George Washington Papers

From George Washington to Bartholomew Dandridge, 25 June 1782

Head Qrs Newburgh 25th June 1782

Dear Sir

Mr Lund Washington having furnished me with copies of the Accts with Mr Custis, I have drawn the whole into one view and sent it herewith, I could not Balle the Acct because of the blank Articles in it; and because there may be, on Mr Custis’s books, some charges against me of which I have no knowledge—with regard to the first, I leave it to you to extend the Sums in any manner you shall think just and reasonable—Mr Custis complained heavily of, & objected to the valuation of the Stock &ca as fixed by Colo. Bassett (as may appear by his Letters) & was answered, that it might be settled in any other way as I wanted nothing but justice, & had no doubt of his being actuated by the same principle. The rate of Exchange between Stirling & Curry I leave also to you to extend; as you know how this kind of business is regulated at this time, in Virginia—I do not nor how much £100 Stirlg will fetch. When you have settled these matters, and have ballanced the Acct be so good as to transmit me the sevl sums; that I may make the Copy of the Acct (which I have kept by me) corrispond with the one sent, when the blanks are filled up.

I perceive your unwillingness, to undertake the Guardianship of Mr Custis’s Children and tho’ your reasons have weight in them, & some trouble must ensue consequent of this trust; I cannot help once more, expressing my wish to see you vested with it. In deed I know of no other in whom it can be placed with any degree of propriety; or whose situation & proximity to the Estate, and General Court, will enable him, or them to discharge the duties required with more convenience & ease. When the business of the Administration is clered, the principal trouble will be to settle annual Accts & provide a good Steward; the last of which must, situated as the Estate is, be under your immediate eye. the advantage of which, every person who has had any thing to do with overseers, & Plantations at a distance, must be amply convinced of.

If your conjectures of Posey be true, it will be an unfortunate circumstance indeed; and I confess, there is but too much reason to apprehend it—I conceived a bad opinion of him from the agreement I heard he had made with Mr Custis; & it was encreased, when I came to talk with him on the subject, in my way up.

I am clearly in sentiment with you respecting the propriety of removing the Negros & Renting the Eastern shore Estate till the Heir comes of Age—but till peace and tranquility is restored, I think it had best be rented from year to year only—With respect to the Annual value of it, I can give no opinion; but should conceive the best mode of renting it high, will be to advertise it, not only in the Public Gazettes of Virginia & Maryland, but at the Court House of the County it is in, & the one next adjacent; desiring all Persons who incline to Rent to give in His or her proposals before a certain day, on which it will be let to them who have made the best offer previous to it.

It gives me much pleasure to hear that you, family & friends are well—pray offer my best respects to them in wch your sister joins; & believe me to be Yr Most Obedt & Affte frd

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