George Washington Papers

Memorandum List of Tithables and Taxable Land and Property, 10 June 1763

Memorandum List of Tithables and Taxable Land and Property

[Mount Vernon, c.10 June 1763]

A List of Lands entered agreable to Act of Assembly made in November 1762 and given in with the List of Tythables in Fairfax Cty 10th June 1763 to Collo. Jno. Carlyle

George Washington

Walter Magowan, Thoms Bishop, Robt Haims,1 Matths Seal. House Servts &ca2: Breechy, Schomberg, Jack, Doll, Jenny, Betty, Sarah, Kate, Betty, Sall, Moll, Jack, Jack, Jack, Ned, Charles, Davy. Carpenters: Turner Crump, Anthony, Sam, Will, Morris, Michael, George, Tom, Ned, Jupiter. Tradesmen: Peter, Nat, Guy, George. Muddy hole: John Alton, Grig, Will, Sam, Kate, Phillis, Hannah, Phœbe. Doegs Run: Nelson Kelly, Peros, Will, London, Cæsar, Stafford, Essex, Orford, Betty, Sue, Flora, Lucy, Jone, Moll. Creek Quartr: Josias Cook, Matt, Cupid, Will, Kitty. Rivr Side: Saml Johnson J., Tom, Ben, George, Natt, Robin, Ruth, Peg, Murria, Doll, Cloe. In all—74.3

Lands in Fairfax Cty Mt Vernn4 2626
bot of Clifton 1806
of Mr Brent 238
of Mr Ashford 135
of Geo: Ashford 135 acres
of Simn Pearson 178
1 Chairiot
1 Chair

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1GW employed Robert Haims again in 1766 and in 1770.

2On this tithable list GW did not list the laborers at Home farm separately but included them in the category “House Servts &ca.”

3Counting GW there were 10 white tithables and 64 slaves, as compared to 62 slaves in his Memorandum: List of Tithables, c.9 June 1762.

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