Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum Books, 1821


Jan. 7. Hhd. xp. .25.
14. Drew on B. Peyton in favr. Joseph Gilmore 27.D. being the balance due Gilmore this day.
27. Inclosed to P. Gibson my note to the Virga. bank for eleven hundred and  D. for renewal.
28. Nace sewers 1.
31. The Muscat of Rivesalte ante Feb. 23. 20. is out, to wit 62. galls. in 11. months.
Feb. 3. Hhd. xp. 1.D.—4. Do. .20.
8. Drew on B. Peyton for 100.D. in favor Wolfe and Raphael to pay them groceries 77.79 and cash 22.21 which I now recieve.
9. Inclosed to Capt. Peyton my notes for renewal, to wit 3000 & 2250 to bk. US. & 2500. to Farmer’s bank.
10. Hhd. exp. 1.D. 14. Edmd. Meeks for 9. turkies 4.50.
15. Hhd. exp. .25. 17. Do. .50. 19. Do. 1.D. 24. Do. .75.
27. Charity 1.D.
Mar. 4. The Farmer’s bank in Richmd. discounted on the 1st. inst. a note of 4000.D. for me, made payable to Th:J. Randolph endorsed by Bernard Peyton.
Nace sewers 1.D.
Wrote to Capt. Peyton to remit 125.D. to Leroy & Bayard for last year’s interest on my bond, and 40.D.64 to Wm. J. Coffee for Roman cement he is to send me, and advising him of the following draughts on him, to wit.

 D c
Drew on him in favr. Martin Dawson  94.42 Rogers & Gilmore ante 154. 15565
 John Watson for Meeks  45.41 ante 154.
 Twyman Wayt for A. Goodman  219.72 negro girl.66
 James Brown for Fieldg. Lewis  133.25 ante Dec. 11. 19.
 David Higginbotham  159.95 ante Mar. 24. 20.
 Craven Peyton  700. Feb. 7. 17. Oct. 19. 20
 Wm. Barrett for B. Miller  750. ante Mar. 7. 20. Nov. 15.
Having sold my limestone quarry (4. acres) to Abraham Hawley for 400.D. of which 100. payable immediately & 300.D. Jan. 1. 1822., Charles Vest being security, I give him credit for Meeks’s order ante Aug. 19. to wit 59.86, his own acct. 2.70. and I now recieve the balance in cash 37.44 D. making up the 100.D.67
7. Pd. E. Bacon for 15½ turkies for last & this winter 7.75.
8. Gave James Leitch order on Capt. Peyton for 1348.47 D. the amt. of my acct. from Aug. 1. 19. to Aug. 1. 20. Note the 533.D. ante Oct. 21. 20 do not enter into this account, being credited on my bond.
10. Hhd. exp. 2.5 Do. 1.D.
13. Entered Ben and Lewis68 with Mr. Hatch and gave him an order on B. Peyton for 50.D. being half a year’s tuition fees.
17. Hhd. exp. 2.50 gave John Hemings ord. to Leitch for clothes 12.D.
22. Drew on B. Peyton favor John Graves 250.D. See Nov. 6.69
27. Inclosed to P. Gibson my note for renewal in Bank of Virginia for one thousand and (blank) suppose 1040. See Jan. 27. & Nov. 15.70
30. Hhd. exp. .75 Mr. Thos. Sully71 for leather cups 1.D.
Mar. 31. Inclosed to Lancelot Minor 5.D. to discharge a balance of 2.66 due him from A. S. Marks & the surplus to be a deposit for future taxes which seem to be under 1.D. a year.
Pd. David Isaacs for cheese 1.45.
Apr. 1. Hhd. exp. .25.
3. Gave ord. on Wolfe & Raphael in favr. Chapman Johnson for 100.D. one half for himself, the other half for John Hooe Peyton as my counsel against the Rivanna co.72
Pd. John chicken debt .37½.
Inclosed to B. Peyton my notes for renewal in the US. and Farmer’s, to wit, US. 3000 & 2250 and the Farmer’s bank 2500 & 4000.
4. Gave Wolfe & Raphael order on B. Peyton for 100.D. to replace that sum furnished by them as above.
5. C. Vest stage portage of rod of Clarke’s odometer73 .25.
7. Hhd. exp. 1.25. 8. Do. 4.50 Nace Sewers 1D.— 10. Do.
13. Do. .37½.
Recd. from Dr. Everett 646.51 in anticipation of the payment he has to make July 1. See ante July 13. 20.
15. Hhd. xp. .62½.
16. Inclosed to B. Peyton 581.51 out of which I desired him to remit 444.D. to Saml. Williams No. 13 Finsbury square London, the correspondt. of Thos. Appleton to be held subject to the order of Mr. Appleton who is to pay it to M. & Mde. Pini as interest for the last year.
17. Gave Barnaby order for 26. barrels = 79831 for barrels delivered down to Apr. 14. inclusive.
19. Desired B. Peyton to remit to J. Vaughan 300.D.
Requested J. Vaughan to place it in Paris, to wit, 100.D. to the order of De Bures freres libraires there, & 200.D. to the order of Joshua Dodge at Marseilles for wines &c.74
Hhd. exp. .25.
20. Gave Wolfe & Raphael ord. on B. Peyton for 51.24. for groceries to this date.
Inclosed to H. Niles 5.D. for a year’s Register.
Hhd. xp. 1.D.
21. Left Monticello.
22. Warren Ellen for travellg. 2. vales 1.25 ferriage 2.18½.
Morris’s feeding beeves75 1.25.
Mrs. Flood’s feeding horses 1.D.
[23.]76 H. Flood’s lodgg. feeding beeves 3.75.
Hunter’s breakfast. feeding beeves 3.62½.
May 1. Burwell gratuity 10.D.
3. Ellen travellg. 2. Debts & vales at Pop. For. 5.75.
4. Recd. from Jo. Chilton balce. for mutton 2.75.
Hunter’s feeding .75 Patterson’s77 lodgg. &c. 4.75.
5. Pd. a smith .50 Mrs. Flood’s brkft. &c. 2. Warren ferrge. 1.18.
6. Enniscorthy vales 1.50 cash on hand 23.38½.
11. Gave Ellen W. Randolph ord. for 100.D. on B. Peyton.
12. Hhd. exp. 1.D. 13. Nace sewers 1.D.
May 18. Inclosed to Capt. B. Peyton my note for 1125 D. to be indorsed by him to renew that in the bk. of Virginia for the same sum, hitherto indorsed by P. Gibson & renewable the 22d. inst.
19. Hhd. exp. 2.50. 20. Do. 1.50 + .50.
24. Recd. of Doctr. Everett 350.D. anticipation. See Apr. 13.
25. Inclosed to B. Peyton the same 350.D. of which I desire him to remit 300. to John Vaughan with a letter requesting J. V. to remit them to Debure and Dodge as ante Apr. 19., this remittance being to enable B. P. to do what is there requested of him.
27. Hhd. xp. 1.38½. 28. Do. 1.D.
June 3. Hhd. xp. 1.57 Nace Sewers 1.D.
4. Pd. Edmund Meeks on acct. 10.D.
5. Inclosd. to Ro. R. Glinn & co. order on B. Peyton for 100 D. note as security for Mrs. Laporte ante Nov. 2.
Inclosed to Fred. A. Mayo ord. on B. Peyton for 127½ D. book binding.
Hhd. exp. .81½.
8. Inclosed to Joel Yancey an order on B. Peyton for 136.48 D. in favor of Jonathan Bishop, wages due him, and another for 135.D. in favor of himself to pay for horses.
10. Sm. xp. .62½.
16. Borrowed from Jas. Leitch 40.D.
Settled with Tarleton Saunders for James Lyle my old debt to Kippen & co. See78    and gave new bonds, viz.
   1200. payable July 1. 1823.
1200. 1824.
1200. 1825
1200 1826
1778.84 1827
 took in all the former bonds.
Hhd. exp. 1.D.
17. Inclosed to Browze Trist79 10.D. to buy Vanilla.
Hhd. xp. .50 + 2.75.
19. Inclosed to Matthew Carey 10.D. on acct.
23. Pd. Mr. Huntington80 for silk .37½.
24. Hhd. xp. 1.62½.
25. Inclosed to Wm. H. Anderson of Balt. 3.D. sbscrptn. to his Travels.81
26. Barnaby has delivd. 1203. barrels this year. I gave him an order for 26. some time ago, & now for 13 = 39 his allowance.
Nace has delivered 1380. bar., and I now give him an order for 45. of them, his part.
30. Hhd. exp. 1.50.
July 1. Do. .50 Do. 1.
6. Inclosed to B. Peyton for renewal in banks my notes to
US. bank  3000.  and 2250 } indorsed by Th:J.R.
Farmer’s 4000 and 2500
Virginia to be endorsed by B. Peyton.
10. Charity 1.D. recd. from B. Trist 3.50 of the 10.D. ante June 17.
13. Hhd. exp. .25.
14. Subscribed with the Messrs. McKennies for Central gazette82 and paid 3.D.
July 15. Hhd. xp. 2.25.
21. Do. 1.D. 22. Do. .25.
24. Recd. of Dr. Everett 450.D.
Repd. Jas. Leitch the 40.D. ante June 16.
25. Ferrge. Sec.’s ford .25. 26. Do. .25.
27. Pd. Youen Carden 20.D.—hhd. exp. .50.
28. Hhd. xp. .25 + .25 + 1.50.
Pd. Dr. Watkins’s acct. to Jan. 20. 12.D.
Pd. Ase Brooks 10.D. on acct. covering N. pavilion.
29. Hhd. xp. 1.50—Nace sewers 1.D. stge. portage .25.
Hhd. xp. 2. 30. Pd. Ase Brooks in full, tin covering 16.D.
30. Pd. Raphael last quarter & balce. of preceding 126.83.
Pd. Thos. W. Maury83 half year’s tuition fee 20.D. Jas. M. Randolph.
Pd. Leschot for a watch &c. in full 71.
Gave in charity (Moorman)84 10.D.
31. Sent for lime .50 to Hawley85 Abraham.
Pd. Ase Brooks in full 16.D.
Aug. 1. Holly for lime .50 charity 2.D. Hhd. xp. 2.D.
3. Inclosed Notes for renewal as ante July 6.
6. Pd. G. Divers for 6. Bar. flour86 27.D.
8. Inclosed to John E. Hall 5.D. for Amer. Law Journal of 1821.
Hhd. exp. 3.D. sent Abr. Holly for lime 2.D. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
Pd. E. Bacon for Isaiah Stout for 807. ℔ fodder 4.D.
9. Hhd. exp. 1.D. 11. Recd. back from Holly .50 ante Aug. 8.
11. Pd. A. S. Brockenbro’87 for tin & window cord 7.45.
12. Hhd. xp. 4.D. 13. A whip .75.
14. Sent Abram. Hawley for lime 2.25. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
15. Hhd. exp. 2.25 Hawley lime .75.
16. Pd. Saml. Campbell stone work at the mill88 35.D.
Sent Hague for a pr. of shoes 3.D.
Borrowed of James Lietch 35.D.
Agreed with Edmd. Meeks to continue another year, same terms.
17. Recd. on acct. Dr. Charles Everett A. Garretts’s order on V. W. Southall for 500.D. Inclosed it to Wm. Barret for Miller.
18. Hhd. exp. 1.D.—do. 1.35—Holly lime 1.50.
19. Nace. sewers 1.D.
21. Warren. Brown’s horses & arrears 5.75 ferrymen .25 M. R. for vales .50.
22. Mrs. Gibson’s lodgg. 2. Mr. Patteron’s89 vales .25.
Mrs. Flood’s brkft. 2. Hunter’s lodgg. 6.50.
31. My debt to Lewis Bolling90 is 300.D. with int. from June 1. 20.
Sep. 4. Pop. For. debts & vales 7.25 Hunter’s 1.50. H. Flood’s lodging 3.75.
5. Mrs. Flood’s brkft. 2.25 M. R. for vales .50 Warren ferrge. & acct. 3.25.
6. Enniscorthy vales 1.50.
7. Postage .50. 8. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
11. Hhd. xp. .50 whip .25 borrowed of James Leitch 15.D.
Gave my note of 1100.D. payable to Th:J. Randolph in Farmer’s bank of Lynchbg., which is for his use, my name being only lent.
13. Hhd. xp. 1.D. 15. Do. 1.D.
16. Gave F. Eppes 10.D. hhd. xp. 1.25.
Recd. of Wortinbaker sheriff 38.D. on acct. of rent from Joseph Gilmore’s property, to wit 1. y.’s rent £10, costs 4.67.
Pd. [ ]91 for bringing up pots for sea kale 2.D. Hhd. xp. 1.D.
Sep. 18. Charity 2.D.—Ned sewers 1.D.
22. Drew order on Thos. E. Randolph in favor of Craven Peyton for 608.86 being in full for my debt to Craven Peyton ante Feb. 7.92 with int. to this day.
24. Edmd. Meeks on acct. 5. 25. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
My taxes & tickets this year in Albemarle amt. to 137.44
 Wirtenbaker sheriff adds an ord. of Edmd. Meeks   8.
26. Recd. of Randolph & Colclaser 35.D.
27. Hhd. exp. .25. 28. Abram. Holly for lime 1.D.
28. Pd. Isaacs & Lee for tallow & beef 11.95 Huntington book 2.
29. Chisolm’s Lewis gratuity for cistern 1.D.
30. Hhd. exp. .56¼.
Inclosed to John Laval 15.D. to pay 13.97 for books.
Oct. 1. Hhd. exp. 10.D.
2. Drew on B. Peyton for 50.D. favr. Jas. Leitch. See Aug. 16. Sep. 11.
Drew on do. for 70.D. in favor of Wolfe & Raphael.
Recd. of Isaac Raphael 50.D.
Pd. T. W. Maury 40.D. for Ben & Lewis. Entd. them Sep. 17.
Drew on B. Peyton for 145.44 favr. of  Sheriff. taxes 137.44
Meeks’s order   8.
Recd. from Wm. Wertenbaker 68.20 in full of Gilmore’s rent.
Gave ord. on Wolfe & Raphael for 20.D. favr. A. Garrett for my subscription to Mr. Hatch for the current year.
Cash in hand 94.26.
Gave my note to Pasquil Fretwell for 45.D. for a mule, payable at next court, viz. Nov. 5. Note this was pd. by Th:J.R. with money recd. from Dr. Everett.
3. Ned sewers 1.D. V. W. Southall a fee v. Gilmore’s estate 5.D. Hhd. xp. 1.D.
4. Ellen for vales 2.D.
Warren. Cobbs ferrge. & lodging 4.55.
5. Mrs. Flood’s breakfast 2.50 Hunter’s lodging &c. 5.87½.
My taxes in Bedford this year are 139.54.
13. Burwell gratuity 10.D.
22. Drew on Colo. B. Peyton in favr. Sheriff of Bedford for 139.54 my taxes here now due.
25. Gave J. Hemings gratuity 20.D.
Debts and vales at P. F. 8.25 Campbell C. H. oats .50.
26. Hunter’s lodgg. brkft. &c. 6.95 Mrs. Flood’s oats .50.
27. Mrs. Gibson’s 4.D. Warren ferrge. 1.31 Brown’s brkft. 2.50.
30. Hhd. xp. 2.D. Nov. 1. Sent G. Divers for wheat .75.
Nov. 2. N. Trist for ink glasses 1.D.
Accepted Edmd. Meeks’ order in favor Hanah Proctor 22.D. payable Jan. 1. ensuing.
Drew on B. Peyton in favr. Wolfe & Raphael for  175.
 to their acct. groceries of last quarter  87.51
 and cash now recieved  87.49
Drew on do. in favor of Eleanor W. Randolph 100.D.
Pd. Mrs. Carden for cooking for workmen 8.D.
Hhd. exp. 6.D. Ned sewers 1.D.
Nov. 3. Warren. Brown’s lodgg. 4.05. 4. Ferrge. 1.05 Mrs. Flood’s oats .62½.
4. H. Flood’s lodging 3.25.
5. Hunter’s brkft. 2.37½ Campbell C. H. oats .50 = 11.85.
11. Dav. Douglass’s lodging 2. Greenlee’s feed & ferriage .50.
13. Wm. Paxton surveyg. Nat. bridge 5.D. chain carriers 2.D.
14. Croft’s93 entertmt. 8.75.
Patrick Henry. at Nat. br. entertt. services & laborers 10 D.
Greenlee’s ferriage .25.
15. Dav. Douglas’s lodging 2.D.—Cash on hand 44.D.
16. Of the sum of 120.51 due from me to Wm. & Rob. Mitchel on account of flour Oct. 5. 19. Wm. Mitchell directed me to pay 50.D. his instalmt. due to the University. The balance is assigned to James Steptoe, to whom I now give an order on B. Peyton for 79.61 to wit 70.50. principl. and 9.10. int. to the 30th. inst.
Drew on B. Peyton in favor of James Boling for 326.25 to wit 300. wages for 1819. & 26.25 int. from May 31. 20. to Nov. 16. 21 which order is to be pd. with int. from this day till pd.
Drew on Reuben Pendleton in favr. Archibd. Robertson for 611.17 my last year’s store acct. to be pd. Jan. 1. out of the amount of my wheat of this year sold by Joel Yancey to Pendleton for 5/ and the rise to Jan. 1.
Drew on B. Peyton in favr. Robt. Millar for 171.67 to wit 166.67 his wages for 20. & 5.D. int. from May 30. to Nov. 30.
18. Debts and vales at Pop. For. 5.25.
Campbell C. H. oats .50 Patterson’s lodgg. 3.62.
19. Mrs. Flood’s brkft. 1.50.
Bought of John Flood a mare (Stella) 6. y. old last spring of Janus and Seelah blood. a star, a snip, and 2 hindfeet white. blood bay. 4–10 high. for 80.D. payable Apr. 30.
Warren ferrge. 1.06½.
20. Brown’s lodging 4.D. 23. Hhd. exp. 1.D.—do. 1.50 + 3.50.
24. Hhd. xp. 1.15. 27. Do. .75 John R. Jones wine glasses 2.50.
28. Wood’s boatmen bringing books .25.
Dec. 5. Hhd. exp. 1.D.—6. Pd. Mr. Huntington for porter 4.D.
Drew on B. Peyton in favr. Wolfe & Raphael for 75.D. recd. the cash.
7. Pd. Coleman Estis for turkies & ducks 9.D.
Israel for 16. cabbages .48. 8. Hhd. exp. .75.
8. Inclosed to Revd. Mr. Hatch 20.D. as an Aid in building his house.94
9. Ned sewers 1.D. 14. Rachael midwife for Edy 2.D.
23. Hhd. exp. 3.50. 25. Do. 5.D.
26. Repd. J. Hemings exp. back95 1.D.—charity 2.D.

64The money was returned unused (TJ to Bernard Peyton, 10 May 1821).

65TJ’s page numbers refer to MB entries at 6 Sep., 7 Oct., and 1 Nov. 1820.

66Sally (see MB 30 Nov. 1815).

67The deed to Abraham Hawley for the four-acre limestone tract purchased in 1771 reserved to TJ and his heirs the right to take from it stone for their own use (MB 29 Mch. 1771, cash accounts; AlCDB, xxii, 334 description begins Albemarle County Deed Books, Albemarle County Courthouse, Charlottesville, Va. description ends ).

68TJ’s grandsons Benjamin Franklin Randolph (1808-1871) and Meriwether Lewis Randolph (1810-1837) attended the Rev. Frederick Hatch’s school in Charlottesville (Monticello Association Papers, p. 114-27 description begins Collected Papers to Commemorate Fifty Years of the Monticello Association of Descendants of Thomas Jefferson, ed. George Green Shackelford, Princeton, N.J., 1965 description ends ; Rawlings, Early Charlottesville, p. 64 description begins Mary Rawlings, ed., Early Charlottesville: Recollections of James Alexander 1828-1874, Charlottesville, Va., 1942 description ends ).

71 Thomas Sully (1783-1872) had been at Monticello painting the portrait of TJ which is now at the American Philosophical Society (Bush, Life Portraits, p. 91-4 description begins Alfred L. Bush, “The Life Portraits of Thomas Jefferson,” Jefferson and the Arts: An Extended View, ed. William Howard Adams, Washington, D.C., 1976 description ends ).

72 Chapman Johnson and John Howe Peyton (1778-1847) were TJ’s attorneys in the friendly chancery suit he brought in 1818 to clarify the legal issues involved in a dispute with the Rivanna Navigation Company, which had been created in 1806 to open the river above Milton to navigation. The controversy, which had been brewing for a number of years and was undoubtedly prolonged by the personal animosity towards TJ of William D. Meriwether, one of the company’s directors, centered on the question of title to and responsibility for the canal to TJ’s Shadwell mills and the locks built in 1811 to bypass them. The decree in the case in 1819 largely supported TJ’s position (Peyton, Augusta County, p. 358-75 description begins J. Lewis Peyton, History of Augusta County, Virginia, Bridgewater, Va., 1953 description ends ; chancery bill, 7 Apr. 1818, ViU; Betts, Farm Book, p. 376-406 description begins Thomas Jefferson’s Farm Book, ed. Edwin M. Betts, Princeton, N.J., 1953 description ends ; TJ notes on Rivanna Co. dispute, 17 Aug. 1817, DLC).

73TJ had received this odometer as a gift in 1807 from its inventor, James Clarke of Powhatan County, and had used it ever since. He particularly liked the bell that chimed with the passing of the miles and the fact that the index decimally divided the miles into dimes and cents (TJ to Clarke, 22 May 1807, 5 Sep. 1820, 19 Jan. 1821; Clarke to TJ, 27 May 1807, 2 Apr. 1821; TJ Autobiography, L & B, i, 79-80).

74TJ asked for a wine supply identical with that ordered in 1820, except that this year he wanted Muscat de Rivesalte instead of the usual dry Roussillon de Rivesalte (TJ to Joshua Dodge, 19 Apr. 1821; MB 13 July 1820, 7 Jan. 1822).

75 Nace (b. 1773) had driven cattle and sheep from Poplar Forest to Monticello in March (Joel Yancey to whom it may concern, 12 Mch. 1821, MHi).

76TJ omitted a date here. He obviously spent the night of 22 Apr. at Henry Flood’s ordinary and arrived at Poplar Forest on 23 Apr.

77 James P. Patterson kept an ordinary in Buckingham County, probably on State Route 24 in the central part of present Appomattox County (Buckingham County Personal Property List, 1821, Vi).

78TJ probably meant to refer to MB 4 Mch. 1790. Remaining unpaid on TJ’s oldest personal debt, on which he had not made a payment since 1808, was £410 on the sixth bond of the settlement with James Lyle in 1790. He was also still liable for his mother’s debt of £94 assumed in 1792 and a £94 residue of the Richard Harvie bond of 1775. Thus interest accounted for more than two-thirds of this new settlement, on which TJ was never able to make a payment (MB 4 Nov. 1767, legal notations, 18 Apr. 1775, 4 Mch. 1790, 30 July 1792; James Lyle to TJ, 20 Nov. 1820; TJ to Tarleton Saunders, 3 Jan., 19 Apr. 1821; Saunders to TJ, 7 Apr. 1821).

79 Eliza House Trist’s grandson Hore Browse Trist was attending the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. He and his brother Nicholas Philip Trist (1800-1874) had, at TJ’s invitation, made Monticello their second home since the end of 1817. Nicholas became engaged to TJ’s granddaughter Virginia J. Randolph in July 1821 and they were married at Monticello in Sep. 1824 (TJ to Robert Patterson, 7 Nov. 1820; Malone, Jefferson, vi, 371-3 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends ; Monticello Association Papers, p. 100-113 description begins Collected Papers to Commemorate Fifty Years of the Monticello Association of Descendants of Thomas Jefferson, ed. George Green Shackelford, Princeton, N.J., 1965 description ends ).

80 William Huntington, who had come to Charlottesville from Connecticut in 1820, was a general merchant at the corner of Main and Second streets, N.E. He was one of the few merchants in town to sell books (Charlottesville Central Gazette, 24 Nov. 1820, 31 May 1822; Rawlings, Early Charlottesville, p. 101 description begins Mary Rawlings, ed., Early Charlottesville: Recollections of James Alexander 1828-1874, Charlottesville, Va., 1942 description ends ).

81No record of publication of such a work has been found.

82In Jan. 1820 Clement P. and John H. McKennie had begun publishing Charlottesville’s first newspaper, the weekly Central Gazette (Woods, Albemarle, p. 260; Rawlings, Early Charlottesville, p. 97 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ).

83 Thomas Walker Maury (d. 1842), son of the Rev. Matthew Maury, kept a school at the east end of Main Street, Charlottesville (Woods, Albemarle, p. 269 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ; Rawlings, Early Charlottesville, p. 64 description begins Mary Rawlings, ed., Early Charlottesville: Recollections of James Alexander 1828-1874, Charlottesville, Va., 1942 description ends ; TJ to TMR, 30 July 1821).

84 Nathaniel S. Moorman of Kentucky related his misfortunes in a letter to TJ of 29 July 1821.

85Here and at 14 and 15 Aug. TJ changed “Holly” to read “Hawley.”

86This is the flour, ground from Chilean wheat, sent by TJ to William Alston (MB 25 Mch. 1820).

87 Arthur S. Brockenbrough, named proctor of the University of Virginia in 1819, was TJ’s diligent deputy in the construction of his academical village (Bruce, University of Virginia, i, 275-7 description begins Philip A. Bruce, History of the University of Virginia, 1819-1919, New York, 1920-1922, 5 vols. description ends ).

88TJ had had to take down the western gable end of the Shadwell manufacturing mill and rebuild it in wood (TJ to Joseph Gilmore, 12 May 1821; TJ to TMR, 27 June 1821).

89On 21 Aug. TJ’s party evidently split up for the night’s lodging, with part staying at Mrs. Gibson’s ordinary and part nearby at Mount Pleasant, the home of Major David Patteson, on present Route 602 about seven miles north of Buckingham.

90 Lewis (perhaps James) Bolling had been overseer at the Tomahawk farm of Poplar Forest in 1819 (MB 16 Nov. 1821).

91Payee is illegible, but beneath this word TJ wrote “Harlow,” for Brice Harlow, the waterman who brought the pots from Richmond. These earthenware pots were used for blanching sea kale (Crambe maritima), a regular early spring vegetable in TJ’s garden (TJ to Bernard Peyton, 20 Feb. 1821; Peyton to TJ, 6 Apr. 1821).

927 Feb. 1817. Randolph’s order was a payment on rent of the Shadwell manufacturing mill.

93 William Craft kept an ordinary which was evidently near the Natural Bridge (Rockbridge County Personal Property List, 1822, Vi). TJ had gone there to have his property surveyed yet again, because of encroachments by adjacent landholders (William Paxton to TJ, 4 Aug. 1820; TJ to Paxton, 11 Nov. 1821; TJ to Mrs. Hudson, 14 Nov. 1821).

94For the feelings which prompted TJ’s unsolicited contribution towards the building of Rev. Frederick Hatch’s home, see TJ to Hatch, 8 Dec. 1821 (Hatch to TJ, 17 Dec. 1821).

95From Poplar Forest.

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