Thomas Jefferson Papers

V. Notes on Republican Appointments, 10 May 1803

V. Notes on Republican Appointments

[ca. 11 July 1803]

<Offices expd & not renewed  6.
restorations to office  4.
Atties & marshals on principle  5.
other officers. 14
removals for delinqs. 23

vacancies 12
deaths, resignns, promotions 251
offices expd & not renewed   6
restorns to office   4
removls. on principle participn  19
removals for delinquency 23
deaths resignns promns 99
Removals { to restore formr officers  4
on principle of particpn 19
for delinquency 23   46
Expired offices not renewed    6
deaths, resignns, promotions   982
republicans under formr admn.3    8

Repub. found in office

Conn. Wm. Munson
Pierpoint Edwards
N.Y. W. S. Smith
Del. George Read
Virga Laurence Muse
Thos. Nelson
Pensva Benj. Rush.
Indiana W. H. Harrison.

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 234:41919); undated; entirely in TJ’s hand; the two canceled sets of notes appear to the right of TJ’s final compilation; with the names of those Republicans found in office written on verso; on same sheet as Documents III and IV.

TJ consulted his List of Appointment and Removals “arranged in classes,” which extended to 10 May 1803 (see Vol. 33:670-4), to compile the data, above, on Republican officeholders in both the state and general government. He used that document, printed as List 3 in Appendix I in Vol. 33 of this series, to obtain the figures for all of the final categories, above, except for those individuals “resigned, declined, promoted or dead,” the first class under which 25 Republicans are named, as indicated in the first entry in the canceled text, above, for “deaths, resignns, promotions.” Another 12 names appear on the 10 May list under “Vacancies left unfilled when I came into office.” TJ had a category in that list, not included above, for “Midnight appointments,” which TJ “considered as Null.” There he named another 22 Republicans, for a total of 59 in the three categories (Vol. 33:670-2). According to the total in Document III, above, however, 158 Republicans were holding office. To obtain that number in the compilation, above, TJ had to increase significantly his total of deaths, resignations, and promotions to “99.” He decreased that number to “98” after he added a new classification for those Republicans already in office (see notes 2 and 3, below).

to restore formr officers: according to TJ’s 10 May list, four Republicans had been removed “on principles not justifiable” and were restored to office (Vol. 33:672).

on principle of particpn: this combines categories six and seven from the 10 May list, that is, the 5 “Attornies & Marshals removed for high federalism” and the 14 other “removals on the principle of giving some participation in office to republicans,” 19 in all. TJ handled these categories separately in his first set of canceled notes, above. The 23 removed for delinquency or misconduct are named in categories eight and nine. The six officers who did not have their commissions renewed made up the third group, which included Cato West, appointed secretary of Mississippi Territory in March 1803, upon the expiration of John Steele’s term (same, 671-3).

republicans under formr admn: this category was not on TJ’s May 1803 list, and, therefore, he identifies these Republican officeholders by name. Appointed by Washington in 1793, William munson was the surveyor and revenue inspector at New Haven. Washington appointed pierpoint edwards U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut in September 1789 (JEP description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States … to the Termination of the Nineteenth Congress, Washington, D.C., 1828, 3 vols. description ends , 1:29-30, 129-30; Vol. 33:44-6). For the debate over Adams’s appointment of his son-in-law William S. smith as surveyor and revenue inspector of the port of New York, see Vol. 32:351-2 and Vol. 39:490, 491n. At the same time Edwards received his appointment, George read became U.S. district attorney for the state of Delaware. Washington appointed Lawrence muse collector and revenue inspector for the port of Tappahannock in 1794 and Thomas nelson, U.S. attorney for the District of Virginia in 1796 (JEP description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States … to the Termination of the Nineteenth Congress, Washington, D.C., 1828, 3 vols. description ends , 1:29-30, 149, 205, 206). For other Republicans in office when TJ became president, see Document VI.

1TJ canceled this and the preceding entry before he canceled the whole section. At the same time he altered the total from “89” to “52” and added another line for deaths, resignations, and promotions, with a designation of “99.”

2Altered from “99” (see note 3).

3After adding this category, TJ altered the “99” to “98,” to give a new total of “158,” the total number of Republicans in Document III.

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