George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 2 October 1797]

2. Clear, warm & pleasant. Mer. at 66. Mr. Carter & Mr. Fitzhugh went away & Mr. Washington & Mr. Foot came to dinr. & returned afterwards.

Mr. Washington undoubtedly is Lawrence Washington (1740–1799) of nearby Belmont, brother of GW’s cousin and wartime manager, Lund Washington (see entries for 10 Mar. and 27 July 1785). mr. foot: probably William Hayward Foote, usually called Hayward Foote. He was the son of Richard Foote (d. 1779) and Margaret Foote and was the nephew of both Catherine Foote Washington, Lawrence’s wife, and Elizabeth Foote Washington, the widow of Lund Washington. Elizabeth Washington called Hayward Foote her “adopted son”; he evidently lived with her and helped her manage the farm after Lund’s death (Fairfax County Wills, Book K–1, Vi Microfilm; Lund Washington’s Account Book, MdAN).

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