George Washington Papers

Orders, 13 May 1756


Parole: Normandy.

Winchester: Thursday, May 13th 1756.

Colonel Washington has heard that the Soldiers are uneasy about their Pay—He takes this method to acquaint them, that they shall receive their full pay, so soon as the Pay master can come down, or they march to, Fort Cumberland.

A Regimental Court Martial to sit immediately, for trial of John Robinson, Aaron Paul, and John Grant.1


1According to GW’s orders on 15 May, James Clark had accused John Robinson and Aaron Paul of robbing him. During the summer of 1756 there were four John Robinsons listed in various companies of the Virginia Regiment: a 30–year-old English sailor in William Peachey’s company; an otherwise unidentified man in Lt. Col. Adam Stephen’s company; and in GW’s company a 20–year-old Scottish farmer and a 21–year-old English carpenter. Aaron Paul was in Joshua Lewis’s company at this time. He is listed on Lewis’s 13 July 1756 size roll as a 26–year-old English laborer who had enlisted in the regiment in January 1755 at Winchester. John Grant, in Thomas Cocke’s company 13 July 1756, was a 20–year-old man from Ireland who enlisted 5 Dec. 1755.

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