George Washington Papers

To George Washington from William Smallwood, 29 November 1783

Annapolis Novem. 29th 1783

Dear Sir,

Your Letter dated the 24th of October miscarried—I did not receive it untill the 27th Inst.—as you will observe by the inclosed Letter from Genl Gist—I have now the Honour of embracing the earliest Opportunity by Capt. Howe of transmitting the Proceedings of the Society of the Cincinnati of this State.

I received Letters from General Heath and the Baron de Steuben on the Subject Matter of the Institution, which were communicated and the sense of all the Officers who were assembled here in July last taken—but the Meeting not having been so general as might have been wished it was thought most eligible (from the remote and distressed situation of the Officers, and the Expences which might accrue upon drawing them to a Point on that single Object) to suspend all further Process therein untill the 20th of November following, when we might also address the General Assembly upon the Subject of the Lands which have been pledged, the Redemption of our Depreciation Certificates, and Arrears of Pay &c. The meeting on the 20th Inst. was not so full as was expected, but Members have fallen in since and subscribed the Institution—a list of whom is inclosed. I have the Honor to be with the highest Regard Your Obedt Hble Sert

W. Smallwood



c.29 November 1783

State of Maryland

Name Rank
William Smallwood M. Genl
O.H. Williams B. Genl
Nathl Ramsey Colonel
John Eccleston Lt Colo.
W. Hardman Major
John Davidson ditto
William D. Beall do
William Brown do
Jacob Brice Capt.
Richard Dorcey do
Jonathan Morriss do
N. Ricketts Lieutt
Isaac Rawlings do
Edward Oldham Capt.
John Kelly do
William Ryley do
Perry Benson do
Lloyd Beall do
William Lamar do
Michael Bayer do
James Crack Physn to Army
Benjamin Price Capt.
James Bruff do
William Bruce do
Tauney Hill do
John D. Cary Lieutt
John J. Jacobs Lieutt
Edward Dyer Captain
Phillip Read do
Samuel Hanson Lieutenant
Samuel B. Beall do
Edward Spurrier Captain
J. Brevitt Lieut.
William Pendergast do
Thomas Rouse do
William Kilty Surgeon
Ezekiel Hanie do
Thos Boyd Lieutenant
Thomas Mason Capt.
Samuel McPherson do
Henry Baldwin Lt
J. Hamilton Capt.
John L. Elbert Asst Surgeon
George Hamilton Captain
Bazel Burgess Lieut.
Thomas Price, Junr Lieut.
James Smith Capt Artilly
Francis Revelly Do
John Gassaway do
Arthur Harriss Lieut.
Thomas A. Dyson do
Henry Clements do
Samuel Edmiston Lieutnt
John T. Lowe do
William Smoot do
Melihia Benam do
Gerard Wood S. Mate
Hezekiah Foard Lieut.
Henry Chapman do
Benjn Fickle do
Thomas Beaty do
Mark McPherson do
Henry Gauther Captn
John Sears Lieut.
Christopher Richmond Capt.
Richard Anderson Capt.
Edmund Compton Lt
John Smith Capt.
Elihu Hall Ltt
James Woolford Gray Capt.
John Mitchell do
Nathan Wright Lt
William Goldsborough Lt
Walker Muse Captn
John H. Stone Colo.
Samuel Y. Keene Asst Surgeon
Jaques Baquax Lieut.
Clement Skerret Lieut.
John Sprigg Belt Capt.
Henry Gassaway Lieut.

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