George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Seth Warner, 16 June 1782

Bennington 16th of june 1782

May it please your Excellency.

After a long Confinement With Sickness and Lameness Which hath followed me Ever since I Left the Sarviss I Would present you With a line prehaps not Worthy your observation though With the leatest intelligence from Canaday—Liut Dunning an officer from my Regiment Who Was taken presner on the 14 Mile island in Lake georeg july the 13th 1778 hath got his Redemtion By the Way of Varmont and Maid his arival hear yester Day from Canaday he informs theat the inimy there are numara Countng Britiss indins and torys he Judges General Holderman to Be as Strong as Giniral Burgine Was Before he Began to penetrate the Cuntry—he saith they have much much talk of of ane Expoditon this Way—though he saw no Preparations for it—I have a few solders Ex Chang:d with Dunning the Barer Wiliam Kelogg is one. I Should Be glad of Directions how to Dispose of them and as many more as may Come home—Capt. Simeon Smith Who Was taken a prisner at the same Time Still Remains under Confinement in Canaday he hath Ben ablidgd to Labour for his Seport or under Close Confinement Eversince he was Taken his Wagers if he Wraught Well 22 Coppers pr Day. I should Be Glad if there is an officer of Equal Rank he might Be Sent for his Exchang as well as for Several Subbaltan officers Who was taken When my Reg:t was Destroyed with fort georg other Wise if I Could Be alowd the privilidge of Sending a flag I flater My Selfe that I Could Do sumthing for them in the turn of this Summer—I am Still in a poor State of helth Shall Come and See the army this Summer if able to Rid—and make tryal for Sumthing of a Settlement With the public though the Desartion of my pay master and the Loss of all his papers at fort george Renders it impossible that I Should make it Copleat—the State of Varmont Keeps But a Small guard in our fruntears—I am Sir With the Greatest Esteam your your obediant and Very Homth Sert at Com:d

Seth Warner

N.B. I Should Be Very Happy With a line from your Excellency if Worthy your notis if sent to if sent to Albany I Shall Soon git. I am as Before

Seth Warner

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