George Washington Papers

General Orders, 27 February 1783

Thursday February 27th 1783

Parole Andover.
Countersigns Barnagat, Colchester.

For the day tomorrow Lt Col Comdt Brooks.

For duty the 1st Jersey regiment.

When ever a regiment is warned for duty on the Lines the regimental Quarter Master or some officer acting for him will precede the regiment one day at least for the purpose of providing convenient quarters on the rout as well as on the Lines without incommoding the Inhabitants more than is absolutely necessary—The regiments returning from the Lines will observe the same rule—The Quarter Master or Officer employed in this business will apply to the Civil authority in the vicinity and the mode pointed out by an act of this State for billitting Troops is to be observed on all ordinary occasions so far as the circumstances of the service will permit—this to be a standing order.

The Board of officers assembled in consequence of the orders of the 29th ultimo (Major General Baron Steuben President) to enquire into the claim of Captn Segond to be admitted into the corps of Colonel Armand, report as follows viz.

The Board having considered the Claim of Captn Segond and the papers handed them in support of it, on the one part: and the objections of Colonel Armand with the papers offered by him on the other part are unanimously of opinion that Captain Segond has not a right to a command in the Legion of Colonel Armand.

The Board are sensible that the Captivity of Captn Segond alone, has prevented his being at this moment in the Legion of Colonel Armand, & therefore as his unfortunate situation has thrown him out of command; and as by testimony it appears he has served with reputation in the Corps of the late Count Pulasky, The Board beg leave to recommend him to the consideration of Congress and of his Excellency the Commander in Chief. The Commander in Chief approves the Report.

The Muster and Inspection of the troops in this Cantonment for the Month of February will take place on the following days, vizt

New Hampshire Brigade the 1st March
Jersey do 4th
1st & 7th Massa. regiments 6th
4th & 2nd do 8th
5th & 8th do 10th
3d Brigade 11th
& New York do 20th

The Garrison of Westpoint will also be Mustered and Inspected on the 13th 14th & 15th of the same month.

The Saucissons for the communications between the Lines are to be furnished in the following proportion. Vizt

The Jersey Brigade 620
1 York regiment 300
1st Massa. Brigade 1080
2d Do Do 1080
3d Do Do 710
Hampshire Do 530

Two Pickets of five feet long are to be furnished to each Saucisson.

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