Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Robertson, 25 May 1822

To Archibald Robertson

Poplar Forest. May. 25. 22.

Dr Sir

I find that my plantations here will be out of corn before harvest, and that I must provide it before I leave the county. I expect therefore to purchase1 of mrs Mosely 30. barrels @ 4.D. which being to be paid in ready money I do it by a draught on Colo B. Peyton of Richmond. I now inclose one to you for 150.D. on which I am obliged to request you to advance the money as follows.

to mr Goff for mrs Moseley 120. D.
to mr A. Bridgland who will call for it 2. 16
to send me by the bearer Burwell, cash 27  84

I learnt after I left you in Nov. that the wheat on which I gave you an order fell short of expectation nearly one half, and we shall be late in getting our tobo to market. as soon as it can be there and sold I shall send you an order, on Colo Peyton. I shall not be able to2 make up the Deficiency of that and my last year’s3 account both, but I will do the most I can. I have made considble progress towds the discharge of my bonded debt to your late firm4 and a payment I shall make out of my tobo will bring it within the reach of another years resources. in the mean time the kind forbearance of mr Barrett has spared me the pain of urgencies which would have been beyond my power. I find preparns here for a tobo5 crop of greater promise than I ever had. 300,000 hills of which four fifths are in newly cleared land, and nearly the whole already planted.6 our wheat however is7 unpromising. kindly seasons may yet improve it8 I should have been very happy if your convenience would have permitted you to call and take a family dinner with us while here. my stay in the county has been too short to admit my visiting Lynchburg: but I shall be here again in a couple of months. in the mean time be so good as to furnish on the applicns9 of mr Goff the necessaries for the place as you have heretofore done to my preceding10 overseers, and accept the assurance of my great frdship & respect.

P.S. a striped blanket by the bearer. I inclose a letter of advice to be forwarded to Colo Peyton with the draught.

Dft (MHi); on verso of right half of reused address cover of Nathaniel Bowditch to TJ, 30 Oct. 1820; adjacent to salutation: “Archibald Robertson”; endorsed by TJ. Enclosure: TJ to Bernard Peyton, 25 May 1822. Other enclosure not found.

mr goff: William Gough. The order on Robertson in favor of Alexander Bridgeland (bridgland) was “for beef.” In his financial records for the preceding day TJ recorded giving a $10 gratuity to burwell Colbert (MB description begins James A. Bear Jr. and Lucia C. Stanton, eds., Jefferson’s Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767–1826, 1997, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Second Series description ends , 2:1386).

A missing letter from Robertson to TJ of 24 May 1822 is recorded in SJL as received from Lynchburg the day it was written.

1Reworked from “I have therefore purchased.”

2Preceding five words interlined in place of “cannot.”

3Word interlined.

4Preceding four words interlined.

5Word interlined.

6Omitted period at right margin editorially supplied.

7TJ here canceled “entirely.”

8Sentence interlined.

9Reworked from “to give on the order.”

10Preceding twelve words interlined in place of “same credit you have usually given to the probable and reasonable applicns of my.”

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