paying for it to the 11th. inst. after which my subscription is withdrawn.
22. Recd. of Mary Bacon 21.25 for 250. ℔ pork.
Nace sewers 1.D. 23. Hhd. xp. 1.50.
24. Settled with Larkin Powers & paid him balance in full 6.D.
27. Pd. Mrs. Smith for knitting 4.D.
31. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
Statement of renewal of my notes in bk. of Virga. & US. in Richmd.
bk. Virga. P. G.99  bk. US. P. G.  bk. US. Th:J.R.  Farm. W.C.N.
1818. 1818.
Apr. 12. Mar. 13. Apr. 29.
June 14. May June 29.  ? 
Aug. 16. July 17. Aug. 21.
Oct. 16. Sep. 17. Oct. 21.
Dec. 19. Nov. 17. Dec. 9.
Dec. 9.
19.  Feb. 2.  19.  Feb. 2.  19.  Feb. 2.
Feb. 22.  1500 
Apr. 11  Apr. 11. Apr. 11.
July 2.  1700  Aug. 4.  2250  July 7.  3000   May 20. 3000
July 28  July 28  July 28   Th:J. Rand.
 Aug. 11.
Sep. 18   1530  Sep. 18  Sep. 18.  Sep. 18. T.J.R. B. P.

73From Boston publishers Wells & Lilly TJ ordered their reprints of Dugald Stewart’s and John Playfair’s Dissertations, which had been published in recent supplements of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and five other titles (TJ to Wells & Lilly, 1 Jan., 1 Apr. 1818; Wells & Lilly to TJ, 13 Jan. 1818).

74That is, Edmund Bacon. TJ interlined the Bagwell entry at a later time.

75TJ was the intermediary in an attempt to get a stocking weaver for Charlottesville. He had first hoped to encourage the settlement there of one of a party of Swiss stocking weavers brought to Washington by William Lee. As they wished to remain together, it was instead decided to send Charles Stewart, the handicapped son of TJ’s former blacksmith William Stewart, to Washington as an apprentice. Because of a misunderstanding of the terms of the contract, which appears largely attributable to Lee, the arrangement came to nothing (TJ to Lee, 6 June, 12 Nov. 1817, 8 Jan. 1818; Lee to TJ, 16 June 1817, 12 Jan. 1818; TJ to J. Keller, 8 and 24 Jan. 1818; Keller to TJ, 14 Dec. 1817, 15 Jan. 1818).

76 George Bethune English, The Grounds of Christianity Examined by Comparing the New Testament with the Old (Boston, 1813; David Isaacs to TJ, 1 Feb. 1818).

77This water wheel was evidently for the sawmill at the foot of Monticello mountain; the millworks needed rebuilding (MB 6 Jan. 1813; TJ to Craven Peyton, 15 Mch. 1818).

78At the first regular meeting of the Board of Visitors of Central College on 5 May 1817, a subscription campaign was inaugurated and TJ and the other Visitors each pledged $1,000. Payment to proctor and acting treasurer Alexander Garrett was to be in four annual installments beginning in Apr. 1818 (Bruce, University of Virginia, i, 172-8 description begins Philip A. Bruce, History of the University of Virginia, 1819-1919, New York, 1920-1922, 5 vols. description ends ). For TJ’s paramount role in the genesis of the University of Virginia, the great project of his last years, see Malone, Jefferson, vi, 233-82 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends .

79Correctly $18.75.

80English portrait sculptor William John Coffee had arrived at Monticello on 5 Apr. (TJ to W. C. Nicholas, 5 Apr. 1818). Of the terra cotta busts Coffee made of members of the Monticello household only those of Anne C. Bankhead and Cornelia J. Randolph are known to have survived; that of TJ, as well as of James Madison, is presumed lost (Bush, Life Portraits, p. 85-8 description begins Alfred L. Bush, “The Life Portraits of Thomas Jefferson,” Jefferson and the Arts: An Extended View, ed. William Howard Adams, Washington, D.C., 1976 description ends ; Bradford L. Rauschenberg, “William John Coffee, Sculptor-Painter: His Southern Experience,” Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts, iv [1978], 26-48).

81In 1815 Richmond printer and publisher Peter Cottom had opened a bookstore across from the office of the Lynchburg Press (Lynchburg Press, 16 Mch. 1815).

82 Wilson C. Nicholas’ insolvency in 1819 and death in 1820 delivered what TJ later called the “coup de grace” to his own crumbling fortunes. As first endorser of these twelve-month promissory notes, he became liable for the $20,000 and its annual $1,200 interest. The principal, which in 1823 was transferred from the bank to TJR and the College of William and Mary, was unpaid at TJ’s death (TJ to James Madison, 17 Feb. 1826; MB 22 Jan. 1823; Malone, Jefferson, vi, 303-4, 309-14, 511 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends ).

83 Nace (b. 1773), the son of Nan and Frank, was raised by Cate and James Hubbard. He was a foreman and gardener at Poplar Forest (TJ to Jeremiah Goodman, Dec. 1811; TJ to Joel Yancey, 6 Mch. 1817).

84TJ paid for the bimonthly new series of the Emporium of Arts and Sciences published in 1813 and 1814. As then edited by Thomas Cooper, it was particularly intended to encourage domestic manufactures. TJ at this time hoped to make Cooper the “corner stone” of the faculty of the University of Virginia (Thomas Jordan to TJ, 20 Apr. 1818; Edgar, American Magazines, p. 74-5 description begins Neal L. Edgar, A History and Bibliography of American Magazines 1810-1820, Metuchen, N.J., 1975 description ends ; TJ to Robert B. Taylor and Chapman Johnson, 16 May 1820).

85 Larkin Powers replaced Rolin Goodman as head carpenter; he worked for TJ in 1818 only.

86After a night spent with George Divers at Farmington, TJ and James Madison had proceeded to Rockfish Gap in the Blue Ridge mountains for the 1 Aug. meeting of the commissioners appointed by the Governor to recommend a location for a state university. The site of the three-day session was the “Mountain House,” a resort inn kept by Allen Bernard. The Rockfish Gap Commission, of which TJ was named president, reported in favor of Central College (Malone, Jefferson, vi, 275-8 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends ; TJ to MJR, 4 Aug. 1818; TJ to Bernard, 30 July 1818; William Couper, History of the Shenandoah Valley [New York, 1952], ii, 728-9).

87After two nights at the residence of Archibald Stuart on Church Street in Staunton, TJ and fellow commissioner James Breckenridge (1763-1833) travelled on horseback to Warm Springs in Bath County, almost sixty miles to the southwest. Crossing the first ridge of the Alleghenies at either Jennings or Dry Branch gap, they followed present Route 629 in a southwesterly direction and lodged at Cloverdale in northeast Bath County (TJ to MJR, 7 and 14 Aug. 1818; TJ table of mileages Staunton to Warm Springs, ViU).

88Hoping to eradicate the “seeds” of his rheumatism, TJ had planned a short visit to the Warm Springs, but was persuaded to extend his stay to three weeks—a decision he ever after regretted. He lived in one of the log cabins of the thermal establishment presided over by merry landlord John Fry, took the 98° waters three times daily in the hexagonal bath building, suffered acutely from boredom, and late in his stay broke out in boils, probably from a staphylococcus infection. This painful complaint, with associated fever and debility, made his return journey a torment. Having arrived at Monticello in a state of extreme exhaustion, he was incorrectly treated with mercurial ointments for what his doctor supposed to be scabies, and was soon at “death’s door.” When medication was stopped he gradually began to recover, but he missed his autumn visit to Poplar Forest, was not able to return to normal activity until December, and always blamed “the unlucky experiment of the springs” and its aftermath for the recurring ill health from which he suffered over the next few years (TJ to MJR, 7, 14, 21 Aug. 1818; TJ to Francis W. Eppes, 11 Sep. 1818; TJ to James Breckenridge and to William Alston, 6 Oct. 1818; TJ to Henry Dearborn, 5 July 1819; Percival Renier, The Springs of Virginia [Chapel Hill, N.C., 1941], p. 102-7; [Philip H. Nicklin], Letters Descriptive of the Virginia Springs . . . by Peregrine Prolix [Philadelphia, 1837], p. 25).

89TJ made several excursions to relieve his “distressing” ennui: to Flag Rock on top of Warm Springs mountain, to the now world-famous Hot Springs five miles to the southwest, and to the two-hundred-foot waterfall on Falling Spring Branch ten miles farther, and thus the westernmost point reached by TJ in his lifetime (TJ to MJR, 14 Aug. 1818).

90 John Harris (d. 1832), wealthy resident of Viewmont in southern Albemarle County, had brought TJ from Warm Springs in his carriage. Their ways parted at Morrison’s tavern, four miles east of Rockfish Gap (TJ to MJR, 21 Aug. 1818; Woods, Albemarle description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends , p. 220; TJ memorandum of mileages from Warm Springs to Charlottesville, ViU).

91 Benjamin Hardin operated the Albemarle Hotel about nine miles west of Charlottesville on the road to Staunton (Woods, Albemarle, p. 60-1, 217).

92Correctly 25s–4d.

93 Andrew Monroe lived about three miles east of Milton on a farm given him by his brother James Monroe; it was located on the Everona limestone belt (Woods, Albemarle, p. 281 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ; AlCDB, xxi, 143-4 description begins Albemarle County Deed Books, Albemarle County Courthouse, Charlottesville, Va. description ends ).

94TJ ordered his annual shipment of French food and wine, including 64 gallons of Roussillon and 300 bottles of red Bellet (TJ to Stephen Cathalan, 5 Apr. 1818; MB 25 Mch. 1819).

95When in January TJ had found his wine supply dwindling faster than he expected, he had asked Stephen Cathalan to send him two hundred bottles of Bergasse red wine. The son of Henry Bergasse, whose chaix TJ had visited at Marseilles in 1787, continued his father’s business of blending inexpensive imitations, which TJ considered “perfect,” of the wines of Bordeaux (TJ to Cathalan, 6 June 1817, 18 Jan. 1818; Cathalan to TJ, 19 Mch. 1816).

96This was probably Rev. John P. Bausman, who was the first resident Episcopal minister in Albemarle County since the death of Matthew Maury in 1808 (Woods, Albemarle, p. 127 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ; Meade, Old Churches, ii, 51 description begins Bishop Meade, Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of Virginia, Philadelphia, 1857, 2 vols. description ends ).

97It had been necessary to build three stone buttresses to stabilize a long wall of the Shadwell manufacturing mill (TJ to Thomas E. Randolph, 28 Mch. 1818).

98The books, mainly French editions, TJ ordered from Lewis D. Belair are listed in TJ to Belair, 9 Dec. 1818. Belair, an associate of New York bookseller Fernagus de Gelone, had just opened his own bookstore in Philadelphia (Belair to TJ, 6 Nov. 1818; Fernagus de Gelone to TJ, 7 Jan. 1819).

99The initials referred to the endorsers of TJ’s various bank loans: Patrick Gibson, TJR, Wilson C. Nicholas, and Bernard Peyton.

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