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To George Washington from Jonathan Trumbull, Sr., 21 June 1782

Lebanon 21st June 1782


The Friends and relatives of the Naval prisoners now in New–York are extreamly solicitous to afford them relief, by sending them Money; or effecting their Exchange—There are more than One hundred British Prisoners in the Prisonship at New London, among them are four or five Commanders—I understood by Mr Aaron Olmstead that the Commissary General of Prisoners was going into New–York to negotiate the affairs concerning prisoners—and probably may be returned before this time—The Relief of such as are in such cruel Captivity is anxiously wished for.

The concerned in this State are very desirous that Liberty may be granted to negotiate for the Prisoners belonging here in a seperate manner—Your Excellency will be pleased to direct concerning the sending a Flag from hence for Exchange—The enclosed application to me of this day will shew the Anxiety of the memorialists for them selves & for others—They are directed to send some person of their designating, to know your pleasure, and find what is done by the Commissary General of Prisoners—and to return with Your Answer—You[l] will please to direct the bearer in his mode of conduct to send Money to our prisoners, or to go with it if needful. I am, with every Sentiment of Sincere Esteem and Regard Your Excellency’s Most Obedient very Hble Servant

Jonth; Trumbull

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Lebanon 21st June 1782

To His Exclency the Governor of the State of Connecticut and the Honle the Councill of Safety now Sitting in Lebanon—the Petition of Ames White Enoch Smith & Aaron Olmsted most humbly Sheweth.

that your Petitioners at the Riquest of the Suffering Prisioners in New York would beg leave to Represent to your honors—that there are now a Considerable number of British navel Prisioner[s] in this State, and that there are also a number of the Inhabitants of this State, now Prisioners with the British, at New York, Confin’d on Board their Prison Ships and Else Where and that their Close Confinement, and the Season of the Year, has Renderd them very unhealthy many of whom are already Sick, and a Number Dayly Dying—Your Petitioners further beg leave most Earnestly to request your honors if Consistant with the Good of the United States, and of this State, to Contrive some way to Effect an Exchange of Prisioners Belonging to this State, or any thing your Honors in Your Great Wisdom shall think Best as your Petitioners in Duty Bound shall every pray

Enoch Smith

Ames White

Aaron Olmsted

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