James Madison Papers

James Madison to Bernard Peyton, 11 May 1833

May 11. 1833

Dr. Sir

Your letters of {2m#} & of {2m#}   were duly recd. The articles referred to in the first were safely delivered & in every respect satisfactory. The sale of the 2 Hhds of Tobo. reported in the second, was as good as could be expected as it did not suit the taste of the Manufacturers; & brought the highest price of exported Tobo. On comparing it with a sample brought us by the Waggoner, of Mr Edmond’s wch sold for $15. per hundred, we were surprized to find this so inferior to mine in substance, in assortment, and in the handling. It was very loose, with ground leaves, and leaves glazed on the under side by the sun in the bundle, and this tied up in a careless manner. It seemed to have no advantage but, in the piebald color, which was not uniform in the leaves, and in being free from the smell of smoke wch. I presume was a main  recommendation. The size of the plant was indeed smaller than mine, & the fibre of course finer, but not sufficiently so, it was supposed, to account for the difference in price

My waggon will be down with 2 Hhds. quickly after the receipt of this. One of them will I hope be piebald eno’, to please the manufacturers, & to be in other respects free from the chief objections made to those which you sold. The other Hhd with the two previously on hand, are also of a finer fibre than the two sold ones; and in other respects of a character which merits favour. Unless there be special reasons for delaying the sale of all the Hhds. I wish you to turn them at once into cash, and to place one hundred & twenty dollars, out of the proceeds, in the B. Bank of the U. S. in Richmond to the credit of Edward Coles.

By the return of the Waggon be so good as send the following articles

Draft (DLC).

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