George Washington Papers

Cash Accounts, May 1771

Cash Accounts

[May 1771]

May 2— To Ditto [cash] from Dr [James] Carter Intt of his Bond £ 10.16.0 
7— To Ditto recd from Jno. Gholson & Richd Morris by Sterg Edmonds on acct of the 200,000 Acres of Ld Surveying 2. 2.0 
To Cash of Richd Smith on acct of the 200000 As. Ld1 1. 1.0 
To Cash Won at Cards 3.15.0 
9— To Ditto of Mr Joseph Valentine2 75.12.6 
To Ditto of Colo. Lewis3 1. 0.0 
To Do of Mr Josh Valentine in acct with the Honble Robt Carter4 30. 0.0 
To Mr Claiborne for a yrs Int. of his Bond 14. 0.0 
To Ditto Do of Mr Wm Dandridges Do 22. 0.5 
10— To Cash of Colo. Cary5 7. 7.0 
11— To Ditto Recd of Mr Hector Ross for a Sett of Bills drawn by Andw Leitch on Messrs Buchanan’s for £49.10.6 20 prCt Excha. 9.18.1 59. 8.7 
To Ditto recd of Do for the use of my Brothr Jno. Augt. Washington 42. 2.6 
To Ditto recd of Mr Josh Valentine6 72.10.2 
16— To Intt of Frans Foster pr Colo. Bassett 20. 0.0 
25— To a year’s Intt of my Br. Jno. Washingtons Bond 7.10.0 
2— By Play Tickets 10/. Club at Mrs [Christiana] Campbells 5/ 0.15.0 
By Charity 21/6. Lost at Cards 6/6 1. 8.0 
7— By Mr Prentis for Miss Custis 7. 0.07
By Do for self 7. 0.0 
By 2 Hair Combs 0. 6.0 
By Club at Mrs [Jane] Vobes 0. 5.7 1/2
By a Hair Pinn for Miss Custis of Mrs Hunter8 0.17.6 
By Mr Jno. Carter for 4 Bottles of Fit Drops 1. 5.0 
By Colo. [William] Byrd for Grey Horses (late Lord Bottetourts) 130. 0.0 
By the Coachman for the Char⟨s.⟩ of the Horses 0. 5.0 
By Play Tickets 37/6. Club at Andersons 2/69 2. 0.0 
8— By 2 setts of Bleu Necklaces 0. 7.6 
By Club at Southalls 6/—Play Ticket 5/ 0.11.0 
9— By Mr Councellor [Robert] Carter pr Jh Valentine £30.0.0 Ditto pd him10 my self for a Pipe Wine 20.8. 50. 8.0 
By Smith Shoeing Horses 0.12.6 
By Mr [Robert] Nicholson—Taylors Acct 2. 5.2 
By Club at Mrs Campbells 0. 5.0 
By Doctr Carter for Drugs 0. 8.1 
By Club at Southalls 0. 4.0 
10— By Postage of Letters 0. 2.0 
11— By Barber’s Acct 1.10.0 
By 4 Oz. of Æther 1. 0.0 
By Mrs Charlton for Miss Custis11 9. 8.3 
By Ditto for Mrs Washington 0. 5.9 
By Mounting & repg a Fan 7/6. Mg @ 2d. 2/6 0.10.0 
By Mrs Campbells Acct in full12 3.12.0 
By Michael Robinson pr Colo. Lewis13 75. 0.0 
By Colo. Lewis for my part of the purchase of the Speaker’s share14 56. 2.2 
16— By Cash given away 0. 5.0 
By Colo. Bassett in Exchange of Horses 23. 0.0 
21— By Servants 12/6—Ferry at Frazer’s 11/6 1. 4.0 
By Exps. at Hobs hole 1. 5.0 
25— By Mr Jno. Auge Washington money recd of Mr Ross15 42. 2.6 
26— By Cards 2/6—By Servants 2/6. Ferriags. 3/9 0. 8.9 
27— By Servants 3/9—Ferrs. at Boyds hole 42/6 2. 6.3 
By Servants 8/ 0. 8.0 

AD, DLC:GW, General Ledger A description begins General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. description ends , folio 335, 337.

1Private John Gholson enlisted in the Virginia Regiment as a soldier on 18 Feb. 1754; Private Richard Morris enlisted on 24 Mar. 1754; and Corporal Richard Smith enlisted on 23 April 1754.

3At Williamsburg, Fielding Lewis repaid the £1 that GW had given Dr. William Rumney for attending Lewis at Mount Vernon on 21 Sept. 1770 (General Ledger B description begins General Ledger B, 1772–1793. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. description ends , folio 241).

4See contra below, this date.

5On this day, Wilson Miles Cary (1734–1817) of Elizabeth City County paid £5.12 for seven barrels of herring and £1.15 for one barrel of shad, both of which he had got from GW in August 1770 (General Ledger A description begins General Ledger A, 1750–1772. Library of Congress, George Washington Papers, Series 5, Financial Papers. description ends , folio 330).

6See note 2.

7This was “for a piece of Silk” (Guardian Accounts, 3 Nov. 1773).

8Margaret Hunter and her sister Jane Hunter Charlton, English milliners, ran a fashionable shop in Williamsburg.

9Robert Anderson (b. 1743) had moved in March from his public house near the College of William and Mary to the old Wetherburn’s (later Southall’s) tavern on Duke of Gloucester Street near the capitol. James Barrett Southall became host at the Raleigh Tavern following Anthony Hay’s death in this year.

10See cash above, this date.

11Jane Hunter Charlton, wife of wigmaker Edward Charlton, was a milliner. See note 8.

12Christiana Campbell’s receipt of 11 May shows GW’s payment of £1.19 for “lodging and breakfast 2 week and half,” five shillings for “1 dinner and Club,” five shillings for “punch,” eighteen shillings for “18 Meals for your boy,” and five shillings for “Dinner”—a total of £3.12 (NNPM). Mrs. Campbell had recently moved from her old location on Duke of Gloucester Street to “the Coffee-House . . . next the Capitol” (Virginia Gazette [Purdie and Dixon; Williamsburg], 16 May 1771).

13GW bought from Michael Robinson for £275 a house on a double lot in Fredericksburg for his mother, Mary Washington. The £75 paid on this date was the first payment on the property, to which GW retained title. Mrs. Washington moved into town from Ferry Farm before spring 1772 and lived in the house that GW had bought for her until her death. See Cash Accounts, September 1771, n.5. For problems connected with the purchase of the lots, see Cash Accounts, January 1761, n.69. The receipt signed by Robinson on this date is in PHi: Washington Manuscripts.

14The estate of John Robinson in 1771 surrendered to the Dismal Swamp Company Speaker Robinson’s share in the company. See Dismal Swamp Land Company Articles of Agreement, 3 Nov. 1763, n.3.

15See entry under cash for 11 May.

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