George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Lund Washington, 23 July 1783

Mt Vernn 23d July 1783

Gibsons Deases of Horses

The Compleat Horseman or Perfect Farrier by Sir Wm Hope

The Sportsman Dictionary or Country Gentlemans Companion

Langly on Gardening

Millers Gardenars Dictionary

Quinsys Dispensatory

Advice to the people in general by Doctr Tissot

Virginia Laws or Acts of Assembly

Do Do by John Mercer

Justice of the Peace in 4 Vol: by Richd Burn

The Attorneys Pocket Book 2 Vol:

Smollets History of England 9 Vol:

Annual Register for 1758, 1759, 1760, & 1761

Museum Rusticum 6 Vol:

A Compleat Body of Husbandry by Thos Hale 4 Vol:

Handmaid to the Arts in 2 Vol:

Maxwells practicle Husbandry

Observation on Husbandry by Edward Lyle 2 Vol:

Farmers Compleat guide

A new Sistem of Agriculture or a Speedy method of growg Rich

Female Fortune Hunters in 3 Vol:

Telemachus 2 Vol:

Lord Lansdown 3 Vol:

Tom Jones—4 Vol:

Tour through Great Briton 4 Vol:

Bossus Travels through Lousiana 2 Vol:

Memorials of the Noted Buck horse 2 Vol:

David Ranger 2 Vol:

Miltons Poems 2 Vol:

Popes Worcks 1st 2d & 5th Vol:

Perigrine Pickle

Guardian 2 Vol:


History of Virginia

History of Algiers

Geographical Grammer

a Compleat View of the British Customs

Young’s Night thoughts

Female Fables

The Life of Mahomad

The Gazeteers

Bailys Dictionary

Voyage Round the World. Lord Anson

Seneca’s Morrals

English Grammer

Cyrus’s Travels

Soloman & Almena

Compleat Gamester, by Seymore

Hoile’s Games

Inocent imposture or Supposed Daughter

Nature Displayd—by Mr Humphreys

The Life of Oliver Cromwell

Yorricks Sermons 2 Vol:

The Wisdom of God in the Creation

Sick Man Visited

Churchils Sermons

Exposition of the 39 Articles of the Church of England

Trial of the 7 Bishops

Dessertation on the Mosaical Creation

Several old Sermon & Religious Books that probably may never be read again—I did not think worth Listg

Some Pamphlets, Plays &c. &c. of but little worth

Henry Dagge Esqr. on Criminal Law 3 Vol: unbound.

The Above are a List of Books now at Mount Vernon.

DLC: Papers of George Washington.

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