Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum to George Washington, [11 July 1793]

Memorandum to George Washington

[11 July 1793]

Papers requiring the President’s instant attention.

Th:J’s letter to Viar and Jaudenes. } the Courier goes on Saturday.
Genet’s communications relative to Spain
Little Sarah. the Governor’s letter of June 24. and Warden’s 1st. report.
the Governor’s letter of July 7.
x Th:J’s conversation with Genet.
x Th:J’s opinion against firing on the Little Sarah.
Rawle’s letter. July 9.
Genet’s letter. July 9.

MS (DNA: RG 59, MLR); undated; entirely in TJ’s hand, except for two marks in a different ink, probably made by Tobias Lear, next to items retained by Washington; endorsed by Lear: “Memo. of letters & papers deld. to the President by the Secy of State 9th July 1793.” Tr (DLC: Washington Papers, Journal of the Proceedings of the President); entered under 11 July 1793. Not recorded in SJL.

Despite Tobias Lear’s endorsement, TJ almost certainly wrote this and the following memorandum on 11 July 1793—the date of the first document listed here—when he submitted the papers enclosed in them to the President, who had just returned from Mount Vernon. After reading the documents covered by this first memorandum, Washington ordered the Cabinet to consult with him the following day (Washington, Journal description begins Dorothy Twohig, ed., The Journal of the Proceedings of the President, 1793–1797, Charlottesville, 1981 description ends , 190–1).

Letter to Viar And Jaudenes: TJ’s first letter to them of 11 July 1793. Genet’s communications: see enclosures printed below. For the substance of Governor Thomas Mifflin’s Letter of June 24 to the President and the Warden’s 1st. report, see note to Cabinet Opinions on the Little Sarah, 8 July 1793. TJ’s memorandum of his Conversation with Genet is dated 10 July 1793; see that document and note for the context of the missing letter from William Rawle. opinionOn The Little Sarah: Dissenting Opinion on the Little Sarah, 8 July 1793.

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