Thomas Jefferson Papers
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Memorandum Books, 1820


Jan. 16. Sent blank notes of renewal to the banks as per statement ante Nov. 11.
Began on the cask of Roussilon last recieved.
31. Recd. from J. W. Eppes by Fr. Eppes  D. to replace the 25.D. ante Dec. 12. and 63.D. for the 2d. half year’s board with Laporte, which 63.D. I keep & credit Laporte for in the sums I have to pay as his security.
Feb. 4. Pd. David Isaacs for candles 3.D. Isaac Raphael cheese 4.14. Mr. Benson28 for fish 3.40.
Inclosed to David Gelstone 25.D. amount of charges and duties on books last recd. from Debures.
Inclosed to Fernagus de Gelone of N. Y. 22.D. for books furnished me by him.
Nace sewers 1.D.
5. Hhd. exp. 3.D.
11. Sent to Mr. Stack 25.D. Jas. M. Randolph’s29 1st. half years tuition money (by Burwell).
On the 9th. 197. Bar. of flour went off by Wood’s boats30 being part of Th:J.R’s rent for the last year.
Gave an order on P. Gibson for 40.D. in favr. of Frederic A. Mayo.
13. Recd. from J. Wayles Baker 63.D. for ½ year’s board with Laporte, for which credit Laporte.
14. Hhd. expences 1.D.
15. Inclosed to James H. McCulloch Baltimore 67.D. to pay duties 65.62 & discount on wines &c.31 from Marseilles.
Recapitulation of coal kilns burnt & of coal used.
bush. b
1814.  Aug.  28.   974.  which is  33. to the cord.
1816. Jan. 24.  972. 33½
Aug. 23. 1240. 41.
1817. Mar. 12. 1034. 34.
1818. Mar. 12. 1010. 33.7
Sep. 16. 1060 35.⅓
1819. May  5. 1016 33.86
 average yield 1043. b. and 35. b. to the cord, prem. .05 pr. b. The average used is 112.4 b. pr. Month & say 1350 b. a year.
16. Davy has now finished a kiln of 972. b. which is 32.4 bush. to the cord. His premium @ .05 per bush. from each cord = 1.62.
22. In May last I desired P. Gibson to remit to John Vaughan 800.D. and on the 28th. of that month I wrote to John Vaughan to remit 100.D. of it to Debures, 250 D. to Cathalan & 450.D. to T. Appleton to pay to Pini the int. of my debt. See my lre. of that date to Vaughan, which I omitted to enter then, & note it nunc pro tunc.
Feb. 23. Gave Wm. Wood order on P. Gibson for carriage of 197. bar.
 D c
flour  133.3332  @ 4/.
Recd. from Cathalan’s representatives (Olivier) the following wines,33 to wit
144.  bottles of Bergasse claret of 1815.
150.  bottles Ledanon of 1809.
20.  do. old muscat.
4.  do. vin cuit
18.  do. vin cuit of Provence of 1809.
6.  bottles claret de Limoux.
and there is in Richmond, or now on it’s way up 1. cask 31. velts of Muscat of Rivesalte.
Recd. at same time 40 bot. out of 91. sent by Appleton of Pomina wine, the rest broke or bursted open.
Hhd. exp. 1.D.
25. I subscribe 20.D. a year to the Revd. Mr. Hatch.34
Mar. 5. Signed a promisory penal note to James Leitch for 5803.69 balance due him on the 1st. Aug. 1819.
7. Signed a do. to Archibald Robertson for 4256.08 the amount of my balance due to him on the 31st. of last August. This includes a bond of 233–15–1 of 1807. & int. which is to be cancelled.35
13. Hhd. xp. 1.40.
15. Inclosed renewed notes for the banks as pr. statemt. ante Nov. 11. the 3. first to P. Gibson, the 4th. to B. Peyton with request to call on P. G. for disct.
16. Hhd. xp. 1.D.
18. Pd. Wm. J. Coffee for busts 65.D. ante Apr. 4. 18.36
Raphael tea, sugar 3.D.
21. Drew on P. Gibson in favr. Jas. Leitch 215.33.
This was to repay the sums ante Sep. 25.
 Oct. 18. 24. 29. Dec. 12. 16. = 115.33 }  215.33.
 and cash now recd. 100. 
22. Recd. from Isaac Raphael for Joel Wolfe 150.D. for which gave a draught on P. Gibson in favr. of Joel Wolfe.
Drew on P. Gibson in favr. Wm. Johnson for 56.67 for 90. Bar. flour delivd. to P. G. to wit 50. B. @ 4/ and 40. B. @ 3/6.
Drew on P. Gibson in favr. Wm. Johnson for 36.75 for 63. Bar. flour now in his boat going down @ 3/6 taken from the mill.
23. Inclosed to J. Barnes 10.25 to pay for print37 of the Decln. of Independance by Binns.
Mar. 23.
Th:J. Randolph.  Dr.  To price of Robert38 500
  J. Pollock’s order 100.17 600.17
Cr. by books  29.
by pd. fees to Barber & Southall 200
by 2. y. int. (Apr.) on 1000 D.39 120
pd. M. Dawson my note for Laporte  305.62 654.62
  balance due him 54.45
I gave my note July 19. for 300.D. as security for P. Laporte.
That being now with int. 5.62 in M. Dawson’s hands Th:J. Randolph takes up the note which brings me in his debt 54.45 as above, & P. Laporte in debt to me 305.62.
Inclosed to Genl. John Steele of Phila. 18.D. to pay duties on 150. bottles Nice wine.
Inclosed to John Laval for Dufief 72.D. for books.
Inclosed to E. Ingersoll 6.D. for Analectic magazine.40
Inclosed to Wm. F. Gray 37.50 for books.
24. Gave my promisory note to D. Higginbotham for 150.90 a debt for corn—note dated Mar. 20.
Pd. Benjamin Defoe for fowls 5.83.
25. Charity (Carrol) 1.50. hhd. exp. 6.D.
Inclosed to H. Niles a year’s Register 5.D.
<Requested B. Peyton to send 6. Bar. finest family flour to Colo. Alston & apply to P. Gibson for cost.> revoked.41
Charity .95 Nace sewers 2.D.
26. Davy coalkiln ante Feb. 16. 1.60.
27. J. H. Craven 8 ℔ butter 2.
E. Bacon to buy clover seed 5.D.
Apr. 9. My note of 1530.D. in the bk. of Virga. is curtailed 80.D. I now therefore send one of 1450. to P. Gibson instead of that for 1530. ante Mar. 15.
I this day desire him to remit 125.D. to Leroy & Bayard, interest of my 3d. instalmt. to them ante May 29. 19.
13. Accepted Edmund Meeks’s ord. in favr. Martin Dawson for 166.67.
15. Drew on James Leitch for 33.D. in favor of Josiah Leake, agent for Revd. John H. Rice for my subscription for 6. copies of Smith’s hist. of Virga.42
Charge Craven Peyton 5.D. for a sow sold him by E. Bacon.
17. Recd. of Randolph & Colclaser 45.D.
18. Hhd. xp. 2.D.
22. P. Gibson returns to me my 2. notes of 1530 & 1450.D. ante Apr. 9. and I send him one blank expected to recieve another curtail reducing it to 1378.D.
20. Pd. Wm. Wortenbaker43 depy. Sheriff Albem. for fire insurance of Monto. house for 1819. 20 37.50 D.
Apr. 23. Recd. of Rand. & Colclaser George Millerway’s draught on Edmund Anderson of Richmond for 30.60 D. which I inclosed to Isaac Raphael to have presented &, if paid, placed to my credit, or retd. if not pd.
28. Inclosed to Joseph Jones Collector Petersbg. 1.25 for seeds44 sent by Appleton. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
May 5. Hhd. xp. 2. 7. Chisolm’s Lewis 1.D.
12. Drew on P. Gibson in favr. Joel Wolfe for 35.68 being balance due for groceries to Apr. 30.
Drew on do. in favr. of Alexr. Hepburn for 50.D. repairg. machine45 and inclosed it to Joel Yancey.
15. Houshd. exp. 1.D. 21. Do. 1.D. 23. Do. 1.
24. Recd. from Rand. & Colclaser 10.D.
25. Nace Sewers 2.D. 26. Houshd. exp. 1.5.
30. Gave P. Laporte my note to pay 50.D. in 90. days on his order.
31. Settled with John Neilson my Note ante 1809. Apr. 16 and gave him a new one for principal & interest 843.50.
June 2. Recd. back from Isaac Raphael Millerway’s note ante Apr. 23 refused to be pd. by Anderson & returned it to Colclaser.
4. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
7. Desired P. Gibson to remit 440.D. to J. Vaughan for Pini thro’ Appleton.
11. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
14. Joseph Gilmore begins to work at the mill46 at 30.D. the month, I finding him.
18. Hhd. exp. 1.50.
20. Recd. of  Colclaser 10.D.
22. Recd. of F. Eppes 6.50 being the balce. due from him to Laporte.
26. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
29. Drew on P. Gibson for 30.60 in favr. Joel Wolfe. See June 2.
Drew on do. for 36.D. in favr. Opie Norris for my assumpsit of rent to Female academy for Stack’s schoolhouse.
July 1. Nace sewers 1.D. 2. Hhd. exp. 2.D.
9. Hhd. xp. 6.50 Do. 1.D.
13. Recieved of Dr. Charles Everett a bill of exchange drawn by him on James Maury of Liverpool in favr. of Th:J. Randolph acting for me, for £240–15s–8d = 1070.15 D. in part payment for 400. as. land called Pouncey’s which I have sold him @ 12.50 per acre. He is to pay on the 1st. day of August the further sum of 1929.85 D. and 2000.D. on the  day of  next.
Inclosed the sd. bill of excha. to B. Peyton to be sold. Desired him when sold to remit 200.D. to J. Vaughan.
Drew on him in favor of Jacob W. White for 143.56 principal & 9.37 (13. mo. int. from July 19) = 152.90 which draught I inclosed to Samuel Garland,47 Lynchbg.
Desired Capt. Peyton to remit me by mail 225.D.
Directed J. Vaughan to remit the 200.D. to Joshua Dodge for wines48 and 444.D. remitted him by P. Gibson to Appleton for Pini int. for last year.
July 14. Inclosed to P. Gibson my note for renewal in the bk. Va. to be indorsed by him, blank, but I suppose it should be filled up with 1378. as ante Apr. 22.
Inclosed to B. Peyton the following for renewal.
bank US. 2250.  indorsed by Th:J.R.
do. 3000.  do.
Farmer’s bk.  3000.  indorsed by Th:J.R. and B. Peyton.
Note Th:J.R. paid my note of 144.D. to Drury Wood with interest which place to acct. ante Mar. 23.
16. Hhd. xp. 2.25 + .18¾. 23. Do. 2.D.
26. Recd. from B. Peyton 225.D. part of proceeds of bill ante 13. The proceeds are applied as follows.
   Commission 1. p.c.  10.70
cash now sent  225.
remitted to J. Vaughan  200.
to be pd. White. ante 13.   152.90
B. Peyton’s own acct.  56.31
discounts  88.
balance at my order  337.24
27. Paid Carden 5.D. the price of 25. guinea fowls. He has delivered but 19. and owes 6. more. 29. Hhd. xp. 1.D.
30. Pd.  Suttle 25.D. for 48. turkies bought last winter.
Nace sewers 1.D.
31. Inclosed to Matthew Cary 25.D. Hhd. xp. 1.D.
Aug. 2. Gave Alexr. Garrett order on B. Peyton for 325.D.
Pd. Rachael midwife for Ursula, 2 fees, Cretia, Mos’s Mary, Fanny & Edy 12.D.
Pd. Isaacs for 6¾ ℔ tallow 1.125. Kinsolving brandy 1.D.
Hhd. exp. 1.D.
9. Recd. from Chas. Everett (thro Th:J.R.) 1000.D. ante July 13.
Pd. Edmd. Bacon 700.D. on account.
10. Pd. Isaac Raphael for Joel Wolfe acct. of a quarter’s groceries 104.50 D.
11. Hhd. exp. 1.
12. Pd. John C. Wells assee. of my note July 11. 19 to E. Bacon 218.32½ in full for the same.
13. Hhd. exp. 2.D.—16. Do. 3.D.—Do. 1.—19. Do. .87½.
19. Assumed to pay Charles Vest 59.86 for Edmd. Meeks Jan. 1. 1821.
20. Hhd. xp. 1.D. 19. Tickets to the play49 4.D. 22. Hhd. exp. 1.D.
23. Hhd. xp. 1.50. 27. Hhd. exp. 3.50 Nace Sewers 1.05.
28. Hhd. exp. 1.D.—My taxes in Alb. this year are 197.21.
30. I am to credit Rand. & Colclaser 205.D. for Th:J. Randolph in discharge of the balance of 54.45. ante Mar. 23. and the 144.D. + int. pd. by him for me to Drury Wood ante July 14.
Sep. 3. Pd. G. E. Stack for James M. Randolph’s tuition in full 25.D.
6. Inclosed note for renewal in Virga. bank to P. Gibson for Sep. 12. and the three for US. & Farmers to Bernard Peyton.
Hhd. exp. 1.D. do. 5.D. Ellen for travelling 5.D.
Sep. 6. Borrowed of ThJ. Randolph 50.D.
Gill thread .25.
Accepted Joseph Gilmore’s ord. in favr. Jno. Rogers for 75.D. payable in all this year. Hhd. xp. 1.D.
7. The elevators of the mill are now ready for taking in wheat, & she will grind next week.
Set out for P. F.
8. Warren. vales 1. Brown’s 3.25 Ferry 5.43 Buckingh. C. H. brkft. 4.25.
11. Millbrook vales 2.
12. Hunter’s breakft. 2.62½ all = 18.05.50
Cash on hand 104.69.
17. Pd. Editha Clay, exce. of Charles Clay my note of Jan. 16. 1819 for 58.48 + 5.85 int. for 20. mo. in all 64.33. (She is to give me the note.)
21. Drew on Bernard Peyton in favor of Sher. Bedford for 175.D. for taxes, payable Oct. 28 (shd. be 157.95).
22. Debts & vales at Pop. For. 6.18.
Hunters. oats 1.25—H. Flood’s (for Sep. 12) 4.75—N. Flood’s lodgg. 4.D.
23. Warren ferrge. 1.40 Brown’s brkft. 5.14 = 16.54.
24. Monto. cash on hand 17.81.
The dates of my Notes now in bank are
U.S.  3000.  Sep. 19/22 say 19.22 Wednesday day of discount.
2250.  Oct. 15/18.
F.’s bank51 3000. Oct. 4/7 Thursday day of discount.
Recd. back from Capt. Peyton for road exp. 1.D.
30. Drew on Bernard Peyton for 100.D. in favor of Joel Wolfe.
Recd. of Isaac Raphael in part for the draught 50.D.
Paid Lewis Leschot for spoons 10.D. watch acct. 4.25.
The merchant mill began to grind on the 21st. inst.
Oct. 1. Repaid Paine Todd52 repairs of Spy-glass 1.50.
Drew on Isaac Raphael for 50.D. balance of yesterday’s note in favor of Th:J. Randolph to repay the 50.D. ante Sep. 6.
Remitted to David Gelston 8.D. frt. & duties on books.
Remitted Jas. Maxwell of Phila. 6.D. a year of Analectic magazine.
Pd. Nace for sewers 1.D.
4. Hhd. exp. 4.50.—Do. 1.
7. Accepted Youen Carden’s order in favr. John Watson for 59.38 with int. from Mar. 30. 20.
Accepted also Edmund Meeks’s ord. in favr. John Watson for 44.85 payable Dec. 25.
9. MR.53 2.D. for Mrs. Morris Harpsichord strings.
10. Hhd. exp. 1.D. lime from Monroe 1.D.
13. Gill exp. to Mr. Eppes’s 1.D.
Gave Wm. Wurtenbaker dep. sher. Albemarle an order on Bernard Peyton for 197.21 payable 25th. inst. for taxes & other dues of this county.
14. Hhd. xp. .25.
18. John W. Eppes pd. to Capt. Peyton for me about the 5th. inst. 500.D. and I now recieve from him a check on the bk. of Virga. for 3500.D. both to be pd. for in negroes in Bedfd. accdg. to agreemt.54
Inclosed the sd. check of 3500.D. to Capt. Bernard Peyton.
Oct. 19. Drew order on Bernard Peyton in favr. of Craven Peyton for 500.D. on account of my note.
Drew ord. on do. in favr. Th:J. Randolph for 106.D. in full of 1000.D. borrowed for me from  Carr ante55 for repayment of which he recd. for me from Charles Everett 929.85 (ante July 13.) which with the 1000.D. ante Aug. 9. compleated Everett’s payment of 1929.85. and the 106.D. now paid to Th:J.R. pays principal & int. in full of the 1000.D. he borrowed for me of  Carr.
Recd. back from Gill .31.
Inclosed to Andrew Smith56 an ord. on B. Peyton for  68.78
 with int. from June 18. 19. suppose 16. mo. =  5.42
21. Gave James Lietch ord. on B. Peyton for 533.D. of which 500.D. is to be credited to my bond, and 33.D. to replace that sum borrowed ante Apr. 15. lime from Monroe 1.D.
Drew on B. Peyton for 200.D. in favor of Joel Wolfe.
Recd. from Isaac Raphael 20.D.
Pd. Edmund Meeks 20.D. Minor’s boatmen .25.
Desired B. Peyton to inclose to Richd. Rush bill excha. £40 sterl. for books.57
22. Exp. Charlsv. .25.
23. Drew on B. Peyton in favr. Martin Dawson for 339.52 to wit
Edmund Meeks’s ord. on me for 166.67  + int.  8.8  =  174.4758
my note to Laporte May 30. ante     50.  +  .45  =   50.45
Y. Carden’s ord. on me in favor Jno. Ormond 8.  8.
he is to pay Dr. Watkins59 for me  60.
his store acct. to July 31.  46.60
Joseph Gilmore leaves off work.
24. Hhd. exp. 3.D.
Drew on B. Peyton in favr. Alexr. Garrett for 217.29.
to wit.  balance of my assumpsit for Laporte  50.67
Joel Yancey’s instalmt. for the college   50.
John Rogers’s do.  56.62
Hugh Holmes’s do.  60
Gave Alexr. Garrett ord. on I. Raphael for 20.D. my sbscrptn. Mr. Hatch.
Gave Dr. Mcafee60 ord. on I. Raphael 30.
Do. Isaiah Stout for John H. Craven for hay 23.10
Do. John Winn for Charles Massie for cyder 34.83
Dr. J. C. Ragland medical acct. 29.
Hhd. exp. 1.D. 26. Lime from Monroe’s .50.
27. Drew on B. Peyton in favr. John Watson for 72.76 to wit
on Youen Carden’s ord. for 59.38 + int. 2.D. =  61.38
store acct. 11.38
Accepted Edmd. Meeks’ ord. in favr. Martin Dawson for 18.35 payable Jan. 1. 28. Gave a servt. .50.
29. Pd. for 15 ℔ hops 5.D.—hhd. exp. .75.
Nov. 1. Acceptd. Jos. Gilmore’s ord. in favor Randolph & Colclaser 25.D.
2. Gave my note of securityship for Mrs. Laporte for the purchase of groceries or other goods to amt. of 100.D. payable 90.D. from date of credit.
4. Gave ord. on I. Raphael in favr. John Winn, merchts. acct. 5.D.
5. Isaac 50. cabbages 1.50—Nace sewers 1. hhd. exp. 1.37½.
Nov. 6. Drew on B. Peyton in favor of Wolfe & Raphael for 180.D. and recieved from them 95.70 which (including 122.37 amt. of groceries Aug. 1—Nov. 1.) balances us from Oct. 1.
5–2¾ high
Bought of John Graves of Louisa a horse (the Eagle)61 for 250.D. and gave my note payable the 30th. of Apr. next. The horse is a fine bay, abt. 16. hands high, 6 y. old last spring, a star in his forehead, 2 hind feet white, a scar below his left eye. Got by Diomede on a Spread-eagle mare of Fearnought blood.
Gave Burwell gratuity of 30.D.
Mrs. R. for harpsichord strings 2.D.
7. Do. for Bagwell hops 7.D. James & Shepherd cabbages 3.D. others 3.50 Hhd. exp. 1.D.
Warren. vales .50 ferrge. acct. Toler 3.75.  
Mrs. Gibson’s 3. Mrs. Flood’s 2.50. = 18.37½
Hunter’s 8.62½.
Note on the 7th. inst. I desired B. Peyton to remit 43.50 to Henry Guegan bookseller Baltimore.62
15. Drew on B. Peyton for 600.D. in favr. Samuel Garland on acct. of my bond to Miller, ante Mar. 7.
Inclosed to P. Gibson note for renewal in Virga. bk. 1180. D.
Inclosed to Th:J.R. my notes of 3000. & 2250. bk. US. and 2500. Farm.’s bk. to be indorsed by him and forwarded to B. Peyton for renewal.
16. 1. doz. chickens 1.D. 19. J. Hemings 1.D. 29. Sm. exp. .75.
Dec. 11. Lime .25. 13. Brown’s63 bricklayer 2.D.
13. Gave Joel Yancey my note for 400.D. for his superintendance the year 1819. He is to indorse the 50.D. pd. for him Ante Oct. 24. on one of my former notes to him.
I examined his cash acct. down to Oct. 4. the balance in my favor 32.63 D. to be carried on in plantn. acct.
Recd. from Arch. Robertson 30.D. and gave him an order on B. Peyton for 30.D.
14. J. Hemings his gratuity for May last 20.D.
Ellen travelling 1.D. debts & vales 8.12½.
15. Left Pop. Forest.
16. Lodgg. & brkft. H. Flood’s 5.50.
17. Lodgg. Mrs. N. Flood’s 3.50. Warren ferry. Cobbs 3.75.
Warren Brown’s.
18. Enniscorthy Vales 1.50. 19. Hhd. xp. 1.D.
20. Hhd. xp. to wit Fanny 3.25 Ned 1.25.
24. Hhd. exp. .75 Nace sewers 1.D.
25. Hhd. exp. 1.

28 John B. Benson was a merchant on Main Street in Charlottesville (Rawlings, Early Charlottesville, p. 73 description begins Mary Rawlings, ed., Early Charlottesville: Recollections of James Alexander 1828-1874, Charlottesville, Va., 1942 description ends ).

29TJ’s grandson James Madison Randolph (1806-1834) had been the first child born in the President’s House (Monticello Association Papers, p. 148 description begins Collected Papers to Commemorate Fifty Years of the Monticello Association of Descendants of Thomas Jefferson, ed. George Green Shackelford, Princeton, N.J., 1965 description ends ).

30This was the first shipment of the produce of 1819 to go to Richmond. An “unparallelled drought” followed by the winter ice had stopped traffic on the Rivanna River since June 1819 (TJ to Patrick Gibson, 11 Feb. 1820).

31The wines received the following week, plus oil, anchovies, macaroni, and raisins (MB 23 Feb. 1820; James H. McCulloch to TJ, 6 and 23 Dec. 1820).

32Correctly $131.33.

33TJ’s annual wine order of the previous May had reached Marseilles after the death of his old friend Stephen Cathalan. The assorted wines in small quantities represent an attempt to satisfy TJ’s desire for fifty bottles of Muscat de Lunel, or another wine which best combined the characteristics of sweetness and astringency—terms which TJ explained at length in his order. He preferred the Clairette de Limoux and ordered more in July (TJ to Cathalan, 26 May 1819; Julius Oliver to TJ, 27 Sep., 9 Oct. 1819; TJ to Joshua Dodge, 13 July 1820).

34Albemarle County’s energetic new Episcopal minister, Frederick W. Hatch, officiated in the county courthouse at Charlottesville until the erection of Christ Church in 1824 (Rawlings, Early Charlottesville, p. 46-8, 64-5 description begins Mary Rawlings, ed., Early Charlottesville: Recollections of James Alexander 1828-1874, Charlottesville, Va., 1942 description ends ; Meade, Old Churches, ii, 51-3 description begins Bishop Meade, Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of Virginia, Philadelphia, 1857, 2 vols. description ends ; Woods, Albemarle, p. 127-9 description begins Edgar Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 1901, repr. Bridgewater, Va., n.d. description ends ). MJR seems to have regularly attended Hatch’s services; in 1827 her son-in-law wrote that she was “quite spoiled by the Boston preaching, and dreads the necessity of listening to Mr. Hatch after Greenwood, and Wade, and Channing!” (Joseph Coolidge to N. P. Trist, 5 Jan. 1827, ViU).

35The bond cancelled by inclusion in this promissory note was that of Burgess Griffin (see MB 20 May 1815). The note, requested by Archibald Robertson because of the dissolution of his partnership with B. Miller, was later transferred for collection to Miller’s agents, Samuel Garland of Lynchburg and then William Barrett of Richmond (Robertson to TJ, 24 Feb. 1820; Garland to TJ, 15 June 1820).

36Actually 14 Apr. 1818.

37New York publisher John Binns issued this print of the text of the Declaration of Independence, embellished with portraits of TJ, John Hancock, and George Washington and the seals of the thirteen states. TJ’s print is unlocated (Binns to TJ, 27 July 1819; TJ to Binns, 31 Aug. 1819).

38 Robert (b. 1799), son of Bett, was a member of the Hemings slave family. He had lived at Monticello until 1816, when he was moved to Lego. It is not known whether TJR bought Robert for himself or sold him for TJ.

39The 1816 Carr loan (MB 8 Apr. 1816, 19 Oct. 1820).

40TJ subscribed from 1819 through 1821 to the Analectic Magazine, a Philadelphia monthly devoted to literature, science, and the arts, and its weekly successor, the Literary Gazette. It was the first American magazine to use the technique of lithographic illustration (Mott, American Magazines, p. 279-83 description begins Frank L. Mott, A History of American Magazines, 1741-1850, New York, 1930, 2 vols. description ends ; Edgar, American Magazines, p. 103-4 description begins Neal L. Edgar, A History and Bibliography of American Magazines 1810-1820, Metuchen, N.J., 1975 description ends ; E. Ingersoll invoice, undated, MHi at end 1819; James Maxwell to TJ, 23 Aug. 1820; Library Catalogue, 1829, Nos. 923, 925 description begins Catalogue: President Jefferson’s Library, Washington, D.C., 1829 description ends ; MB 7 Feb. 1822).

41Since TJ and William Alston (1756-1839) of South Carolina had become friends at the Warm Springs in 1818, they had been exchanging tokens of their esteem. TJ wished to reciprocate Alston’s latest shipment of a barrel of his own polished rice with “the finest family flour in the world,” but soon changed his mind and sent flour made from George Divers’ Chilean wheat (TJ to Bernard Peyton, 25 Mch., 11 Apr. 1820; TJ to MJR, 14 Aug. 1818; TJ to Alston, 6 Oct. 1818; Alston to TJ, 10 Nov. 1818, 6 Jan. 1819; MB 6 Aug. 1821).

42The first American edition of the works of Captain John Smith, published in Richmond in 1819, joined in two volumes Smith’s True Travels and his Generall Historie of Virginia. Acting on the suggestion of Francis W. Gilmer, eminent Presbyterian divine John Holt Rice (1777-1831) undertook its publication. Rice had spearheaded the attack which had just resulted in the annulment of Thomas Cooper’s contract with the University of Virginia (Richard Beale Davis, “The First American Edition of Captain John Smith’s True Travels and General Historie,” VMHB, xlviii [1939], 97-108).

43 William Wertenbaker (d. 1882) later served for many years as librarian of the University of Virginia (Bruce, University of Virginia, ii, 197-201 description begins Philip A. Bruce, History of the University of Virginia, 1819-1919, New York, 1920-1922, 5 vols. description ends ). TJ was so outraged by the method used to collect his delinquent insurance premiums—“the first process ever served on me, in a long life, on my own account”—that he temporarily cancelled his policy (TJ to Samuel Greenhow, 21 Apr. 1820; TJ to James Rawlings, 14 May 1820; Rawlings to TJ, 4 May 1820).

44 Thomas Appleton had sent TJ Bologna hempseed and Tuscan wheat from Italy (Appleton to TJ, 15 Jan. 1820).

45 Alexander Hepburn, “the best mill wright” TJ had ever known, had repaired the threshing machine at Poplar Forest (TJ to Edmund Bacon, 11 Aug. 1819; Joel Yancey to TJ, 8 Oct. 1819).

46 Joseph Gilmore repaired the bolting gear of the Shadwell manufacturing mill. The damage had been caused by the settling of the structure’s walls and consequent sinking of the floors (TJ to Thomas E. Randolph, 10 Sep. 1822; Randolph to TJ, 18 Sep. 1822).

47 Samuel Garland was a prominent Lynchburg attorney (Chambers, Lynchburg, p. 114 description begins S. Allen Chambers, Jr., Lynchburg: An Architectural History, Charlottesville, Va., 1981 description ends ).

48To Joshua Dodge, the new American consul at Marseilles, TJ directed his annual order for French wines, including one gross of Bergasse claret, 150 bottles of Ledanon, 30 gallons of Roussillon de Rivesalte, and 150 bottles of Clairette de Limoux (TJ to Dodge, 13 July 1820).

49A travelling company of actors from James Henry Caldwell’s American Company, based at this time in New Orleans, returned each summer to their former Virginia circuit. On 19 Aug., in the middle of their three-week stay in Charlottesville, they performed at the Swan Tavern Animal Magnetism, a three-act comedy by Elizabeth Inchbald, and Thomas Knight’s farce The Turnpike Gate (Charlottesville Central Gazette, 11, 18, 25 Aug., 1 Sep. 1820; James H. Dormon, Jr., Theater in the Ante Bellum South 1815-1861 [Chapel Hill, N.C., 1967], p. 33, 47, 76-9).

50Correctly $18.555. TJ changed the payment to Brown from $2.75 to $3.25 by overwriting, but failed to revise his total.

51Farmer’s bank.

52 John Payne Todd (1792-1852), son of Dolley Madison (Conover Hunt-Jones, Dolley and the “great little Madison” [Washington, D.C., 1977], p. 110).


54 JWE liquidated some bank stock and lent TJ $4,000 to be repaid after two years in slaves from Poplar Forest. Because the slaves would not be removed from the estate, which would eventually belong to Francis Eppes, this arrangement accorded well with TJ’s “scruples” against selling slaves, except for “delinquency, or on their own request” (TJ to JWE, 30 June, 29 July 1820; JWE to TJ, 12 June, 19 Aug. 1820; “Valuation of Negroes,” Jan. 1823, ViU:EHR).

551816 (see MB 8 Apr. 1816).

56TJ paid Andrew Smith for 135 panes of window glass for Monticello and Poplar Forest received from the Boston Crown Glass company in 1819 (TJ to Smith & Riddle, 6 May 1819; Smith to TJ, 18 June 1819).

57TJ asked Richard Rush (1780-1859), American minister to Great Britain, to purchase for him in London a number of books dealing for the most part with Anglo-Saxon language and history (TJ to Rush, 20 Oct. 1820; Rush to TJ, 14 Mch. 1821; Lackington et al. invoice, 14 Mch. 1821, MHi).

58Correctly $175.47; the interest was probably $7.80.

59TJ’s neighbor Dr. Thomas G. Watkins had moved from Tennessee to Albemarle County in 1817 and lived east of Monticello at Glenmore. He attended TJ during a dangerous illness in Oct. 1819 and subsequently advised treatment of TJ’s arthritic legs with bandages from toe to knee (John Pope to TJ, 10 Mch. 1817; Watkins invoice, Oct. 1819-Mch. 1820, MHi at 1 Mch. 1820; TJ to William Short, 13 Apr. 1820). TJ attributed to Watkins the final restoration of his health two years after the unlucky experiment at the baths of Warm Springs and declared that he would trust himself in that doctor’s hands “with more confidence than any one I have ever known in this state” (TJ to James Madison, 28 Jan. 1821; see further Watkins invoices in MHi).

60TJ’s payment to Dr. Samuel McAfee was for attendance during his Oct. 1819 illness, before the arrival of Dr. Thomas G. Watkins (McAfee invoice, 14 Apr. 1820, MHi at 8 Oct. 1819). TJ described the cause of this brief but severe attack as “a spasmodic stricture of the ileum” (TJ to William Short, 31 Oct. 1819; Malone, Jefferson, vi, 373 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends ).

61According to Edmund Bacon, Eagle was TJ’s last riding horse (Betts, Farm Book, p. 108-9 description begins Thomas Jefferson’s Farm Book, ed. Edwin M. Betts, Princeton, N.J., 1953 description ends ).

62For the classical titles TJ ordered from Baltimore bookseller Henry Guegan, see TJ to Guegan, 27 Aug. and 1 Sep. 1820.

63Lynchburg contractor Matthew Brown supplied and laid brick for several of the pavilions at the University of Virginia. The buildings of Lynchburg, some of them constructed by Brown, exhibited “the most beautiful brick work” TJ had ever seen (TJ to Benjamin Latrobe, 16 July 1817; Chambers, Lynchburg, p. 45; Bruce, University of Virginia, i, 191 description begins S. Allen Chambers, Jr., Lynchburg: An Architectural History, Charlottesville, Va., 1981 description ends ).

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