George Washington Papers

General Orders, 24 April 1783

Head Quarters Newburgh Thursday April 24th 1783

Parole Philadelphia
Countersigns Newyork Boston

For the day tomorrow Brigadier General Putnam

B.Q.M. from York brigade

The 8th Massachusetts regiment gives the Guards of the 5th regt the fatigues tomorrow.

Lieutenant John Blair of the Jersey regt is appointed Paymaster to the same vice Lt Martin promoted. This appointment to take place the 6th January last.

As it may happen that guards or Detachments not detailed when a regiment is warned for duty may be called for on the Grand parade, or even the whole regt sent on immediate duty, it is to march to the Grand parade prepared for such an event. The Platoons are to be told off and the regt completely formed for exercise on its own parade previous to its marching—having arrived on the Grand parade, formed the Line and dressed the ranks, the Commanding officer of the regt is to inform the General of the day that the regt is ready for exercise.

If the General orders the Guards to be turned off without any exercise, the Colo. or commandg officer is to order the Adjutant to form the Guards and then take post together with all the other Field officers of the regt as officers of the day. The Adjutant shall then order the officers and men warned for immediate duty to advance to the front, face to the right, march and draw up on the right of the regt; The reserve shall then by order from the senior Captn, close up to the left, dress ranks—order their arms and remain perfectly steady untill the Adjt has examined and formed the Guards agreably to the Regulations.

When the Guards are formed the Adjutant shall order the Reserve, to sholder—the whole to present arms and inform the General of the day that the Guards are ready.

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