Alexander Hamilton Papers

Ann Lytton Venton’s Order in favor of Alexander Hamilton, [3 May 1773]

Ann Lytton Venton’s Order in favor of
Alexander Hamilton1

[New York, May 3, 1773]

1045. Ann Ventons ordre paa capitain Lillie2 af 3die may 1773 i Alexander Hammiltons faveur for 15 oxehoveder sucker for Lyttons boe.

D, Christiansteds byfogedarkiv skifteprot: 1769–80, no. 50, fol. 324–25, receipt no. 1045, Rigsarkivet, Copenhagen.

1The translation reads as follows: “1045. Ann Venton’s order of the 3rd of May 1773 on Captain Lillie for 15 hogshead of sugar from the Lytton estate in favor of Alexander Hamilton.” For information concerning this receipt, see “Ann Lytton Venton’s Quittance with Alexander Hamilton,” May 16, 1772. H at this time was already in America. Mitchell (Hamilton description begins Broadus Mitchell, Alexander Hamilton, Youth to Maturity, 1755–1788 (New York, 1957). description ends , I, 37, 54–55) concludes that H came to the North American colonies in October, 1772, and began his studies at King’s College in the autumn of 1773.

2Thomas Lillie was a merchant and planter who had been named, along with John Coakley, executor of the will of James Lytton, Ann Lytton Venton’s father.

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