Thomas Jefferson Papers

Supplies Required for Gates’ Army, August 1780

Supplies Required for Gates’ Army

State of North Carolina August 1780.

 500 Tents Compleat Intrenching Tools
2000 Barrels Flour *500 Spades
4000   do.  Corn *200 Grubbing Hoes
 250   do.  Rice *100 Common Hoes
  50 Hogsheads Rum *200 Felling Axes
  10 Hogsheads Sugar
  10 Barrels Coffee
 *10 Barrels Vinegar
1000 Bushels Salt


To be stored at the Magazines and at the Halting places in approach to the Magazines.

The Ferries to be put upon the best Footing; the Boats well repaired, and well caulk’d. The Roads and Bridges, to be thoroughly and substantially repair’d—The Bridge at Meherrin River particularly—Virginia to be applied to for this.

General Hospital at Hillsborough

NB. If One Hundred Waggons are too great a Proportion for this State to furnish, might not each County be rated at one; or in Proportion to its ability to supply Waggons and Horses. Those Counties that are defficient in Waggons and Horses to furnish Something Equivalent, to those who are more able to supply the Army.

Horatio Gates

Tr (Vi). Caption at head largely torn away along vertical folds and omitted in the present text.

This is evidently a copy of a list sent by Gates to Congress very soon after 30 Aug. Gates wrote that day to TJ concerning supplies wanted from Virginia, and in his acknowledgment of 3 Sep. TJ asked Gates to specify the articles and quantities wanted. On 6 Sep., however, TJ told Huntington that he had now seen such a specific list accompanying Gates’ recent dispatches to Congress, left open for TJ’s perusal. See also TJ to Muter, 13 Sep.

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