George Washington Papers

Appendix F. List of Dower Slaves, 1760–61

Appendix F

List of Dower Slaves


A List of Working Dower Negroes, where settled, & under whose care, 1760 At Claibornes John Roan [overseer]

George A Man 1 Share
Stephen Ditto 1 Ditto
Parros Ditto 1 ditto
Argyle Ditto 1 ditto
Solomon Ditto 1 ditto
Marlbrough Ditto 1 ditto
Sam Ditto 1 ditto
David Ditto 1 ditto
Hector Ditto 1 ditto
Will Ditto 1 ditto
Sam ⟨Cit⟩ Ditto 1 ditto
Sarah A Woman 1 ditto
Sew Ditto 1 ditto
Patt Ditto 1 ditto
Rachel Ditto 1 ditto
Jenny Ditto 1 ditto
Citt Ditto 1 ditto
Citt A Girl ½ ditto
George A Boy ½ ditto
John Roan 2 shares
At Moncock Hill Isaac Osling [overseer]
Matt A Man 1 Share
Will Ditto 1 ditto
Moll A Woman 1 ditto
Sarah Ditto 1 ditto
Overseer 1
5 In all
At Bridge Quarter—York
Bachus A Man 1 Share
Ben Ditto 1 ditto
Young Ned Ditto 1 ditto
Cupid Ditto 1 ditto
Old Daphne A Woman 1 ditto
Young Daphne Ditto 1 ditto
Moll Ditto 1 ditto
Frank Ditto 1 ditto
Arlington a Boy ½ ditto
Caesar Ditto ½ ditto
George Ditto ½ ditto
Suckey a Girl ½ ditto
10 ditto
At the Ship Landing—[York]
Crispin A Man 1 Share
Ned Holt Ditto 1 ditto
Old Captain Ditto 1 ditto
Jupiter Ditto 1 ditto
Brunswick Do 1 ditto
Moll A Woman 1 ditto
Betty Ditto 1 ditto
7 ditto

AD, DLC:GW. GW made this list on the blank pages at the beginning of William Hunter’s The Virginia Almanac . . . 1760 (Williamsburg), after writing a number of memoranda about the crops raised on the various Custis plantations summarized in note 3 of GW to Robert Cary & Co., 30 Nov. 1759. See also GW to Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 25 Nov. 1759, n.1. All of the Custis slaves living when the county inventories were taken in 1757 and 1758 are listed in the Combined County Inventory (doc. III-A–1). Of these, the eighty-five slaves going to Martha Washington as part of her dower are listed in Schedule A: Assignment of Widow’s Dower (doc. III-A). At some point, probably in 1759, GW listed twenty-four estate slaves as being artisans and household servants (Appendix C), and there appears to be here in his list of working dower slaves a total of forty-two. Most of those listed on GW’s two lists are among the names listed in Schedule A and in the Combined County Inventory. GW’s specific purpose in making the two slave lists (appendices C and F) is not clear.

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