Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 29 June 1807

Washington June 29. 07

Dear Sir

Since my last of Apr. 28. 06. I have recieved your several favors of 1806. Feb. 19. Aug. 2. Nov. 5. 1807. Jan. 27. 28. Feb. 2. Mar. 27. your bill of 421.23 D has been presented & duly paid, & that for 31.33 D shall be honored when presented. the articles by the Three friends, capt Harvey came safely to hand, & I have since recieved by different conveyances the other articles desired in mine of Apr. 28. to wit the Artichoke bottoms, mustard de Mailly, vinaigre d’estragon, Maccaroni, Parmesan & Smyrna raisins.   fixed in my purpose of retiring in March 09. I now send you an invoice, much curtailed of it’s former extent, because with the stock now on hand it will last to the end of my term; and I must pray you to consider the request to send me annually, according to the former invoice, as now revoked and that any trouble I may give you hereafter will be by particular application on the special occasion. M. Jourdan’s last supply of wine is of quite a different quality from those of the two preceding years; they were what we call, soft, or silky, & what I believe you express by the terms doux, et liquoreux. what he last sent is dry & hard, more resembling Sauterne or Barsac, and will not be drank here. I would wish that when the year & seasons have given this quality to the wines, he would rather leave my orders unexecuted, & in short to recieve his wines only when they are of the quality of the two preceding supplies. I have asked at this time for only 100. bottles of his wine. when I was at Nice I found there a very excellent wine, something of the colour & character of the best wines of Bordeaux, & which I believe is known abroad under the name of Vin de Nice. I dare not presume that M. de Sasserno of that place is still living. I knew him well while there, & if I knew him to be still living, I would so far have presumed on his friendly recollection of me, that I would have asked this favor of him directly, & the rather as he would probably know exactly the wine I mean. as it is I must ask the favor of you to procure me 100. bottles of it, & to send it by the first good conveyance after the month of September, drawing on me for the amount of this & the other articles at 30. days sight as usual.

I congratulate you on the event of your becoming a grandfather, as announced in your letter of Nov. 5. I presume you soon discovered that it has added to your grey hairs. my head is well silvered by eight grandchildren. I have one daughter only remaining alive. at the close of my present term I shall retire to their bosoms, & to the enjoiment of my farms and books, a felicity which the times in which my existence has happened to be placed, has never permitted me to know. I have one other great consolation that after 40. years of service to my country, I retire poorer than when I entered it. not that I have anything to reproach them with. they have always allowed me as much as I thought I deserved myself. but I have believed it my duty to spend, for their credit, whatever they allowed me and something more. no servant ever retired better satisfied with his employers. were my health to continue as good as it is, it would not be impossible you should see me at Marseilles. I should with great pleasure revisit some places I have seen, & visit some I have not seen. for no place do I retain a greater partiality than for Marseilles, & for nothing there more than for yourself and family, to all the members of which I pray you to present my respectful remembrance, and to accept yourself my friendly salutations & assurances of continued attachment & consideration.

Th: Jefferson

P.S. I take the liberty of recommending to your care the inclosed letter from my cook to his brother, & any answer which may be returned through you. Permit me to recommend the bearer hereof, mrs Blake of Boston to your attentions. she is a lady of worth, & travels for her health.

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29 June 1807

2. douzaines de bouteilles de Capres fines. 30.
1. douzaine do. d’Anchoix 20. 20
1. douzaine de petites boetes de fruits glacés 19.
6. ℔ de dragées à la rose. 15.
12. ℔ d’Amandes douces sans coquilles pour praliner 9. 60
8. ℔ d’Amandes ameres. 7. 20
20. ℔ d’Amandes douces en coquilles molles 18.
6. ℔ de queues d’artichaux. 16.
1. douzaine de bouteilles de Vinaigre estragon 33.
charges. 8.
1. douzaine de petits pots moutarde de Mailly 15.
1. douz. de petites boetes de figues. 12.   
2. douz. do. de pruneaux. 15.   
2. douz. do. de Brignoles.     20.
238 = 44. 48
20. ℔ de raisins @ .20 4.
100. bottles of hermitage @ 4.50 @ .84   84.
132. 48
100. bottles of Vin rouge de Nice

5.35 = 1. D.

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