George Washington Papers

Orders, 26 June 1756


Parole: Qualification.

Winchester: Saturday, June 26th 1756.

All the Officers—except Captain Peachy, Lieutenant Bullet, and Ensign McCarty; with all the Soldiers—except those who Captain Mercer shall chuse out of his own company—and Draughts, except those upon Captain Peachy’s Rolls:1 and the Smiths and Masons are to hold themselves in readiness to march to Fort Cumberland to-morrow.

All the Soldiers and Draughts to attend the execution of Campbell to-morrow morning at seven o’clock.

Captain Mercer will review his Company at half past six this evening, at their encampment.


1William Peachey’s company of artificers were building the new fort at Winchester. See GW’s Orders, 1 June 1756.

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