George Washington Papers

Receipt, 24 October 1782

24 September-2 October 1782 Verplanks Point 24h Septemr 1782

Recd of the Commander in Chief—One hundred and fifty Spanish Dollars—Twenty Six English Guineas—Five French Guineas—Eight and one quarter Dbleloons—four half Johannes—and five moydores for the use of Majors General Heath and Knox Commissioners appointed to settle a General Cartel with the British.

H: Sewall Aide de Camp

150 Dollars

26 Eng. Guineas

5 French do

8 1/4 dbleloons

4 half Johannes

5 moydores

Wt of the Gold oz. dwt Gs.

18. 11. 6

Recd 2d October 1782 of Capt. Sewall A.D.C. Eight and one quarter dbleloons—five moydores four half Johannes—Twenty one English Guineas—Five French Guineas—being the Balance left in the hands of Majors General Heath and Knox. Comms. for settling Cartel.

Tench Tilghman A.D.C.

DNA: RG 93—Manuscript File.

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