James Madison Papers

James Madison to Bernard Peyton, 10 June 1833

June 10 1833

Dr. Sir:

It is so long since the date of your letter informing me that you should in a few days make sale of my Tobo. and would immediately give me an account of it, without my hearing from you, that I suspect a letter must have miscarried. In that case, be so obliging as to forward a duplicate. Taking for granted that the Tobo. would have been sold I draw on you for ninety dollars in favor of Mr. Ballard.

The prolonged continuance of rainy weather has prevented a preparation of the remaining Hhds for the Warehouse. They can not therefore be on the way, for some time. The weather has been favorable to the planters in pitching their new Crops where their hills and plants were ready It has been bad for the Corn fields, wch. could not be cultivated. And the Scab is making sad havock in the Wheat, which had previously suffered from the fly & drought, and can only be saved from the rust by dry & cool weather. The Crop must be a very short one in this quarter, and probably almost a failure. In other respects the damage from the rain has been less here than elsewhere. The floods have spared the Mills, and have but slightly & in a few cases overflowed the river flats. With friendly salutations

Draft (DLC).

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