George Washington Papers

Memorandum List of Quitrents, 1763

Memorandum List of Quitrents


A List of Lands on which Quit-Rents became due at Michaelmas 17631

In Fairfax County
Mt Vernon 2126 Acres
bot of [Sampson]
Darrell 500
of [William] Clifton 1806
[George] Brent 238
Wm Ashford 135
George Ashford 135
Simon Pearson 178
Frederick taken up 760
Ditto 453
bot of [George] Johnston 552
of [James] McCraken 550
taken up 183
King George 1250
Loudoun2 275
Hampshire 240
Total amount 9381 Acres @2/6

June 19th 1764—Then received from George Washington the current Sum of Eleven pounds fourteen Shillings and six pence in full for Quit Rents of the above quantity of Nine thousand three hundred and Eighty one acres of Land due Michaelmas 1763.

John Hough3

2On 10–11 April 1763 GW bought from Bryan Fairfax a 275–acre tract of land on the north, or Loudoun County, side of Difficult Run. The land was 19 miles from Alexandria and on the road from Alexandria to Winchester and Leesburg. GW’s reason for purchasing the small tract was its usefulness as a way station between Mount Vernon and his Bullskin quarters. See Loudoun County Deed Book C, 458-60 (ViLeeLCh).

3John Hough (d. 1797), of Loudoun County, was collector of quitrents for Lord Fairfax from 1764 until at least 1773.

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