Thomas Jefferson Papers
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Enclosure: Thomas Jefferson’s Account with John Laval, 11 May 1822


Account with John Laval

Philadelphia, May 11, 1822.

Thomas Jefferson, Esq.

Bought of J. Laval, for the late concern of N. G. Dufief

Feb. 2.  Dio Cassius,  4 vols.  18o1 sewed.  Ed. Leipsic.  at 1,502 $6. 00
May 9. Thucydides  2 vols. 18o Do Do } 26. 60
Herodotus 3 vols. 18o Do Do
Xenophon 5 vols. 18o Do Do
Plutarch 9 vols. 18o Do Do
32, 60
Remaining due to you per the last remittance.— 1, 03
$31, 57

MS (MHi); in a clerk’s hand. Dupl (MHi); in Laval’s hand; conjoined with RC of Laval to TJ, 10 June 1822.

1Dupl: “16o,” with “do” below it in each of the following four lines.

2Preceding four words and column below not in Dupl.

3Dupl here adds “19 vols. at $1.40/ea.”

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