George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Daniel Carroll, 22 December 1783

22 December 1783


The General Assembly of Maryland embrace this Opportunity of expressing the grateful Sense which they and their Constituents entertain of your distinguished Services; services which under the smiles of divine providence have secured the peace, Liberty, and Independance, of these states! Your retirement to private life is a full evidence of that true patriotism which Induced you to draw your sword in defence of your Injured Country, and made you persevere to the end of the Arduous struggle, in which you have Surmounted difficulties, that with prudence less than yours could not have been Surmounted. Having by your conduct in the Field Gloriously Terminated the war, you have taught us by your last Circular Letter how to value, how to preserve, and to improve that Liberty for which we have been contending. We are Convinced that public liberty can not be long preserved but by Wisdom, Integrity, and a Strict adherence to public Justice, and public engagements: This justice, and these engagements, as far as the influence and example of one state can extend, we are determined to promote and fulfill, and if the powers given to Congress by the Confederation Should be found to be incompetent to the purposes of the Union, we doubt not our Constituents will readily consent to enlarge them; in expressing these Sentiments, and by thus engaging to Comply with the dictates of public faith and justice, and to satisfy the Just Demands of a meritorious Army, we make the most Acceptable returns for all those cares which you have felt and all the Toils you have undergone, during your Command. permit us in addressing, you for the last time in your public Character to express our warmest Wishes that you may long enjoy the Sweets of domestic ease and retirement and that Cordial satisfaction which must arise from a Consciousness of Having Merited and gained the Universal love of your Countrymen.

Danl Carroll Presdt of the Senate

Thos Cockey Dey, Speaker of the

House of Delegates

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