George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Christian Holmer, 13 December 1782

Williamsburg Decr 13th 1782


Long have I Considered if I Should or Shoul not undertake to Trouble your Excellency with a Letter of so Small Consequence, Since I Know that your Excellencys Thought have affairs of much Greater Inportance than be Pleas’d with my Writing. But Som Necessity have no Law, and Poverty, Missery, Sickniss, and Infirmity of Body Forces one to Appley to a Judge who can be Depended on which I no where else can find.

I Received last Night a Letter from Governor Harrison whom I for some time agoe have wrote mine Condition of Bad Health, Poverty, Missery and Destruction of every Artical belonging to a Gentleman particular to a Officer, Mentioned as he Know to be True, that I for Years have not Received any Pay, Ration, Forage &c., Except some Certificates which the Honourable Assemble granted to Officers for Two years pay but to which Three years for payment; this Certificats, is depreciated like Verginia Paper money that no Body will give Three Pound Specie for a Hundred in Certificates, and what will be the Value Two years further. A Nothing.

Presently after this Certificates was given to the officers, others where Granted for the Civil State, which passt Imediately for Full in all Taxes. but we poor officers Shall Wait Three years. Lately is Passed a Resolve of the Honourable Assemble that all officers whom have Taxes to pay, there Certificates Shall be Excepted in full, but no others, so people of Fortune Shall be Assisted, and poor Shall be Ruined to the last Extremety. This I do not Mention as a Complain of Superior Power, which I hope your Excellency will Pardon. but to Shew that Justice is goen Abroad, and God Knows when he will Return.

The Govornor Send me a Copy in his Letter from Bord of War which I will have Honour to Mention Word by Word.

An Extract of a letter from the Secretary of War Dated Novbr 22th 1782—The New Arrangement will take place on the first day of January Next. Major Holmer may then have an opportunity with Leave of the Commander in Chief or General Greene, to Retire so as not to be liable to be again Called into Service.

I Confess that Lamniss true Misfortune and Want of my Eye Sight make me Disabill for any Field duty. But Shall I for Seven Years Service die in Missery for Want of what I have Honourable with a true Hearth Ernd in the time I was able.

It is Inpossible in my Thoughts that your Excellencys Mercy and Knowing Goodniss will Permit it.

I therefore with the Greatest Submission Leave it to your Excellencys Graciouse and Generouse Consideration, in Hope that some Assistance will be ordered to Clear me Self as a Officer there have the Honour to be under Your Excellencys Command; since the Governor Send me a Verbil answer, that he had a Nothing to do with the Continental Officers; I am and Shall be to my Dead with the Greatest Veneration and Submission Your Excellencys Most Obedient and Most Humble Servant

Christian Holmer

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