George Washington Papers

Orders, 27 June 1756


Parole: Resolution.

Winchester: Sunday, June 27th 1756.

The Troops are not to march until to-morrow morning at six o’clock1—They are to be served with five days provisions for their march—and to be served with Biscuit. The Commissary is to have the waggons loaded this Evening; and they are to apply to the Officer of the Guard, for Centries to be placed over them. The Officers must make out the Returns for Provisions, immediately.

After Orders.

A court martial to sit immediately for trial of William McLeod, John Robinson, John Harris, and James Harris.2 Any Soldier who is taken above a mile from town, without leave from his Officer—shall be tried as a Deserter.


2William McCloud of William Bronaugh’s company in the Virginia Regiment was 24 and a tailor by trade. John Harris, 18 years old and a carpenter, was in Charles Lewis’s company. Both McCloud and Harris were May draftees from Hanover County and were native Virginians. No James Harris has been found, but a Reuben Harris from Hanover County was in Charles Lewis’s company on 13 July 1756. There were several men in the regiment named John Robinson. See Orders, 13 May 1756.

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