James Madison Papers

List of Imports, 1789–1790, ca. 29 December 1793 (Abstract)

§ List of Imports, 1789–1790

Ca. 29 December 1793. Summarizes information that appears to have been collected by customs officers for the Treasury Department, listing imports by country of origin totaling $15,295,638.97.

Ms (DLC). A one-page document in JM’s hand, headed: “Value of Manufactured articles imported into the U. S. in one year ending 30 Sepr. 1790.” Docketed by JM: “Signd. / Treasy. Dept. Novr. 30 1791.” Conjectural date assigned on the basis of JM’s 29 Dec. 1793 letter to Tench Coxe (commissioner of the revenue), in which JM requested “a little conversation with him.” JM also cited figures from this Ms in his speech on commercial discrimination of 14 Jan. 1794 and alluded to “an authentic document he had examined.”

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