George Washington Papers

General Orders, 18 March 1783

Tuesday March 18th 1783

Parole Quibbletown
Countersigns Raway Levansey

For the day tomorrow Lt Colo. E. Vose

Brigade Qr Mastr Jersey Brigd.

For duty the first Massachuetts Regiment.

The Commander in Chief is highly satisfied with the report of the proceedings of the officers assembled on the 15th instt in obedience to the Orders of the 11th. He begs his inability to communicate an adequate idea of the pleasing feelings which have been excited in his breast by the affectionate sentiments expressed towards him on that occasion, may be considered as an apology for his silence.

The Original papers being too prolex to be inserted in the Records of the Army, will be lodged at the Orderly office, to be perused, or copied by any Gentleman of the Army who may think proper.

It has been reported to the Commander in chief that a large quantity of Filth remains between the Hutts of the 5th 8th 3d and 4th Massachusetts Regiments—He directs that it be immediately removed.

As the Weather is now favorable the General requests that the communication between the wings of the Army may be perfected—he supposes the materials are already collected and that there will be no interruption to the business—General Dayton will be pleased to appoint a person or persons in the right wing to superintend the work and see that it is properly done—Genl Putnam will do the same in the left wing.

If the Brigades and corps have not themselves divided the ground; it will be proportioned as follows.

Jersey Brigade 219
York do allowing the
2d regt the materials collected by the 3d Massa. regiment 216
Hampshire Brigade 178
1st Massa. do 354
6th do Regiment 122
2d do Brigade 351

The Jersey Brigade takes its proportion at the western, and the 2nd Massa. Brigade at the Eastern extremity; the other Brigades and Corps in their order of encampment.

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