George Washington Papers

General Orders, 27 March 1783

Thursday March 27th 1783

Parole Amsterdam
Countersigns Baltic Calais

For the day tomorrow Major Rice

B.Q.M. 1st Mass. Brigade

For duty the 1st York regiment.

At the general courtmartial of which Colonel M. Jackson is president—Mr Samuel Evans Forage Master charged.

1st With making false charges of the Issues of forage to divers officers of the Army.

2ndly With making false returns of his Issues.

3rdly With forging receipts to be produced as Vouchers for his Issues of forage was tried. The Court on consideration are of opinion that the 1st and 2d charges against Mr Evans are supported—on the 3d charge they are of opinion that Mr Evans put a fictitious name to a receipt for a quantity of forage to be produced as a Voucher, but it appears at the same time that the hay was received. the Court as they think Mr Evans’s Conduct proceeded more from neglect & Inattention, than an intention, to defraud, only sentence him to be mulched three months pay.

The General approves the opinion of the court—but is induced, from the representations which have been made of the good character of Mr Evans, to remit the sentence.

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