Alexander Hamilton Papers

Election Circular, [23–28 February 1789]

Election Circular1

[New York, February 23–28, 1789]


As it will evidently be of great use in the ensuing election to have some Gentlemen of activity in each ward to superintend the business and promote activity among the electors the Committee appointed to forward the election of John Laurence Esquire will be much obliged by your assistance for those purposes, in the ward to which you belong, and request the same accordingly. With this view they will be happy to see you at Bardin’s2 on Monday Evening next3 at seven oClock to concert the preparatory arrangements.

I am Sir   Your Obedient & hum servant

A H4
By order of the Committee

ADfS, Mrs. John Jay Pierrepont, Ridgefield, Connecticut.

1On February 23 a meeting of New York City Federalists had nominated John Laurance for representative to Congress under the new government. The meeting, which was reported in The [New York] Daily Advertiser on February 28, 1789, also requested the committee of correspondence for Robert Yates and Pierre Van Cortlandt to serve in a similar capacity for the election of Laurance. See “Appointment as Member of Committee of Correspondence,” February 11, 1789.

Laurance was a New York City lawyer and a member of the New York Senate.

2Bardin’s, also called City Tavern, was operated by Edward Bardin (or Barden). It served as a polling place for the West Ward as well as a meeting hall and tavern.

3This was March 2, 1789, or two days before the election of Congressmen.

4The initials have been crossed out in the draft.

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