George Washington Papers

[Diary entry: 27 July 1785]

Wednesday 27th. Thermometer at 74 in the Morng.—80 at Noon and 80 at Night.

Morning a little lowering—forenoon perfectly calm & the wind at South afterwards. A Cloud rising about 5 Oclock afforded a pretty Shower for about 10 or 15 Minutes.

Finished cutting my Meadows at Dogue run but the Rain prevented my getting it secured either in Cocks or otherwise.

Also cut my Field Pea’s the Seed of which came from Albany.

Mrs. Fendal, Miss Lee (eldest daughter of the Presidt. of Congress) Miss Nancy Lee, Grand daughter of Richd. Lee Esqr. of Maryland—Mr. Chas. Lee & Mr. Lawe, Washington, Lund Washington & their wives and Mr. Lawe. Washington, Son of Lawrence & Mr. Thos. Washington Son to Robert all dined here and went away in the Afternoon.

Mrs. Fendall was Philip Richard Fendall’s second wife, Elizabeth Steptoe Lee Fendall (died c.1789), widow of Philip Ludwell Lee of Stratford. The Fendalls were married about 1780 and lived at Stratford Hall until the marriage of Mrs. Fendall’s elder daughter, Matilda Lee, to Henry (Light Horse Harry) Lee in 1782. Philip Fendall and his wife then moved to Alexandria, leaving Henry and Matilda in possession of Stratford. The eldest daughter of Richard Henry Lee, president of Congress, was Mary Lee (b. 1764). In 1792 she became the second wife of GW’s nephew, William Augustine Washington. Ann (Nancy) Lee was the daughter of Philip Thomas Lee (d. 1778) and granddaughter of Squire Richard Lee of Maryland.

mr. lawe. washington: either Lawrence Washington (1728–c.1809) of Chotank or Lund’s brother Lawrence (1740–1799) of Belmont. The wife of Lawrence Washington of Chotank was Elizabeth Dade Washington. Lawrence of Belmont’s wife, Catherine Foote Washington, was the sister of Lund Washington’s wife Elizabeth Foote Washington. lawe. washington son of lawrence: The younger Lawrence Washington who appears here, often called Lawrence Washington, Jr. (d. 1809), was the son of Lawrence Washington of Chotank. Young Washington had killed a man in a duel in 1783 and the following year found it expedient to leave King George County for a time to allow public opinion to cool (MASON [2] description begins Robert A. Rutland, ed. The Papers of George Mason, 1725–1792. 3 vols. Chapel Hill, N.C., 1970. description ends , 2:763–65).

Thomas Washington (1758–1807) was the son of Lund Washington’s oldest brother Robert. Thomas served in Grayson’s Additional Continental Regiment 1777–78 and in Lee’s Legion 1778 until the end of the war. He married his cousin Sarah (Sally) Washington Harper, daughter of John Washington of Leedstown and widow of Robert Harper of Alexandria.

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