George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Jacob Bayley, 29 June 1782

Newbury 29th June 1782


Last Tuesday I receved your Excelency’s Favour by Capt. Bayley on my way to N. Hampr. Court, by which I am much obliged and as new accounts are Receved through the former Chanel am happy to have leave to Communicate to your Excelency—on the 16th Day of this Instant a party of Enemy from Canada assisted by adherants to Vermont, attacked my House between Sun Set and Dark, and as the Enemy Entered the House on Such a Surprise Cuting of my Famely from thier arms they were obliged to make thier Escape, they made prisners of two Hired men and Dangerously a third by a Shot, about 30 feet Distance my two Sons that were at home Escaped and alarmed, the people on which the Enemy retreated, one of my Sons Endeavored to get a head of the party which he did twice but had not force to obstruct The Enemys march, they proceeded to the House of another Son made him and another man Prisner. the other man after marching a little they the Enemy Sent back then proceeded to the House of another Sons made him and another man Prisnor the other man after marching a little they the Enemy sent back then proceeded to another Sons of mine but him they did not obtain but my Son and two men they Carried to Canada, as the orders from Genl Halderman was So urgent the Enemy did not Speak with Capt. Johnson till about two Hours before the Enemy Came to my House So that he could give me no more notice than a Sign to Take Care Since the affair Happened I have Seen Capt. Johnson who Informs me that Capts Pritchard and Brakenridge Informed him that the Charter for Vermont was arrived from England to Canada that Governor Chitindon, on receveing the vote of the Town I lives in from his adherants amongst us, which was Past about three weeks before the last attack was made, at my House. the vote was to this Effect, that where as this Town was Convinced that the Leaders of the State of Vermont were Connected with the Enemys of the united States of America voted that they would no longer adhere to any of thier orders &c. but make Immediate application to the nighest State which was N. Hampr. for assistance, which vote was Sent by Governor Chittindon, to General Halderman as an Evidence of our attachedness to the united States with a request Immediately to Send a party to Coos to remove the Male contents of which I was Chief Into Canada and Sware the rest of the people, that orders was accordingly made—to Said Capt. Pritchard and Brakenridge to make me thier Presnor and Impose an oath on the rest of the people. the vote mentioned and what was Said in the meeting on it was repeated by the Sd Capt. to Capt. Johnson, but as the party mised thier aim in Captivating me they did not attempt to Sware any untill about five miles back when they Swore four men belonging to the town then they proceeded to Corrinth about 12 or 15 miles west where was about forty Famelys which were generally Sworn they left Some Spies and Returned to Canada with my Son and two Hired men prisners. The Enemy party Consisted of thirty five tho but ten appeared at my House, a party of ours of about 30 pursued the Enemy about ten miles—and Surrounded a house where they Supposed the Enemy would Halt, but not finding the Enemy and being Discovered, made the man of the House and his Son prisners and returned, on Examining of the two persons they made a Confession which gives much light in those matters, but as we have as yet no assistance Cannot proceed to Sever the wicked from amongst the rightious in my last I mention to you of 600 men being at Crown point which account was Received from Majr James Rogers from Canada by Colo. Badel from him to Capt. Johnson and I Suppose it to be true, but Majr Rogers by Evedence Since obtained was Informed that an Expedition against Canada by us was on foot by way of Oswago which has altered thier plan as to Vermont, the Enemy have actually fortified Oswago and as to Vermont Small Party are to Impose the Oath of aliegence on the people, and make us Subdue ourselves by that means without thier Sending a large force which they are poorly able to do, the Oath which was given to the people mentioned was not to bear arms against Britton During the present Contest and to Repair to the Brittish Standard when Caled for about half [S]ory allso to be True to Vermont was added Certificates were ready prepared only Saying that they ware Sworn by the British the People Sworn Signed one paper [   ] taken or left, they are also to keep the Secrets of the Enemy. as we have no force at Coos our [   ] are moving of, Not being afraid of anything So much as the oath I have applied to N. Hampr. for assistance who are now raising one Hundred men with the Front of which I Shall march next week if they are ready and hope if in Season to prevent further mischief tho, I think the Force Insufficient at So busie a Season and not haveing in My Power to open the eyes of the People without Exposing Capt. Johnson. I do not fear but what we Shall hav Every assistance Consistant with the good of the Whole, only Shall Say that between us and the Troops your Excelency mention thier is a great gulph Fixed, eaven letters Cannot Pass from Albany to us, an instance was Seen the other Day I Susspected a nighbour who I could not take up without Exposing Capt. Johnson I had recorce to albany where were two men to be Examined & Tryed fully acquainted with the Treachery of my neighbour on the 30th of may a letter was Dated at Albany Signed by Colo. Tupper which I did not receve untill the 17th, June on the 15th my neighbor Recd acct from Canada giveing the account of the Confession at Albany on the 16th he joined the Party of Enemy at my House and was out of my Power before the letter was recived, I am obliged at Present to Send by way the President of newhampr. for want of money which is very Teadious now a fortnight Elapsed before this acct is Sent forward when it might have been with your Excelency Some Days ago. Pray Sr Exchuse my Teadious and incorrectness as it comes from a Sencear Heart and permit me to Subscribe my Self your Excelency most obedient Humble Servant

Jacob Bayley

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