George Washington Papers

To George Washington from New Jersey Soldiers, 9 April 1783

Jersey Cantoonment 9th April 1783

May it please your Excellency to hear our Petition

Whereas we the Non-commissioned Officers & Privates of the New Jersey line are given to Understand that there is great Allowance and provision Made by the United States, for the Gentlemen Officers of the Army, After the Disbanding of the Troops; Should it please Your Excellency We here humbly present this Petition Sincerely Requesting that it might be conveyed to Congress—The Contents of Our petition is—That We the Above petitioners May be Exempted from the heavy Taxes which will Unavoidably Oppress Us after We are Discharged from the Army, It is well known we have been long Contending for the Rights and Libertys of Our Country, and Fellow Citizens And have been equal sufferers with Our Officers; Which we sincerely Hope May be took into consideration, And by the Influence of Your Excellency in Congress, We flatter ourselves that we shall have this request and Favour granted Us Which will in a Measure Make Us happy—This favour is the least we can Ask, and all we Shall Ask, except what Congress has Already Garanted on their different Resolves—As We have set no time for Our being Exempted from Taxes; We Would Wish to leave it to the pleasure of Your Excellency or to Congress to fix Upon a Time.

The Above petition is by the Unanimous Consent of the Non Commissd Officers and Soldiers, of the New Jersey Line.

N:B: Should the Above petition be Approved of by Your Excellency Or by Congress; We think it proper and Desire that the Term of time for our being Exempted from the Said Taxes Should be Certified in Our Discharges.

DNA: Item 152, Letters from George Washington, PCC—Papers of the Continental Congress.

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