Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 14 October 1807

Marseilles the 14th. October 1807

Dear Sir

on Receipt of your Respected & allways well come favor of the 29th. last June, (the 18th. Sepbr. ulto.) I sent an abstract of your Paragraph to Messrs. Jourdan & fils of Tain, relative to their Last Supply of wine, with my candid & Friendly Reproachs, & to the exact quality you Desire;— I beg your Refference to their answer here Inclosed, of the 1st. Inst. by which you will observe that this year they have not any such & worth to be sent to you. I Informed whether Mr. Sasserno of Nice the Same you was acquainted with, was still Livîng, & being assured he was, I mentioned him your friendly Recollection of him, of the wine you had tasted while at Nice &c. &c. & your desire he should procure you one hundred say 100 Btles. of that same quality, as you have pointed it to me; which he has procured seven years old, & I having Received it I have shipped, with the other articles you asked me, as per Invoice & bill of Loading here Inclosed, on the Ship Fabiûs of Philadelphia Andrew Cole Master Bound for Philada. to the address of the Collector of the Custom there; the whole amounting to ƒ466.—which I have posted on your Debit; hopping they will reach you Safe, in Good order & of the Best quality;

having only this vessel ready for the U.S. & none for the Cheasapeak or new york, I Judged proper of not missing this opportunity; I observe you have not asked any oil, it is probable you preffer florence or lucca olive oil; I have added however some new olives, &c. hopping you will find them acceptable;

here Inclosed a Letter for you from Mr. Vor. Sasserno himself; as Nice is but a small Port for Commerce, in which any american natives would wish to Reside as Consels, he could be usefull in that Capacity, and find him self much honored to Receive Your Commission as Such;

Poor Mrs. Blake arived & died before your said favor reached me direct via Boston; She was arived on the 9th. august, & in a such Low State of health, that it was to be apprehended She would End her Life into this Lazareto, She had her [. . .] on the 23d. august;— Tho’ I did not know She was or would be recommended to me, I offered on that Same day to Mr. Gabrîac (to whom She was recommended by her husband, they being previously acquainted together while in Boston) to be introduced to her by him, but it appeared she declined my visit; I have regretted of being unable to render her any Services, except the Last one a few days after, at her funeral!

a Letter from Mr. & Mrs. Barlow, Introducing her to me & family, was 3 Weeks after found in her Papers & Sent to me by Mr. Gabrc. who takes Care of her young Daughter, whom I have Seen Since;

I hope you are Convinced of the high respect, attention & Civilities, I, my Daughter, mother &a. we bear & will shew for all the persons you will be so kind as to Recommend me;

The Letter from your Cook Jullien was Carefully, on Receipt forwarded to his Brother & here Inclosed his answer to him.

I agree with you, Sir, that after 40 years of Service to your Country, in which you rendered them Emminent ones & you will continue to do in their Behalf, untill your present term you have fixed to Retire in March 1809. it will be time for you to Enjoy of the felicity of being near your Dear amiable Daughter & your Eight grand Children, in your Farms & with your Books; Tho’ no [more] at the head of the executive, I doubt not that your Successor, will Study to follow your Good examples & the plans traced by you, but will also request your Good advices and opinion in many delicate Circumstances, & that many hours in 24 will be Still employed by you, in your Closet, to write on the future wellfare and happiness of the U.S. & mankind for future ages;

may a General Peace & Sincere friendship Soon take place on Both hemispheres, & I hope this happy event may take place before the epocka of March 09; how Should I with my family be happy to Receive, a few months after, an other kind visit from you, in Company of Some of your Grand children! the great Partiality you retain for Marseilles, is very honorable for this Place, from Such a Precious observer & Good Judge & your young Companions travellers under your tuition & Good patronage, will acquire Great & usefull knowledge, in the Journey you Intend to undertake; it is with Great Pleasure we observe you enjoy a very good health, & we beg the allmighty to preserve you with it, during many Years, & that in the winter of 1809 a 1810 I will have the honor of seing you here again; no doubt that since the year 1787 my hairs have turned Gray, I have Lost a great part of them, my health however Continue to be tolerably Good; I have the honor to be with Great Respect my Dear Sir

Your most obedient & ever Gratefull Servant

Stephen Cathalan

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