Thomas Jefferson Papers

John Laval to Thomas Jefferson, 11 May 182[2]

From John Laval

Philadelphia May 11th 182[2]


The Schooner Lydia Davis Sails to Morrow, She is the first Opportunity that has offered, for Richmond, Since the receipt of your letter of the 26th ulto. Agreeably to your direction, I delivered, yesterday, to the Capt (Richard Davis) one Small Bundle, to your address & to the Care of Col. Peyton, Containing the Books you ordered,1—amounting, as per Bill inclosed, to $26–60/100—as Some of the volumes are rather thin, I put them, on an average, at $1.40 instead of $1.50 I charged for Dio Cassius—You will observe that Plutarch is in 9 & not in 6 vols. the Error, in all probability, may be ascribed to my inadvertance in the Memorandum I Sent you

 I have  Pausanias  3 vols. (thick) same Sixn Stereotyped2 $4.50
Polybius 4 do   do    do  6.3

There was due to you on your former remittance $1.3/100, which reduces the Balance in my favor to $31.57/100

I am with the highest Consideration & respect your Most obt Servt

John Laval

RC (MHi); partially dated; endorsed by TJ as a letter of 11 May 1822 received 6 June 1822 and so recorded in SJL. RC (DLC); address cover only; with PoC of TJ to Samuel Smith (of Maryland), 2 July 1822, on verso; addressed: “Thomas Jefferson, Esq. Monticello—Va”; stamp canceled; franked; postmarked Philadelphia, 11 May. Dupl (MHi); subjoined to RC of Laval to TJ, 10 June 1822; fully dated; adjacent to dateline: “Dte” (“Duplicate”); unsigned.

Laval’s memorandum listing books and prices is the enclosure to his letter to TJ of 9 Oct. 1821. sixn: sixteenmo.

1Dupl here adds “Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon & Plutarch.”

2Word not in Dupl.

3Dupl ends here with “They would add to your Collection—I &a.”

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