George Washington Papers

General Orders, 2 March 1783

Head Quarters Newburgh March 2d 1783

Parole Kendal.
Countersigns Lancaster Marblehead

For the day tomorrow Major Gibbs.

For duty the Hampshire regiment.

The Commander in Chief approves the subsequent regulations proposed by the General and other officers who assembled with the Quarter Master General yesterday in consequence of the orders of the 28th of February, and directs them to be carried into execution.

1st That there shall be but one Sutler to a Brigade.

2d That a Licence to suttle shall be given only on the joint recommendation of The Commanding officers of the Corps in a Brigade, approved of by the General or officer commanding it.

3d That the Commanding officer of each brigade shall weekly, or oftener when he thinks it necessary appoint a Committee of officers to examine the qualities and prices of the stores of the Sutlers to the brigade, and report the same to him; that any abuses may be discovered and corrected and that the Commandants of Brigades shall compare these reports and take the necessary measures for preventing thereafter any unequal and unreasonable Charges which on such comparison shall appear.

4th That the officers of Police shall daily visit the Sutlers quarters, to discover and report any disorderly practices; which reports shall be by them made to the Commanding officers of their Corps and by the latter to the Commandants of their Brigades.

5th That no Sutler be permitted to sell any mixed Liquors.

6th That all Sutlers who shall not be Licensed in the manner above required, be compelled to leave the Army within twenty days after the publication of these regulations on pain of Forfeiting the remaining stores: but during those twenty days to be permitted to sell their stock on hand.

7th That the regimental paymasters be forbidden to pay the order of any Noncommissioned officer or soldier, unless the same shall be certified by the Commanding officer of his regiment or corps to have been given with his approbation.

8th That there shall be two Market places: One near the interval between the York and Jersey Brigades. and one near the Public building.

9th That Wednesday and saturday in every week be market days, and as such duly Advertised for the information of the Inhabitants.

10th That all payments of the soldiers wages be made on Fridays.

The regimental Paymasters will apply to the Deputy Paymaster General for the weekly allowances of Pay for the Noncommissioned officers and soldiers on the following days viz. those of the Massachusetts Line on Wednesdays those of the Newhampshire—New Jersey—New York Lines and Maryland Detachment on thursday’s—The Garrison of Westpoint and other corps not above enumerated on Fridays—The payments to commence this week and to be kept up so long as the supply of Cash shall be furnished.

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