George Washington Papers

General Orders, 5 March 1783

Head Quarters Newburgh Wednesday March 5th 1783

Parole Tunbridge,
Countersigns, Versailles, Wapping

For the day tomorrow Colonel H. Jackson.

For Duty the 6th Massachusetts regiment.

At the General Courtmartial whereof Colo. Micheal Jackson is president the following soldiers were tried viz. Henry Burk of the 6th Massachusetts regiment For desertion found guilty in breach of Article 1 section 6th of the rules and articles of war, and sentenced to receive One hundred lashes on his naked back; Richard Joet of the 2d Massachusetts regt for Desertion—found guilty of a breach of Article 1. Sect. 6. of the Rules and Articles of war and sentenced to have his honorary Badges taken off by the Drum Major at the head of the regiment and receive fifty lashes on his naked back—Christopher Schoonover of the 2d Jersey regiment, For reinlisting in the 5th Massachusetts regt—found not guilty and therefore acquitted. John Edwards of the 2d Hampshire regiment—also Noah Allen of the same regiment "For Desertion," found Guilty of a breach of Article 1st section 6th of the Articles of war, but in consideration of the General orders of the 6th of February 1783 they viz Edwards and Allen are acquitted.

The Commander in Chief approves the foregoing sentences, and directs them to be carried into execution at such time as the Commanding officers of the regiments to which they belong may think proper.

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