George Washington Papers

General Orders, 14 February 1783

Friday February 14th 1783

Parole Danbury.
Countersigns Epsom, Farmingham.

For the day tomorrow Major Trescott.

For duty the first Jersey regiment.

The following Papers are to be transmitted to the Officer of the Deputy pay master Genl without delay—first Duplicate accounts of the pay of the Army on its present Arrangemt, for the month of January 1783 second Certificates of the appointments of regimental paymasters by the officers of their respective regiments, signed by the Commanding officer—third Abstracts of money to be drawn weekly for the Noncomd officers & privates, on account of their pay—for the month of January last, according to the following rates.

Infantry p. Week.
To each serjiant 67/90
Drum & Fife Majors 60/90
Drums, fifes, Corporals & privates 49/90
Serjiants 1 2/90
Corporals & Farriers 67/90
Privates 56/90
Sappers & Miners
Serjiants 67/90
Corpl 60/90
Drums & fifes 58/90
privates 56/90
Serjiant Majer & Qr Mr Serjiant 76/90
Drum and Fife Major 70/90
Serjiants 67/90
Corporals & Bombardiers 60/90
Gunners, Drummers, & fifers 58/90
Matrosses 56/90

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