Alexander Hamilton Papers

From Alexander Hamilton to the Citizens of New York, [26 February 1789]

To the Citizens of New York

[New York, February 26, 1789]

The Committee appointed by the Meeting at Bardin’s Tavern, on Monday evening, for the purpose of carrying into execution the views of the meeting respecting the election of Mr. John Lawrence, as a representative of this district in Congress,1 having understood that a meeting was held this evening at the Coffee house in opposition to that nomination, which has been adjourned till to-morrow evening, at Bardin’s Tavern;2 and thinking it of importance to the union of the city, that the intended meeting should be a full one, beg leave to recommend the general attendance of their fellow citizens upon that occasion,3

By Order of the committee,

Alexander Hamilton, Chairman.

The [New York] Daily Advertiser, February 27, 1789.

2Notice of the postponement of the meeting to nominate an Antifederalist candidate to Congress was reported in The Daily Advertiser, February 27, 1789. It reads as follows:

In consequence of an advertisement which appeared in the public papers of this day, inviting the citizens to meet at the Coffee-House, at 6 o’clock in the evening, to consult upon a proper mercantile character as a candidate to represent this district in the Congress of the United States—a number of gentlemen convened, but finding that there was not sufficient room to contain the whole who attempted upon the occasion, it was unanimously voted to adjourn until to-morrow evening, at 6 o’clock, to meet at the City-Tavern—and that public notice thereof should be given to the citizens.

New York, Feb. 26, 1789.

By Order of the Meeting,

W. Malcom, Chairman.

3When the meeting was held the following day at the City Tavern, Laurance, rather than an Antifederalist candidate, was nominated (see H to the Electors of the City and County of New York, March 3, 1789).

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