George Washington Papers

From George Washington to Robert Cary & Company, 30 November 1759

To Robert Cary & Company

Virginia 30th Novr 1759.


By the George and [ ] Captn Richardson and Nicks who Saild with the Fleet in September last I sent Invoices of such Goods as were wanting for myself Estate &ca but knowing that the Latter unfortunately founderd at Sea soon after her Departure from Virginia and that the former may probably have sufferd by that Storm or some other accident by which means my Letters &ca woud miscarry I take this oppertunity by way of Bristol of addressing Copies of them,1 and over & above the things there wrote for to desire the favour of you to send me a neat Grait (for Coal or small Faggots) in the newest taste and of a Size to fit a Chimney abt 3 feet wide and two Deep—and a fender suited to Ditto—Steel I believe are most usd at present—also send me a New Market great Coat with a loose hood to it made of Blew Drab or broad Cloth with Straps before according to the present taste—let it be made of such Cloth as will turn a good Shower of Rain and made long, and fit in other respects for a Man full 6 feet high & proportionably made—possibly the Measure sent for my other Clothes may be a good d[i]rection in these—Please to add also to the things Orderd for Mrs Dandridge 12 yds of Silver col[ore]d Armozeen or Ducape & cause it to be packd up with the Rest of her things chargd with them &ca.2

Five Days ago I dropt a Letter at Williamsburg, to take the first Conveyance to you, desiring Insurance on 50 Hhds Tobo pr the Cary since then I have got 4 more Inspected & all on Float ready to deliver at the Ships side[.] yo. will therefore Insure that quantity and dispose of them in the best manner for Our Interest. If Captn Talman uses that Dispatch in Loading of his Vessell which I am sure he now has in his power to do this Tobo wl come to a very good Market I hope.3

It is almost as much trouble and expence getting Goods from any of the Rivers round to Potomack as the Original Charges of Shipping them amounts to, unless they are committed to the charge of very careful Captains who has an Interest in forwarding I shoud be glad therefore if you woud take the oppertunity of some Ship to that River of sending my Goods for the Future.

Your favour of the 6th Augt I have had the pleasure of receiving, and acknowledge myself particularly obligd to you for yr polite Congratulations on my Marriage, as I likewise am for the Dispatch of my Goods4—I am Gentn Yr Most Obedt Hble Servt

Go: Washington

LB, in GW’s hand, DLC:GW.

1See GW to Robert Cary & Co., 20 Sept. 1759, and enclosure. Capt. Robert Necks, master of the Adventure, sailed out of the York River on 13 Oct. 1759. There were a number of ship captains named Richardson who were sailing in and out of Virginia about this time.

2GW included an order for Mrs. Frances Dandridge in his invoice to Cary & Co. of 20 Sept. 1759. Armozeen and ducape were both types of stout, plain silk cloth.

3According to memoranda that GW wrote at the beginning of his 1760 Almanac (see the note in Appendix F in Settlement of the Daniel Parke Custis Estate, 20 April 1759–5 Nov. 1761), the fifty-four hogsheads shipped aboard the Cary included fifteen marked JC raised by Joseph Valentine in York County, ten marked DPC raised by Lewis Smith, twelve marked DPC raised by Epaphroditus Howle, seven marked DPC raised by Jacob Osling, and ten marked DPC raised by John Roan. In addition to the twenty hogsheads of Valentine’s tobacco shipped to the Hanburys (see GW to Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 25 Nov. 1759, n.1), GW reports as not shipped to Cary eight of Howle’s hogsheads, and eleven of Roan’s, one of Osling’s, and two of Smith’s, all marked DPC. For reference to Capt. Henry Talman and the Cary, see GW to Robert Cary & Co., 20 Sept. 1759, n.8. GW also notes in these memoranda the amount of corn and wheat these overseers raised in 1759. Four of the fifty-four hogsheads of tobacco were left behind by mistake (GW to Robert Cary & Co., 28 April 1760).

4The Cary letter of 6 Aug. 1759 has not been found, but see the Cary invoice of that date.

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