George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Jacques-Marie-Blaise, Chevalier [de] Segond de Sederon, 31 December 1782

philadelphia this 31 Xbre December 1782

Dear General

Since the receipt of your letter of the 30th october, I have reason to beleive, that either Col. armand has not answer’d you on the subject of my request or if he has done it it is not in a satisfactory way.

Let my anxiety of seeing finaly determin’d, a matter [   ] interesting to me, apologise for my repeated applications & allow me to lay of new before your excellency, the irksomness and instability of my situation in the americain army.

prisoner of war and of course prevent’d from getting into active service nowhere—when exchanged intirely ignorant whether or in what corps of the army I am to be attached.

Can I whither away the best days of my youth in such state of instability.

I have no doubt dear general, but your regard for an officer who early in this war has serv’d under your colours, with the general approbation of his superiors, will induce you to return him out of such a perplexing and mortifying situation.

the resolv’d of congrés concerning [prerank] is legion don’t say will be reduc’d but incorporat’d, if so is the senior officer of their corps be cause a prisoner, to be Cut out and loose his rank.

although the arrangement was made during my Confinement in charlestown I don’t see why an officer who has merely been appoint’d in my stead while absent, should have any reason to complain of my resuming a due Command when exchang’d.

be pleas’d to observe that there is just now a vacancy of a company in armands legion by the resignation of capt. [   ], Certainly armand can find no reason against my coming in these circonctances, and I dare flatter myself that your application will meet with no objection on this subject. be so kind dear general, while it is in your power without prejudicing any body to do justice to an officer who prides in stating simply with the greatest consideration your most humble & obedient servant

Le chev. de segond capt.

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