Thomas Jefferson Papers

Invoice for Encyclopédie Méthodique, with Jefferson’s Notes, 9 June 1803

Invoice for Encyclopédie Méthodique,
with Jefferson’s Notes


Encyclopedie methodique 67 Livraisons.

Agriculture, Tome, 3me. et Tome 4me. 1re partie  3. Vol.
Amusemens, depuis page 560 jusqua 900 }  2. in 1.
on fournit le tome entier
Antiquités Tome, 4me. 2me partie et tome 5 entier  3.
Architecture, Tome 2me. 1re partie  1.
Art militaire, Tome 4,  2.
Beaux arts, Tome 2me. 2me partie  1.
Botanique, Tome 4me  2.
Chirurgie, Tome 2me. 2me partie  1.
Geographie, Ancienne.1 Tome 3. 2nde partie  1.
Histoire, Tome 5me. 2 partie  1.
Histoire, Naturelle, Tome 7 entier  2.
Manufacture, Tome 2me. 2me partie, et tome 3d 2de2 partie  2.
Medicine, Tome, 3d.3 2me partie tome4 4. 5. 6. 7 entier.  9.
Philosophie, Tome 2me & 3 entier  4.
Art Aratoire,  1.
Chasse,  1.
Jeux,  2.
Pêches,  1.
Phisique. 1 Tome entier  2. in 1.
Systeme, Anatomique 1 Tome entier,  2. in 1.
Chimie, Tome 2 et 3 entier,  4. in 2
Geographie Phisique  2.
Botanique, Tome 4 à 9,  6.
Chirurgie,  1.
Pêches,  1.
Histoire naturelle XXIII. Partie, Insectes—XIX. Partie—Coquilles  2.
Idem, des vert.5 XXI. Partie. Mollusques.  2.—des Vers
Art Aratoire  1.
Volumes 62 £.535.

[In TJ’s hand perpendicularly in margin:]

I have now 67. livraisons complete, and Medecine. Tome III. 2me partie duplicate to be returned.

  [In TJ’s hand at foot of text:]

60. parts in 55. volumes.

<wanting Medecine Tome 4. Partie 1re. to fill up between Bluet. & Capillaire de Montpelier.

  Planches. Histoire Naturelle [XVIII.] partie des Vers>

they sent me Tome III. 2d partie, which I had before, & charged without sending it Tome IV. partie 1re. which I had before

MS (DLC); in a clerk’s hand, undated; with checkmarks by TJ in pencil; notations by him within the body of the list, also in pencil, are in italics; his notations in margin and at foot of text are in ink, and his cancellations within them are shown as <italics>.

depuis page 560 jusqua 900 on fournit le tome entier: that is, from page 560 to 900, completing the volume.

The 535 livres equaled $98.98 (TJ to John Beckley, 6 Mch. 1806). For the serial publication of the Encyclopédie méthodique in parts called livraisons, with illustrative plates (planches) issued separately, and for TJ’s desire to bring his set of the large work up to date, see his letter to Pougens of 5 Feb.

1TJ here canceled the clerk’s “3me partie.”

2“2de” is TJ’s substitution in pencil for the clerk’s “pe.” (for première, “first”).

3In margin, keyed here by an asterisk, TJ wrote “I had it before.”

4In margin, keyed here by a dagger, TJ wrote “the 1st. part of Tome 4. did not come, & I had it before.”

5In margin, keyed to this word by a double dagger, TJ wrote and canceled “partie des Vers. did not come” and wrote “there came only 1. partie. Mollusques.”

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