Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Tobias Lear, 15 July 1793

From Tobias Lear

July 15th: 1793.

In obedience to the President’s commands T. Lear has the honor to return to the Secretary of State the following letters and papers which have been put into the President’s hands by the Secretary. viz.

Genet’s communications relative to Spain

Letter from Govr. of Pennsyv. dated 24th. June and Warden’s report.

Do.   from Do.     7th. July.

Copy of Mr. Rawle’s letter 9th. July

Genet’s letter 9 July.

Govr. of Virga. letter 28th. June.

Secy.’s letter to Mr. Hammond 26th. June

Do.   to Do.    25 June

Do.   to Do.    25 Do.

Philips’ letter 7th. June

Chiappe letter 20th. March.

Simpson’s do. 30th. Apl.

Genet’s letter 22d. June

Do.    Do.  25 do.

Do.    Do.  26 do.

Do.    Do.   9 July.

Hoben’s Notes on Capitol.

B. Minister’s letter 11th. July

Sodderstrom’s letter 11 July

Lt. Govr. Wood’s letter 8 July with enclosures.

B. Minister’s letter 13 July.

Secy.’s letter to M. P. of France 30th. June

Copy of a letter from Govr. of Maryland to the Collector of Baltimore 20th. June

Do. of   Do.  from Collectr. to the Govr. 21 June

Extract of a letter from Govr. of Maryld. to Secy. of War. 22d. June.

Secy.’s letter to M. P. of France 12 July

Do.  Do.   to B. Minister     Do.

Do. Note to Mess. Viar and Jaudennes 11th. July.

Instructions to Mr. James Blake 12 July.

Passport   for   Do.       Do.

Secy.’s letter to Chief Justice Jay Do.

Do.   Do. to Judge Patterson  Do.

Do.   Do. to M. P. of France 25 June

Do.   Do. to B. Minister    26 Do.

RC (DLC); endorsed by TJ as a letter from George Washington received 15 July 1793.

James Hoban’s notes on the Capitol are dated 10 July 1793. For the exchange between Governor Thomas Sim Lee of Maryland and the Collector of Baltimore and the extract from Lee to Secretary of War Henry Knox, see note to TJ to Genet, 30 June 1793. The letters to Chief Justice John Jay and Judge William Paterson were texts of the Circular to the Justices of the Supreme Court, 12 July 1793. Other documents in this list are identified in TJ’s three memorandums to Washington printed under 11 July 1793, and notes.

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