George Washington Papers

General Orders, 16 June 1782

C. Signs

sunday June. 16th 1782.

The first Connecticut Brigade appears to be composed of as fine a body of men as any in the Army, but as they have laboured under the same disadvantages for want of proper ground to exercise upon as the third Brigade of Massachusetts, the General suspends his final Judgment of thier comparative Merit with the rest of the Army untill a fairer Opportunity of establishing their Discipline can be afforded, by collecting the whole together in the field. The General in the mean time is pleased to declare that some of the Manoevers were yesterday performed with precision, but he is sorry to find Notwithstanding the recomendation contained in the order of the 8th instant that the men of the Light Companies do not take so good aim as he expected—he hopes by great attention and frequent practice so useful a habit will soon be acquired—The General cou’d not avoid feeling some concern that all the cloathing did not appear to be perfectly fitted to the men: particularly the Overhalls—he wishes these defects may be remedied as early and fully as possible.

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